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Major General Geregiher Andemariam 'Wuchu' Passed Away

Major General Geregiher Andemariam 'Wuchu', 1950-2014, R.I.P

Updated: 5:15 EST 

Major General Geregiher Andemariam 'Wuchu' Passed Away

Major General Geregiher Andemariam 'Wuchu' passed away at the age of 64 yesterday, state media disclosed.

The late veteran fighter was receiving medical treatment in Asmara for an unspecified illness.

Maj. General Geregiher joined the armed struggle to liberate Eritrea from Ethiopian occupation in 1971. After independence, he became the Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defense Force.

Presidential Adviser Yemane Ghebreab described General ‘Wuchu’ as "humane, down to earth, ardent patriot, an able and brave commander."

The senior commander leaves behind his wife and 8 children.

The funeral ceremony of Maj. General Gebregziabher will take place on Saturday (March 8) at Asmara Patriots Cemetery at 10 AM.

On behalf of Madote, we extend our condolences to the family and friends of General Geregiher Andemariam. We thank him for over 40 years of sacrifice and service for our country and people.

Major General Geregiher Andemariam as a rebel fighter in the '80s

Major General Geregiher Andemariam defending his country against TPLF aggression during the so-called border war

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  2. Even though im not supporter if the regime, I feel sad about General Witchus death. He was hero during struggle and during Badme war (like many Eritreans). Many heroes lost their hero status after 2001 and Witchu was one of them.

    RIP Gen. Witchu

  3. Loll...Eska kemakan zeameelu...Ab internet kab metsehaf halifka abey keytebesehe...? Emebr Jegena ...Welad Jegan ....Wala Segeu entemote...Tariku Ne Zelalaem Heyaw Eyu ! Jegena Yehalefe , Tariku Yeneber ...Kebeal Eska Kedemetii Kea Tezarebu...Tariki Yebelekum gele yebelkum.

    @Madote ...Admin please Delete such comments !

  4. He was so hero, it is very sad to lose someone very important to our country like Maj general wuchu.


  6. Eritrea has lost one of its gallant sons. He is a hero, he joined Hizbawi Hailitat at the age of 21 and served Eritrea for 43 years. A great commander and Eritrean defence forces chief of staff.
    Jigna aynebren eyu, tariku yu zwres.
    Rip my hero!

  7. How come he lost his status moron, he was EDF chief of staff.

  8. wuchu wuchina denkoro gegnaMarch 6, 2014 at 1:40 PM

    Goitom send him please at least a fitting cup. Don't you see in his foto his cup is so big for his head. Or his head too small for his cup. Hamed dibe nadew tebeges!! We are in Wkau Eez time. 8 children and one dead at least, man he got a lot of eggs. Wtschu will be much more remembered for his ignorance and the many things he said.

    1. @ wuchu wuchina
      Ata donkoro entay eika teble zelka. Ne felete eina wuchu xebuke serahe yesrhe keme zeyenbre. Ente kone gena kebret zebhale neger ne felete eina nehna eritrawian. Sebe kemowute kelo hateftef ayedlene eiu. Mengestie semaye yewarseka eiu zebhale. Etie zeferdo kea etie hade goitana teray eiu nehna abzie keatu eiu abzie kekyede eiu kenble ayenkelene eina. Terdika kekwene tesfa yegbre ata agame. Agame dea etie reesukum bako eiu enber.

  9. Eritrean tv stated that the general is the father of 8 children but not disclosed from how many women.
    He was hero to the date eritrea liberated but not after that.

  10. number one hero pass away

  11. eritrea has lost one of great son

  12. wuchu wuchina denkoro gegnaMarch 6, 2014 at 2:43 PM

    Goitom you agame! pls send Wutschu a fitting cup if you are Eritrean. You see poor wutschu he fought so much... and he never earned a fitting cup. Look at his picture, his cup engulfs his head. Just send him a cup that will fit his head. Remember wutschu got a lot of eggs, he will be remembered for all the things he said :) Such are your heros :)

  13. I was deeply saddened to hear of a hero MG. Wuchu passing. MG Wuchu was a hero and a significant influence for good in many tegadelti's lives. May God bless his soul.

  14. Egziabher nefsachewn yimar.

  15. Late Maj. General Gebregziabher Andemariam (Wuchu) From Archive

  16. Gone but never forgotten. Anbesa Jigna!

  17. Eritrean Major General Wuchu talks about Former Ethiopian Derg Regime.

    R.I.P hero

  18. A couple of lines in memory of 'Wuchu', one of the greatest Eritrean warriors of the last Millennia.....

    TariKhu ember, Jigna ayneberin'yu,
    Maj-General Wuchu, Ab Ginbaru'yu,
    Agelgali Hizbu, tsin'At meleleyu....

    Gerezgiher do kinbkeka, Wedi-Etay,
    'Wuchu' do kenebleka, Hizbawi-Ginbaray,
    Hayal meraHi, eleka Gere-Eray.

    Kan Hadikana kedka, n'Adi Kulahna,
    Sala metkelka, HaQi koynu Hlawena,
    HiJiwin kenhilw'ena, abdelena alina.....

    Tsela'eti za Hager, yr'Edu dHiri meswatka,
    Ashinkway do timali, b'Hiwet msana-kleKha,
    Jigna Wuchu, Mengist-Semay yewariskha.

    Tsin'At nesidra-bet MJ Gerezgiher 'Wuchu' Andemariam'n Hizbi'n Eritra yehab.

    Awet N'Hafash!!!

  19. Air head, not only him, also many in the a dminstration have lost their hero status after 2001. Yesterday's hero could be today's ZERO (like you BAKO leader Issayas)

  20. Again RIP Gen. Witchu. May God bless your soul!

  21. I thank him for serving our country. My condolences and thank you for their sacrifice to his family. May he rest in peace.

  22. All these old folks will die and have left a despicable record.

    Wake up Aferwerki you will die next.

    Who are the next leaders of Eritrea???

  23. Rest In Peace great comrade, you have shown the world that Eritreans fight like Tigers and roar like Lions. Awet N'hafash !!!! Long Live Shaebia !!!! Long Live Eritrea !!!! 63 gun salutes and we will slaughter the biggest bull in your honor.

  24. Rest In Peace great comrade, you have shown the world that Eritreans fight like Tigers and roar like Lions. Awet N'hafash !!!! Long Live Shaebia !!!! Long Live Eritrea !!!! 64 gun salutes and we will slaughter the biggest bull in your honor.

  25. Rest in peace General Wuchu!
    Nebari tarik ember nebari sebe yelen!
    May God Bless his Soul!!

  26. I feel sorry for him he used to be "Jigna".

  27. may he rot in hell

  28. it will be you but know you are not an Eritrean leader but a stupid traitor.

  29. you are a stupid dog you are gad-damn traitor if you are an Eritrean which you are not supposed to be and if you are it was a big mistake, but just for your information this hero is enjoying in heaven unlike you who will rot twice as shit in hell.R.I.P MG WUCHU

  30. it is god-damn traitor not gad-damn traitor,it may sound like that but on paper is different,but i understand you are illiterate cunt,any how am Eritrean and i stand withe Eritrean people not with some grade four servant of the dictator,Eritrea for Eritreans fuck U all you TEWELJES

  31. The country called the "State of Eritrea" exists thanks to - our Hero Wedi Itay's selfless dedication and contribution to his last breath

    (unlike many know-it-alls, internet tigers).

    - Kab muhros aEmuro -

    Thank You Major General,
    God bless your soul !

  32. selam ykhun do, selam aykhun?

    You need to make a soulsearch, whoever you are.


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