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The opposition's bizarre infatuation with Abraham Isaias

Abraham Isaias attending the funeral of the late Woldemichael Gebremariam. The red arrow is pointing towards Abraham. Click on image to see larger quality.

The opposition's bizarre infatuation with Abraham Isaias

Earlier this week, as Eritreans in the country and in the diaspora were mourning the passing of veteran fighter Woldemichael Gebremariam, Ethiopian-backed Eritrean opposition groups were busy spreading false rumors about Abraham Isaias, the eldest son of President Isaias Afwerki.

The rumors of Abraham began after he was seen on Eri-TV attending the funeral procession of Woldemichael. Normally, attending funerals is a sign of love and respect for the deceased, but among the opposition groups, it can only mean one thing: Abraham is being groomed to succeed his father.

Despite Abraham not being involved in politics, Meron Estefanos, a self-proclaimed human rights activist and a critic of all things Eritrea, attempts to link him as a possible successor all because he appeared at a funeral. Such silly conclusions speaks more about her inability to be rational than it does about Abraham.

Although she styles herself as an Eritrean human rights activist, she can't seem to see the hypocrisy in working with the Ethiopian regime, an ethnic-based oligarchy that is notorious for its human rights abuses. She is also a contributor of, a website that wants Eritrea's independence reversed and for the country to be annexed/occupied by the Ethiopian regime.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise when Wikileaks released secret emails this week of U.S. intelligence contractors describing as possibly being "CIA supported" and that most of the Eritrean opposition websites, including the Wahhabi-inspired, as being "Ethiopia-friendly".

Who is Abraham?

Abraham was born on December 10, 1985 (27) to Eritrean freedom fighters Isaias Afwerki and Saba Haile. After finishing his national service in Sawa, Abraham attended the Eritrea Institute of Technology in Mai-Nefhi where he studied aeronautical engineering. In early 2012, Abraham married his longtime girlfriend, Sarah*.The young couple have a baby daughter and live in Asmara.

Described as being humble, friendly and down-to-earth by his peers, Abraham is very popular among the youth. Like his father, he can be seen walking around Asmara without any security detail. Due to his popularity, Ethiopian-backed oppositions groups have been spreading disinformation about him as a possible successor, even though Abraham dislikes politics and has never held any political position.

*Rumored to be named Sarah, not confirmed

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The opposition's bizarre infatuation with Abraham Isaias Reviewed by Admin on 8:33 PM Rating: 5


  1. Admin of this site at least you should know Abraham wife left at bottom as rumored Sarah.You have a big mouth to write about eritrean justice seekers but can't you confirmed about things you should have to know them as your site all about PFDJ .

  2. Isn't Meron Estefanos half Ethiopian? I heard she is half Oromo (Ethiopian).

  3. releven is that. do i really care what his wife name is?
    do you even think that the mojority of eritrean including me knew what the presidents wife name is (even though her parents house is close to my parent's in asmara) or even care? please tell me how and in what way is it relevent for eritrean to know personally, people who are not involved in any political, social or economica institutes? you have no value to add-- after your comment 'You have a big mouth to write about eritrean justice seeker' may i ask who they are? because clearly Meron is not one.

    my heros have never left, just like 'Alpha-omiga' they have always been with us, they are with us and just like the Admin's of the web site, they will always be with us but just like you, your so called heroes are 'gohfe' and i'm sorry to tell you this but we do not have a recycling centre in Eri, what we usally do with 'gohfe' like you and hero's is to just put in into 'enda gohe'

  4. This website is simply garbage. obviously you do not know any thing about Eritrean opposition and where they stand. what a lame article.

    1. What??? What opposition are u mumbling about? There is no such thing called OPPOSITIONS in etitrea! We do have SELLOUTS or guahaff hademtys if you will.
      So spare your crocodile tears and their self imposed advocacy for another life time, BUT NOT NOW.
      madote please STOP refering to such goal and moral deprived hoodlems as" oppositions" As you only stimulate their worthless ego.

  5. Remove this garbage comment from Samri.

  6. Madote keep it up ! The agents from down south like CIA funded and supported criminal"" are really frustrated with the truth.

  7. so what, she cares more than you who claims eritrean outer cover

  8. This article is being circulated around so-called "Eritrean" opposition Facebook sites. They are indeed infatuated with Abraham and are obsessed with gossip, rumors and lies about Eritreans. This is why you're seeing illiterate political junkies spewing hate on the comment section. Keep up the good work Madote, you know when they are mad, that's that either. Let them sizzle. The reality of them being nothing more than Ethiopian or CIA funded illterate fobs has been exposed.

  9. I think it's obvious too most Eritreans that the Eritrean opposition themselves don't know where they stand. No ideology, solutions and/or rational thought. Absolutely useless and given your comment, I see you fit well in its circles.

  10. How do you care more for Eritreans but then turn around and call for sanctions on the country? Seems like an oxymoron.

  11. Justice seekers? Please. You couldn't even find your hands if it was directly in front of your face.

  12. I think I'm officially addicted to Madote. I visit this site like 9 times a day on my phone. Thanks for all the research you guys put in. That being said, these intellectual scrubs are not worth our time. Long live Isaias, and I ain't even biased.

    Tall Simon, Brooklyn, NY - Keepin' it Mi'tee

  13. Meron needs to get a life and stop worrying about a man nearly half her age. Grow up, you're embarrassing yourself with your grand delusions.

  14. These are hooligans and traitors and should be called as such. Every Eritrean kids are PIA's children. Those morons don't have a clue about human rights or politics.

  15. No one should take this recent development seriously. Eritrean people are advanced in their thinking, know where they stand, believe in their government and are confident that PIA will make the right choice when the time comes. The opposition are so ignorant and should not call themselves Eritreans because they have forgotten how to think like Eritreans. Abraham has every right to be at the funeral of minister W/ Michel a person he has know since childhood. If the opposition is trying to dramatize this occasion as a sign of future succession they need to have their brain checked. It never stops to amaze me how they think so backwards, misguided and totally brainwashed.

  16. You are such an asshole and don't have any idea about modernization and it is none of your freking business to ask about someone identity..Guwal sharmuta....

  17. I think there is an identity crises with those weyane favourt dogs, each time they are making stories they expose their smelly bums. My message is simple and clear,leave Eritrea alone. Go and lickTPLFs ass.

  18. Here is the proof that Meron is from Tembien:

  19. "Leave Eritrea alone. Go and lick .............."

    Well said, Go and lick.... please read the complete royal lineage

  20. Eritrean is not a kingdom. It can't be believed. Even kingdoms are being said WAKE UP US!

  21. በዓል ምስክር ወረቀት ሓቂ። you either are from the identity crisis ridden people ( isaias and the like) or a man of no mind but memory cheep controlled or monitered by some one. do not try to represent let alone eritreans and eritrea. do nt even put the name eritrea in your mouth. for you r not worth naming eritrea and eritreans.

  22. hasawit nisiki ke tenbenawit hawibeki diyu isaias wedi medhin berad tenbenawyan shirrawyanin adwawayanin kemzi kemaki lekbatatin hagerna hashahasha eblula alewu


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