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Is this apparent change of course by Ethiopia for real?

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed must walk the talk by ordering his troops to leave occupied Eritrean territories to start a new era of peace.  Photo Credit: AFP | Zacharias Abueker

Is this apparent change of course by Ethiopia for real?

By Tecle Abraham

For 16 years peace was held hostage to the Woyane`s confused pipedream of Gretear Tigrai. Now, following the wind of change blowing in Ethiopia, it seems a breakthrough is appearing, with the newly promoted PM of Ethiopia assuming the pinnacle of power once the domain of the Woyane. The unequivocal announcement of Dr. Abiy that Ethiopia is finally ready to respect and implement the EEBC decision fully is an apparent reversal of the long held policy of Woyanes Dialogue. If that is so, then although he didn't use the delimitation and demarcation words, we have to assume that he meant so, otherwise there is no meaning of the full acceptance of the decision. Furthermore he implied accepting the dissociation of Dialogue from the implementation of the EEBC ruling. After all the treachery, prevarication und deceit of the Woyane regime, we Eritreans though can only believe him, when he walks the talk and withdraw his troops and administration from our sovereign territories. Notwithstanding our understandable suspicion though, there are compelling reasons why the Ethiopians should implement it for their own self-interest.

The apparent change of Policy after 16 years is by no means something that deserves commendation from the Eritreans side, but it shows the dramatic difference between the Eritreans and Ethiopians or rather Woyanes with respect of cultural values. We Eritreans cherish the truth and we fight for it to the bitter end. That is what we demonstrated when we fought for 30 years, in spite of the overwhelming odds against us. The same is true about what we did to defend our independence and sovereignty, when Woyane invaded us in 1998-2000. That is what we demonstrated by foiling the intention of the most vicious enemy Woyane in the past 18 years. Truth and justice are our proudest values and it is no by accident that Truth is in our national Anthem, making us probably the only one in the world to have it. Then if we have to go the court, we Eritreans adhere and accept the ruling of a Court. That is what we demonstrated by accepting without if and buts, the unfavourable ruling of the court decision regarding our dispute with yemen over of Hanish kebir and sequir isalnd. We didn't need to take years to accept the ruling like Ethiopia did.

We Eritreans know why the Woyane government took 2 decades to finally accept the ruling without if and buts. Following the EEBC decision, we Eritreans accepted the ruling in its entirety and hoped the Woyanes would do the same. But it proved false. Because the pipe dream of greater Tigrai has been alive and kicking, instead of accepting their futility of their dream, they chose to keep trying using another form of war. With the unreserved support western imperialist powers, they did employ every dirty machiavellian trick to realise their dream of subjugating and crushing Eritrea. They managed to frame us and impose sanctions including arms embargo, carried out incessant psychological warfare to undermine our unity, our pride, our patriotism; used every jihadist and spent force sell out to threaten our peace and security, employed every known economic sabotage to undermine our economy, even they transported abroad their poverty stricken Tegaru in the name of Eritrean refugees but to no avail. Rather on the contrary Eritrea managed as usual with its legendary steadfastness to cope with its challenges and is marching from strength to strength. That is the reality Woyane has to grapple with. Woyane is really like the frog from Ezops fable that dreamed being as big as a Bull only to explode and disappear. That is why Eriteans have every reason to congratulate themselves for forcing this monstrous Woyane to face the reality after 2 decades. Mind you after two decades !

Although Dr. Abiy is the PM who officially confirmed the change of policy, the looming change was also in the offing during the reign of his predecessor Desalegn. As a matter fact, the previous PM was so desperate to go to Asmara apparently seeking peace, that he was literally begging it. As it was later made clear from his Mo foundation appearance, they have tried every trick of diplomacy to lure Eritrea into dialogue. This cannot happen to a powerful country that dreams of the role of regional power and confident of itself. The explanation is one and clear: the establishment was deeply worried not only that their destabilizing policy has failed completely, but also that their regime is bracing for a threat emanating from the very heart of Woyaneland ( see the latest TPDM Video). In one of my previous articles, I tried to analyse his options and it was clear that they would do something along the idea suggested by Dr. Abiy, as they are deeply worried about their regime. I can`t imagine what their unqualified Think Tank experts like the geriatric aboy Sbhat and Abay Tsehaye had recommended, but I know what their qualified experts may have recommended. The prominent self-nominated Woyane expert on Ethio-Eritrean affairs is assistant professor Medhane Tadesse. In his recent appearance with EBC on this issue, he justified the policy change and argued that would enable Ethiopia to remove the security threat coming from Eritrea. Neither he nor the others would like to specify the security threats from Eritrea, but they can`t help revealing their concern about the regimes survival.

Dr. Abiy is taking every opportunity to talk about the need of new era of peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Speaking on the opening of a conference to do with corruption, after telling the audience about the three policy options regarding Eritrea, he explained why the previous policy of no war – no peace had no dividend except tension. On the other hand he pointed out the dividends of peace in terms of economic and social activities between the two countries. Bearing in mind the grave political, economic, social and security conditions the country finds itself, peace with Eritrea would be helpful to relieve their precarious situation. Therefore, the reason behind this apparent change of policy being pure admission of this untenable situation, I would like to believe the PM means business, when he pronounced his full acceptance of the EEBC decision in its entirety. It seems the Woyanes are also in the bandwagon and probably are the initiators of the change. So, it is no wonder that they are trying to sell it to their people in a positive light. But, as always they can`t help with their double-tongue. Their official party press statement and Getachew Reda suggests of something like Dialogue. It is a thus certainty that the Woyanes will do their utmost to tamper with the independent implementation of the demarcation. However, with the increasing vigour the PM is assuming with his constitutional authority, the Woyanes would not be able to defy his decision on withdrawing its troops and citizens from sovereign Eritrean territories. That is what they must to do, if peace is indeed their goal.

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