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Eritrean women in the United Kingdom showed their solidarity!

Memorial ceremony for Major General Gheresgiher in the UK (Credit: Eritrea Embassy Media)

Eritrean women in the United Kingdom showed their solidarity!

By Eritrea Embassy Media,

The NUEW-UK Branch along with the nationals residing in UK dedicated 8 March Women day through staging a memorial ceremony in connection with the passing away of Major General Gheresgiher Andemariam (Wuchu) on Saturday 8th March 2014 in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Coventry, Leeds, Liverpool.

The memorial ceremony in London began with a moment of silence in remembrance of those who gave their lives for Eritrea's freedom. Following that, Ms.Hadas Kifle, Chairperson of NUEW-London Branch welcomed everyone and presented the Official NUEW statement on the occasion.

Speaking at the memorial ceremony in which hundreds of citizens took part, Mr. Suleman Hassen, Head of Consular Affairs at the Embassy of State of Eritrea highlighted the unparalleled contribution and heroism manifested by the Eritrean women in achieving the independence of the country, national development and safeguarding the nation's sovereignty. He also congratulated the NUEW for its decisive role in building a new Eritrea leading based on gender equality.

Mr. Suleman Hassen said; - It is with feelings of great sorrow that we in the Embassy of the State of Eritrea in UK and Eritreans in UK at large learned the passing of Major General Gheresgiher Andemariam, a true freedom -fighting icon. On behalf of the Embassy and Eritreans in UK, we wish to convey our deepest condolences and sympathies to Eritrean Defence Forces and the people of Eritrea during this time of national mourning.

He further expressed conviction that such heroic feats are being bequeathed to the young generation. Taking part in the memorial ceremony, the Eritrean community members, including members of the National Association UK Branch, NUEW, PFDJ, Eritrea Communities and YPFDJ, voiced resolve to honour the trust of fallen heroes.

This gallant son, through his unconditional sacrifices and heroism transformed his beloved country, Eritrea, into peaceful multiracial nation that continues to serve as an example of a true and genuine nation in the world.

History will remember Major General Gheresgiher Andemariam "Wuchu" as a great man and hero and inspire generations to come. At this moment, our prayers are with the people of Eritrea and Major General Family in particular and we hope that they will find strength and solace to overcome their sorrow during this period of deep grief.

Eritrea Embassy Media
London United Kingdom

All images are courtesy of Eritrea Embassy Media. Click to enlarge images.

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  1. Impressive memorial. Good job UK-Eritreans! RIP General Wuchu. You served your country well right up to your death. You gave everything you had to your country. You are an excellent example for they young Eritreans.

  2. Any fool can be a Heor. Heorosim built on the sacrifice, on the bones nad blood of the poor. What makes many a Hero is Organization and opportune moment. Such heros are nothing but opportunitic beings. But there are exceptions, genes born to be a Hero! Was he such? NO. May be Wedi Afom is such.

  3. @Out fox them
    Do you mean you are a fool hero? Hmmmm What scarifies have you made to build your heroism? What opportunity have you get to be a hero? If so you hero's are nothing? Are you born to be a hero?
    What are your genes? Tell me please who you are and what's' your IQ?


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