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United Nations Human Rights Team Visits Eritrea

UN Human Rights Delegation visits Keren - Credit: Didier Farsy

United Nations Human Rights team visits Eritrea

Updated: January 28

In an effort to learn and better understand the reality in Eritrea, a UN High Commission on HR sent out a two-members team on a cooperative exploratory visit to the country from January 21-25, a senior official announced.

The UN team met with government officials, civil society representatives, and the diplomatic community. They also visited Keren and took a tour of some of the development projects in the country, the official said.

The trip comes just one month after UNDP delegation, headed by Mr. Abdoulaye Mar Dieye, Assistant Secretary General and Regional Director of UNDP/RBA, visited Eritrea.

During their meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Osman Saleh pointed out the UNDP visit was fruitful as it laid the groundwork for high-level interaction pertaining to national development agendas and joint partnerships.

“No nation can achieve sustainable development in the absence of safe neighborhood and cooperative regional environment,” the Foreign Minister said.
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United Nations Human Rights Team Visits Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 12:52 PM Rating: 5


  1. Lift sanctions on Eritrea first !!!!
    Long live Eritrea!!!

  2. What is the picture message? I don't think a suicide bomber belongs to an Eritrean web site! Not in our culture or history. Please administrator remove the tasteless picture.

  3. Yes, you are right, I was trying to send a different picture and I was also trying to delet it. I'm more than happy if madote can delete that picture.

  4. dawit,
    A picture can talk more the 1000 words. I think the picture is pointing out the reality of a person who is conducting genocide around the globe. The picture fits him well.
    Thanks Mikheal Mihretaeb for posting the picture.
    Good job!!!!!!

  5. Great news! Eritrea has nothing to hide! Now these lying creeps can stop making up false rumors about Eritrea based on their dubious sources.

  6. Ayeeeeee "Eritrea has nothing to hide" where are those G 15,journalists and so many more hiding?

  7. this is an untrue the human rights office, and they will tell you no, that’s not true.

    that`s what I did.

  8. Serving thier time for betraying eritrea and its people.

  9. No, I can confirm to you that a UN human rights team visited Eritrea between 21st to 25th. More information will be published on this shortly.

  10. I can't edit the picture out. I can only edit text or delete the entire post. It's up to you if you want the post deleted.

  11. You seem disappointed that visit is done. Why? Correct if I am wrong with the assumption

  12. NO, it should be up to you madote! if any content is deemed inappropriate,should be deleted.(u leave that pic, more follows) .
    i agree with his contents mostly all the time, but it seems 'name calling and photo-shoped dipictions' have been his forte.hence you delete the entire post to kinda "send your message'!
    you re otherwise doing a great job on your journalism & we will continue to stick around. thax madote.

  13. I have no choice, delet the entire post,it does not mean I do not believe Obama Binl Laden is not a terrorist.

  14. I didn't say why but where? Like always you guys love distorting the truth"Haki nifto" if UN is in Eritrea they definitely are going to ask those questions "tefaikum".


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