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Photos of Keren Development

Keren is a picturesque city known for its charm, spectacular scenery, diversity, and hospitality. Since independence, dozens of renovation and construction projects have been implemented in accordance with it's original master plan. In this post, we'll look at a few of those developments.

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Wide image of Keren, Eritrea - Photo: Didier Farsy

Commercial Bank of Keren

Commercial Bank of Keren 

New Modern Hotel in Keren

New Modern Mosque in Keren - Photo: Didier Farsy

Close up of the new beautiful Grande Mosque in Keren

The Catholic Church in Keren - Photo: Didier Farsy

Inside the Catholic Church in Keren - Photo: Dider Farsy

New Housing in Keren 

Wider shot of housing development in Keren, Eritrea

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Photos of Keren Development Reviewed by Admin on 3:33 AM Rating: 5


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh,,,, Thanks God/Allah,

    It's fascinating to see, the determination & will power of the Eritrean people RESURRECTING A NATION, criminally & wantonly destroyed to ashes by 50 years of war.

    Thanks to the heroic martyrs, who paid their lives, blood & bones to make my homeland & my people free.
    It's a blessing to witness this day, Eritreans rising from the ashes of endless wars & rebuilding Eritrea, flying with their own wings, like the birds who REFUSED to be caged.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERY ERITREAN for rebuilding Eritrea!!!

  2. very good, keep on going Eritra!

    In the name of Jesus, amen, from the Netherlands


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