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Eritrean Foreign Minister to speak at the Human Rights Council on Monday

Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh 

Eritrean Foreign Minister to speak at the Human Rights Council on Monday

Mr. Osman Saleh Mohammed, Eritrea’s Minster of Foreign Affairs, will be speaking during the High Level Segment of the 25th Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva on Monday, 3 March 2014, at 12:00p.m.

In early February, Eritrea reaffirmed its commitment to further its efforts in the protection and promotion of human rights, and pledged it will continue to work with international organizations, particularly with the Universal Periodic Review, to meet this end.

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Eritrean Foreign Minister to speak at the Human Rights Council on Monday Reviewed by Admin on 11:52 AM Rating: 5


  1. Yes, crime committed by the united snakes and EU.

  2. An excerpt of the Speach His Excellency the blue Fox is going to present in Geneva

    (As Written by Jemane Monky, edited by Red fox:)

    We have been wrongly accused of abusing and killing chickens...


    Are you sure its a FOX who has been killing the chickens??

    There are many critters that attack chickens and kill them,

    a stray dog will do the same.

    And even if it is a Fox, it is only out of instinct.

    A RED FOX does only what comes natural to him/her.

    After all a Fox is a hunter. Can't you for a second

    consider a Vixen will kill to feed its pups.

    There is a very strong evidence that we have changed

    our dietery practice, we have started eating grass.

    I eat my last chiken

    with Osman Mohammed in Cairo ... kidney and heart only.

    I personally, cross my heart, I will never eat chickens any more even if it is

    a russian chicken (for example in my last visit to Russia I asked Amb.

    Tekle not to prepare chicken meal, his former servant,now wife, told me Tekle learned roasting chikens from

    Naizgi kiflu). We have got ride of *sheeps in foxes skin*. We are ready to co-operate with EU

    as long as you let us collect our 2 percent fom the sheeps roaming in your fields.


  3. A response by “opposition” to the speech of H.E Osman Saleh in
    Geneva: (As written by Woyane-puppet, edited by Woyanit)

    We are dismayed by your choice of Osman Saleh who actually
    belongs to a terrorist government of Eritrea. You could have easily replaced him by a TPLF member, an organization and government which actually have a track record of fighting for human rights all over Africa, especially in East Africa.

    We have proudly fought for every ethnic member of East
    Africa which you are welcome to ask any EXCEPT:

    1. The 80K Eritreans that we help deport from Ethiopia in 1998 to their land of origin …
    2. The thousands of Amhara that we cleansed from places like Benishangul Gumuz region …
    3. The people of Ogaden
    4. The Anuak of Gambela
    5. The five new countries in the horn of Africa in what was formerly known Somalia … we are in the process to creating two South Sudan countries …that means 55 countries! In Africa.


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