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Ashorooq TV Live - Watch Sudan TV Online

Ashorooq TV (Sudan Television) is a Sudanese channel based in Duabi.  Broadcasting of Ashorooq TV started in 2006 and mostly broadcasts in Arabic, but at times, they broadcasts a few English programs. In just over a few years, Ashorooq has quickly become the most popular Sudanese channel for the Sudanese diaspora for timely and trusted news. In addition to news, Ashorooq delivers entertainment programs such as movies, music, documentaries, and comedy. As the referendum for South Sudan approaches, Ashorooq TV  has started covering every aspect of this historic event. Free Live internet broadcasting of Ashorooq TV is from www.Ashorooq.net

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tv sudan its not working in may labtob

Congrats bro anwar you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...