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The reclamation of a lost Identity by Araia Tesfamariam

Araia Tesfamariam's parents

Written By Araia Tesfamariam, aka 'Big Araia'

My name is Araia Tesfamariam and I am the Producer of the 'Big Araia" film project. In keeping with spirit of re-affirming and celebrating Eritrea, it's people, and culture - especially during the month of May and the 24th specifically, I have made a new promo video for my project. The goal was to reach more of our people and let them know why it needs their support. This is about protecting the heritage so many people made sacrifices for.  I hope you like it.

 Thank you for your time. Please visit BigAraia for more information.

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The reclamation of a lost Identity by Araia Tesfamariam Reviewed by Admin on 11:07 AM Rating: 5


  1. Araia, what is happening. You were supposed to do the film last year! I supported you then, but instead of watching your film you still begging for more money. If you truly want to capture your true Eritrean heritage, the do it!
    Eritreans do what they wanted to accomplish with what ever they have. You seem you are in a perpetual begging project. Begging is not part of Eritrean heritage.

  2. I left a comment but somehow you did not put it Why?

  3. @dawit, it happened 2 me a cpl of times aswell, idk, the comment couter shows 3 comments, but when you open the link you see only 1 or 2. not just in this site but some others aswell.

  4. Wish him the best of luck.

  5. I praise your mother for raising you not to forget your heritage and I support your project 100%


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