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Eritrea has the second highest archeological sites in Africa

(Madote News)

(Shabait) Asmara, 20 December 2008 - The number of archeological sites in the country which was 45,000 previously has now increased to 80,000 thanks to the continued excavation activities undertaken to identify the nation rich relics, according to Dr. Yosief Libsekal, head of the Eritrean National Museum.

Noting that archeological sites and historical places in the country had not been properly explored due to successive colonial rule and wars, he indicated that additional new sites have been discovered in Buya, Northern Red Sea region. Dr. Yoseif further stated that the nation’s archeological sites and historical places are being excavated by nationals in the first place so as to avoid the mistake witnessed in excavation activities of African artifacts by foreigners.

He pointed out that Eritrea ranks second after Egypt in Africa for its rich archeological sites and historical places. Moreover, he explained that there are plans to undertake rehabilitation tasks in a number of archeological sites in the country, including the Metera Statue, the Kidane-Mihret Church in Senafe which was built in the Middle Ages and the Derbush Cemetery in Massawa.

As regards efforts being made to publicize Eritrea’s rich relics and make them get recognition in the list of UNESCO, Dr. Yosief indicated that a documentary film has been produced and displayed to over 13 million people in Germany which won broad acclaim. In addition, two documentary films would be released in 2009 in collaboration with a renowned European company known as Art, he added.

fallen stele in Eritrea.

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  1. That is my sweet home.

    Go On lovely Eritrea, May ALLAH bless you.

  2. That's my lovely home too! May the christian, muslim, kunama and bahai God bless you, our mother land. Your children never gave you up. They bled and died for you in tens of thousands over the decades, and now our forefathers are waking up to tell us that they're behind us every step of the way. There is no turning back, and nothing bad will happend to you anymore now that there is prove for our being and our rich heritage.

    There have always been Eritrea and will always be Eritrea. Now it's proven once and for all that the Ethiopian illusion is all false and lies. Shame on them, and on them who lives by supporting them!

  3. Viva Eritrea, my sweet beautiful cherry!! I'm so proud to be born Eritrean - I love you, my mother father land!!!!!

  4. i am soooo proud of my country. i'll tell u why. ethiopia had weapons, trained soliders, people for help all around the world, but we still beat them. they even ended up surendering. my dad was inthe war and he told me al the great things eritrea did. we didn't even have a real army it was just regular people who walked out from there homes said they were going to be inthe war and the same day they were given there guns and bam it was time for the to fight. wow. so if any body ever asks u if ur from ethiopia say no. i am an Eritrean and i am proud

  5. yes, I'm eritrean and I'm proud. But not in a foolish way, I'm just IN LOVE with my mothers and fathers and our culture. I'm in love with the love my ancestors gave to me.


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