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Chaos, TPLF’s last hurrah?

TPLF leaders 

Chaos, TPLF’s last hurrah?

The tragic events in Bahir Dar and Addis Abeba on June 22nd 2019 were supposed to be the trigger that would plunge Ethiopia into ethnic chaos if the criminal TPLF gang had its way.

The TPLF now cornered in Tigray, unable to fulfil its promises to the people of Tigray is seeking a way out. It knows that in light of the atrocities and the grand scale embezzlement it had committed over the past three decades, that it cannot return to power in Ethiopia.

It also knows that things in Tigray cannot continue the way they are, with high level of unemployment, corruption and crime fuelling discontent. It is aware that sooner or later the discontent in Tigray would spark a popular movement much like the one in Ethiopia which had swept it out of power. It knows that the iron grip it had on Tigray is loosening by the day as the people emboldened by what they have witnessed in Ethiopia are beginning to strain on their chains.

The TPLF has always known that as a minority, its only prospect of staying in power was by causing mistrust amongst Ethiopians, either along ethnic or religious lines. The murder, imprisonment , harassment etc. It committed when it lost the elections in 2005, are clear indications of the levels it would go to keep its grip in power.

The non-functioning Tekeze Hydro electric dam it built in the Tigray region, is testament to both its dysfunctional economic policy and its ultimate dream of creating Greater Tigray.

With its effort to undermine the Eritrea-Ethiopia peace process in tatters by the Eritrean government closing its borders, with the reality of an economic melt down in Tigray, facing it straight in the face, it wrongly believed that the fragmentation of Ethiopia and the ensuing chaos was its get out of jail card.

By its calculation, the TPLF believed that it has the strongest military force both in numbers and armament which can easily control the neighbouring regions if need be. Over the past year, much how it did in the 80s, it has been beating the war drums and trying to convince the people of Tigray that they were under attack and only the TPLF could save them.

Only a couple of days before the tragic events, TPLF media outlets had released interviews which seem to be preparing the people of Tigray for the forth coming anticipated clashes.

The TPLF was very quick to claim that the killings of the army chief of staff and the retired general were ethnically motivated, as by chance both belonged to the Tigray region. There was no attempt to link their assassination with their positions within the army in light of the illegal attempt to grab power.

For the TPLF, Ethiopia plunging into ethnic conflict would be a god send. It would have an excuse for its failures, not to mention that it will think that it has neutralised its enemies as they are far to busy fighting amongst themselves to pose any threat to its authority.

The greatest threat to the TPLF is a unified Ethiopia, where Ethiopians come together as citizens of one nation. For the past 27 years it has sown mistrust between Ethiopians and now wants to exploit this.

Thankfully, the evil plans of the TPLF have not come to fruition. There are more voices calling for calm and level headedness in Ethiopia than the ones seeking conflict.

Ethiopia might seem to be bursting at the seams, but the sooner all Ethiopians realise that the root cause of the trouble is the TPLF the better. Ethiopians should come together to pull out from its very root the malignant tumour that is the TPLF.

We hope for a peaceful future.
Yeneneh Mesfin

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