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Eritrean leadership has interest in talks with Tigray: Debretsion

President Isaias Afwerki with Tigray regional president, Debretsion Gebremichael 

Eritrean leadership has interest in talks with Tigray: Debretsion

By Borkena

Tigray regional state president Debretsion Gebremichael told Tigray journalists yesterday that “Tigray leadership and Eritrean leadership are interested in talks,” as reported by Wazema Radio. Seemingly talks to restore past relations.

Debretsion says that president Isaias told him “Old problems need to be resolved.” And he, on his part, told the Eritrean president that he believes in resolving past conflicts.

He met Eritrean president during the opening ceremony of Oumajir-Humera border in western Gonder region on Monday this week. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Gedu Andargachew were also present during the ceremony.

However, no other media government media outlets have reported about it.

The new development is a little strange for political observers and activists alike as Eritrean leadership reportedly had a position that Eritrean government will not negotiate with Tigray for any negotiation has to be with the Federal government.

Debretsion also talked about other issues related to developments in Tigray in the past one week or so. He wants people in Tigray region not to be disturbed by the movement of the defense force and that Tigreans rather need to keep their focus on development.

He added that the Defense Force has legal right to move from place to place so as to meet its responsibility and that Tigreans need to respect the constitution.

Movement of Ethiopian Defense Force was blocked twice in Tigray region in two different places in less than a week. First, the contingent withdrawing from Zalambessa with heavy weaponry for deployment in other parts of Ethiopia for a different mission was blocked by residents of the town and government had to hold discussion with residents, as reported by borkena last week, before the soldiers were allowed to move.

And yesterday, the Defense Force was “blocked” again in Shire and convoys belonging to it were ordered to be parked at Shire Stadium.

Soldiers were ordered, as admitted by government, no to take actions against the illegal blockade.

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