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Asmara Through the Eyes of an Ethiopian Tourist

Harnet Avenue in Asmara (Photo Credit: Aron Simench)

A young Ethiopian photographer visits Eritrea for the first time. Here's his thoughts:

Asmara: Experience of a lifetime!

By Aron Simeneh

I just got back to Addis from Asmara! I experienced love more than one could ever imagine. I always wanted to visit Asmara from the stories I have heard from my grandfather, my teachers and my parents. So I had to take the first flight to Asmara after 20 years. I really wish I was a good writer so that I could write down my experience of each minute I spent in Asmara.

All I want to say is we (the world) have been missing out!

The people

Eritreans are the most humble and purely loving people! The amount of love I have received was beyond words! Starting from the airport to the people who heard me speak Amharic randomly in the streets. I had the chance to talk to different Eritreans, from the person who was at Zalambesa when the war first broke (who invited me macchiato and two hours of conversation) to a brother who grew up in the same neighborhood as me. I can only explain the love and their joy to the peace by sharing one incident. Me and my friend were in this small restaurant to have a breakfast, we had the usual warm welcome as we had been getting the whole time, while we were enjoying the delicious fool the owner came up to as and said “you know when we were at the battle field on the war, this solder was asked by journalist what he wishes would have loved to do at the moment? And the solder responds saying ‘I wish I was having doro wet with my brother on the other side.’ And that’s what I felt serving you this food today”.

The city

Asmara is incredibly beautiful and well preserved! And most of all the safest and cleanest city! I’m not good at describing [places] so just see the photos.


What I can say for sure is what has been done to Eritrea and Eritreans is so unfair! I strongly recommend everyone one to visit Eritrea! And learn the history of what actually happened and meet this beautiful people!

At last, If anyone want’s to hear more about my time in Asmara, I’m always down to meet up for a coffee ☕️ or beer 🍺.

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