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Massawa Airways: Eritrea's new privately owned airliner

Massawa Airways, a privately owned startup airliner in Eritrea, received delivery of two Beechcraft 1900Ds aircraft to join its existing MA-60 and E3-AAV planes that were delivered from China in December of last year.

According to aviation websites, Massawa Airways is scheduled to begin flights before the country's 22nd independence anniversary this May 24th and will primarily serve domestic and regional destinations.

Based in Massawa International Airport, Massawa Airways becomes the country's third airliner in operation after Nasair Eritrea, a privately owned airliner headed by Nasair Nasreddin Ibrahim and Eritrean Airlines, a state-owned national carrier.

Currently, Nasair Eritrea has 5 planes in operation: 4 Boeing B737-200A and 1 Airbus A320-200, while the Asmara-based Eritrean Airlines has a total of 4 aircraft in operation: 1 Airbus A319-100, 2 Airbus A320-200 and 1 Boeing 767-200ER.

Massawa Airways - Photo: Peter Bakema -Luxembourg-Findel

Nasair Eritrea  Boeing 737 - Massawa International Airport

Eritrean Airlines Boeing 767-238 (ER) - Photo: Paul Morris 

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Massawa Airways: Eritrea's new privately owned airliner Reviewed by Admin on 11:03 AM Rating: 5


  1. Tell us who owns what? We need you to be accountable.


  3. thx madote, as usuall you are awesome and are the ears and eye of the proud eritreans.

  4. Interesting news, by the way I'm still facing a "mystery". Don't understand which airline is really operating for travelling to and from Eritrea (especially from Italy).

    I checked Eritrean Airlines' website but I get a pdf, no chance to book, same for Nasair.

    Some news on the official Italian Foreign Office website reports Lufthansa suspending flights to and from Eritrea, is Egyptair the only chance to get there?

    thanks for reading

  5. Hello Diego,

    From Italy, your best bet is Yemeni Airlines or EgyptAir.


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