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Eritrea's Hirgigo Power Plant will Increase Output

Hirgigo Power Plant is receiving a multi-million dollar extension project that will be completed early in 2014

Eritrea's Hirgigo Power Plant will Increase Output 

The second stage of development of the Hirgigo thermal power plant in Eritrea is expected to be completed early in the new year, according to a report by the Africa Energy Intelligence.

The multi-million dollar extension project, which is being developed by the Shanghai Corporation for Foreign Economic and Technological Cooperation, will increase output from 88 MW to 132 MW.

Once completed, the plant will also supply mines with power.

It is to be recalled, technical and logistical glitches at the power plant — that have since been fixed — caused electrical issues in Asmara for the last few months. 
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Eritrea's Hirgigo Power Plant will Increase Output Reviewed by Admin on 9:25 AM Rating: 5


  1. The math doesn't add up? It is either 50% increase from 88 MW to 132 MW OR the number must have grown from 88 MW to 146 MW to get 66% increase. Conversely the existing power output must have been 79 MW and increased to 132 MW to get an increase of 66%.

  2. No you're right. I also made a similar error a month ago. Needless to say, I plugged in the wrong numbers and didn't look twice.

  3. where you getiing your maths from?

  4. This is absoultely fantastic news. Where possible, we have to concentrate on renewable energy sources as traditional fuel derived power plants are a drain on foreign currency.

  5. Why is the source of this information coming from the Africa Energy Intelligence and not the Government of Eritrea?

    Also same thing regarding the electrical issues noted in Asmara, the source of no more electrical shortages is residents of the city? This is considered reliable?

    Four sentences about the power plant just leaves with me too many questions....

  6. Hi Berhane,

    To answer you first question, a senior Eritrean official has already publicly stated that the power plant is being expanded and will be finished "soon".


    To answer your second question, last month, another senior Eritrean official said the power issues in Asmara, which were caused by glitches and logistical issues at the Hirgigo power plant, will be resolved before the end of December.


    When you add the residents in the city report of power returning to normal, it makes a strong case to believe the issue is fixed.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks for the reply.

    I still think the Eritrean Electricity Authority should be the one providing updates on the status of electricity generation and any system issues.

    I found the following website useful for some additional background information however not sure when it was last updated/how accurate it is.

  8. No worries bro. No one owns a monoply on information. Just helping each other out.

    In regards to your link, I think it is outdated. For example, it says only 20% of Eritreans have access to electricity when we know the latest World Bank figures indicate it's 32%. While this figure is low, it's still above average in sub-Sahara Africa, where the average access to electricity is below 25%. No doubt, this is one area we can all work on to improve as a continent.


  9. Hope this new year Eritrea will do better again in its global achievement so many to mention..what it have been done until now is admirable, in terms of priority and distribution at general level.

    Manuele kab Roma


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