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The Eritrean Camel marches confidently ahead to the future

With hundreds of billions of dollars in potash, gold, silver and other mineral resources ready for extraction, a growing educated population, and with a constitution on its way in the next few years, things are definitely looking up for Eritrea. Photo: Computer Science graduates from the Eritrean Institute of Technology in Mai Nefhi.

The Eritrean Camel marches confidently ahead to the future

By Tecle Abraham

The Eritrean people at home and in the Diaspora have celebrated their 24th independence colourfully and with great patriotic zeal.   It is common knowledge that Eritreans always celebrate in a unique fashion not to be seen anywhere else in Africa. But I believe this year`s celebration was far more colorful and exciting. Unlike in the previous celebrations, the atmosphere is filled with real hope and excitement about their future. I have intently watched all the videos across the country and elsewhere. The dancing, the poems, the speeches, entertainment and the active community participation were impressive and electrifying. The enthusiasm and the excitement was there for all to see. Every citizen now seems to realize that all the concerted effort to deny its hard won independence and sovereignty have been foiled and the future is bright, thanks to their collective resilience and steadfastness. The favourable domestic, regional and global situation underpin this excitement and hope for the future.

Eritrea has been subjected to crushing political, diplomatic, economic, and military pressures during the last decades. For a small country, just independent, with an economy devastated after 30 years of war, it would have been virtually impossible to do anything but to yield to the pressure and collapse.  That was the actual expectation of those forces motivated to put these crushing pressures. And they were not at all at odds with the conventional wisdom. Africa is littered with such history of countries  collapsing as a result of external or/and internal pressures.  But, they were disappointed.  Because, this is no ordinary country typical of the African continent or elsewhere. It is Eritrea, that was born in defiance of conventional wisdom, thanks to its unique values that outorganized and outbalanced all the odds thrown at it.  That is where the mystery lies behind  Eritrea`s successful frustration of all the destabilizing measures taken by hostile States using the forums of the UN and others.

Of course, the unwarranted hostility against Eritrea`s nationhood didn't start yesterday after independence. All started during those days of Cold war, when the US fixated with its geopolitical interest, maneuvered and succeeded in bringing Eritrea into the yoke of Ethiopian occupation in contempt of the UN charter and all decent standards of freedom and justice.  We have to pay dearly to reverse this travesty of justice.  All the rest is history.  However, in this process of epic struggle to win back our rightful sovereignty, apart from believing in our cause, we have developed appropriate strategies and values that made up for our disadvantage as a small nation, with no allies to rely on. It is during the liberation struggle the Eritrean values to beat the odds of the moment are born and used as weapons of choice  to resist the seemingly insurmountable challenges of the last decades.  These values include dedication to our martyrs, unity, empowerment, creativity, resilience, patriotism and self reliance, love of truth and justice.

The national emblem, which is the camel, literally and figuratively represents the psyche of Eritrean`s in time of hardship. Like the Camel, we have developed the capacity to be extremely resilient to very difficult circumstances.  That is how we put up with the unabated barrages of attacks against our nation. Like the camel we have to manage with the little we have. Even when the economic situation hurt so much, we reminded ourselves of the resilience of our tegadeliti to bring us independence. Thanks to the exemplary deeds of our liberation heroes and heroines, our psyche reminds us us, no worthful aim in life is achieved without resilience. Resilience is the key to success, when one has the right strategy to achieve its goal. When resilience is underpinned by patriotism, dedication, and unity of purpose, there is no earthly power to beat an organized and enlightened people, as Eritrean people is. And on top of that, we know there is no justice and truth in this world, neither from the UN nor from the AU, despite the disinformation and misinformation in the name of good sounding concepts.

Thanks to this commendable resilience and resistance, the domestic politico-economic situation are changing for the better and we have every reason to be proud of.  Our fundamental weakness in the last decade, has been the lack of resources to export and earn foreign currency.  Indeed, that was the major factor that made our economic situation far more worse than otherwise possible. As a fruit of resilience, that will be no longer the case.  The mining industry is reaching to fruition and several of them are poised for production.  During the 3rd quarter, Sunridge will start mining the Dubarwa section of the Asmara project. The Zara project will start generating revenues by early 2016.  If the revenue generated by Bisha mining is any indication, up to one Billion USD would be available to propel the economic development in a significant way to uplift the economic situation of our people.  That means, all problems related to energy, bread, etc as well as salaries of civil servants and our heroic armed forces will be addressed effectively. That is indeed a wonderful news. What is more,  if we have achieved so much with few resources, for example the MDG, we will be able to more with additional resources previously unavailable. When a country is blessed with an incorruptible leadership, development is a certainty with increasing revenue. And then, the propaganda machine of the West and their cohorts will be no longer able to say,  "Asmara under electricity rationing“ and hopefully will be able to understand the meaning of resilience in a country master of its own development agenda.

The political situation is also showing promising prospect of change. First of all,  the long-stalled constitutional process is again underway.  Without forgetting what a constitution guarantees and what not from the reality we experience everyday across the world, for us Eritreans it means a lot.   Above all, it means returning to Normality, where rights and duties are pursued according to the law of the land.  It is indisputable fact that the lack of the constitution would have contributed to mishandling or abuse of certain citizenry rights and obligations as well as unsatisfactory handling with mundane issues such as the distribution of Teisa.  Another positive change is the implementation of penal code, civil code as well others, replacing the provisional codes in effect since Independence. The most important change, however, is regarding the national service. Starting from the 28th national service recruits, the service will be limited to 18 months, exactly observing the limit set by the law governing national service.  When seen in concert with the constitutional process, it means we are back to normality, which is expected to bring vitality to our citizens daily life repertoire. What is more, It will deny the western propagandists and sell outs the ammunition to defame Eritrea.

The improving domestic situation is also underpinned by favourable regional situation.  Regionally, of course, our existential enemy is Woyane.  This vicious strange regime has left no stone unturned to destroy Eritrea during the past two decades, thanks to the generous support and encouragement of  the western empire.  But, it seems it is heading to the very graveyard (Gudguad), it ditched for our nation.  That is not surprising.  Actually, it should be a miracle that it was able to rule Ethiopia for so long, considering the fact it represents only 5% of the total population, and it has failed to resolve all the problems existing during the previous regimes as well as new ones cropping up as a result of  its making.  Now, it seems the factors responsible for its surprising long stay in power are fundamentally changing.  To the dismay of Woyane, the Tigrai mass on whose behalf it claims to be in power have formed a formidable well disciplined, highly motivated army and with a  progressive character reminiscent of the 1960`and 70`s to rectify the destructive policies of Woyane.  And to this end, they are working in tandem with Arbegnoch-G7, which has large constituencies across ethnic divide.  I have no doubt, these forces are capable of removing Woyane sooner than most people think, including think-tank entities such as International Crisis Group(ICG), which are utterly out of touch with the state of affairs in the horn of Africa.

Woyane  of course, will do anything and everything to save his skin, but it can not avoid its downfalls. As a matter of fact, after its fake election of 2015, people have become quite receptive of the idea of its removal by military means.  Therefore, the objective reality in Ethiopia is actually ripe for a change and the rebels have all the ingredients for a quick military victory.  The significance of this prospect of change can not be underscored enough, given Woyanes destructive polices in the horn.  Actually, it will be a game changer. Probably for the first time the Horn will have the chance to be peaceful and stable.  In the absence of Woyane, the Ethiopian ethnic problem, the Ertro-Ethiopia, the Somali problem, as well as Sudanese problem will be amenable for amicable political resolution.  One of the expressed aim of these progressive forces is the restoration of the relationship between Eritreans and Ethiopians, between Somalia and Ethiopia, badly damaged by Woyane.  Regarding Eritreans and Ethiopians, we have learned our lesson that we benefit more by cooperating than contradicting each other.  And finally, Eritrea will have a friendly neighbouring country that is no longer an eternal  threat, enabling her to concentrate on development and prosperity of its people. That is why Eritrea stands shoulder to shoulder with all progressive and national forces of Ethiopia.  Of course paying considerable sacrifice in the process, but strategically seen,  it is worth it.

Of course, the repercussion of the removal of Woyane would  upset the current geopolitics paradigm in the horn;  in favour of Eritrea.  Obviously, one expect the US to review its positions and options, when they loose their principal stooge in the area.   And it is not improbable or farfetched to assume that the Americans would accept the reality and build mutually beneficial normal relationship with Eritrea.  On the Eritrean side, the repeal of the sanctions imposed using the UN or unilaterally are important, assuming they remain in effect for long, which is the desire of the US.  There is no certainty there. But, certainly the demise of Woyane will reverberate across the countries of the horn. The IGAD members that have been bidding the game of Woyane, including UN sanctions,  will get their lesson and hopefully would regret their unwarranted hostility against Eritrea.  The corrupt leader of Djibouti is already in tremor following the red carpet reception of President Isaias by the Saudis, who preferred to work with Eritrea rather than with Djibouti, a fellow member of the Arab league. Actually, Djibouti will be the worst loser economically and politically, when the Eritreans and Ethiopians mend their relationship.   The leader of this country has actually behaved so much like a puppet, working hand in hand with Woyane, its political position in Djibouti will be severely undermined.  And, he will be left with no other option except to make rapprochement with Eritrea.

In the Global sphere, the dynamics of the international relations are changing following the disaster of the unilateral US and NATO misdeeds in the Middle east and the world at large.  Big powers such as Russia and China as well as India envisage a multi-polar rather a uni-polar world dominated by the US.  These powers have no illusion of the danger oft he hegemonic desire of the US establishment.  The Russians are feeling threatened by the advance of NATO right at their border and the Chinese over their claim to the South China sea.  On the economic front as well initiatives are being taken that can fundamentally upset the US domination of the financial and credit institutions. We all know what the BRICS countries up to.  They are building institutions parallel institutions to US dominated  WB and the IMF.  Moreover, within the US and western world societies, popular movement such as Occupy wall street, stop the war coalition, indignados, …etc are challenging the unjust and destructive policies of the so-called free world.  Actually, the seeds of change are planted even in the US.  It is encouraging to see a politician by the name Bernie Sanders standing for the US presidency on the platform of social justice, a development model the western protest groups are striving for.  I don`t know if this politician can be the next president of the US.  But if and when he does, this man will be atypical president, with policies good for the Americans and the world at large. One thing is sure, though, when Obama`s time is over next year, the anti-Eritrea woman Susan Rice will also be out.  What this means to Eritrea in the light of changing dynamics of international relations is that Eritrea will be no longer  standing alone and the the US will not find it easy to bash Eritrea as before using the UN forum.

In conclusion,  thanks to our resilience and patriotism, our nation is moving ahead with great confidence and excitement for the future.  With the increasing revenue from mining, the country will be able to meet the basic necessities of the society. And more importantly, it will be able to undertake large scale and significantly transforming developing projects in food production, fishery, tourism, with considerable growth opportunities.  It will also be able increase the salaries of the civil servants and the defence forces that have made great sacrifice on our behalf.  With the culmination of the constitution reviewing process, Eritrea will return to normality, where the rights and obligations of citizens will be governed according to the book. With the emerging favourable regional and global context, Eritrea will be able to concentrate on its overriding objective of advancing a just and prosperous society undistracted and with full vigour.  Until that is reached, it goes without saying, we have to continue our resilience and patriotic duty as ever.

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The Eritrean Camel marches confidently ahead to the future Reviewed by Admin on 10:30 AM Rating: 5


  1. This article really gave me new hope for the future that I had to read it twice. Thank you Mr. Tecle Abraham!

    God Bless U!

  2. Tekle, thanks for such penetrating articlce. You said it and with such educational and informative article.

    Please tell me more and as you put it;" thanks to our resilience and patriotism, our nation is moving ahead with great confidence and excitement for the future. With the increasing revenue from mining, the country will be able to meet the basic necessities of the society. And more importantly, it will be able to undertake large scale and significantly transforming developing projects in food production, fishery, tourism, with considerable growth opportunities. It will also be able increase the salaries of the civil servants and the defence forces that have made great sacrifice on our behalf. ......With the emerging favourable regional and global context, Eritrea will be able to concentrate on its overriding objective of advancing a just and prosperous society undistracted and with full vigour. Until that is reached, it goes without saying, we have to continue our resilience and patriotic duty as ever."

    Yes, " Until that is reached, it goes without saying, we have to continue our resilience and patriotic duty as ever." and watch for the well being of Eritrea with an eagle eye,

    Thanks Tekle for such penetrating article. No wonder ERitrea is marching forward unshaken by the barking of the toothless dogs from EDAGA ENUDAT.

    Stay on course Deki Ere, the Promised Land is just around the corner!

    Happy Independence Day and Happy Festival Season to you all!

  3. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 7, 2015 at 4:14 PM

    Thanks to our resilience and patriotism, our nation is moving ahead with great confidence and excitement for the future.

    Love it!! what a masterpiece --very well written---Thanks Tecle Abraham.

  4. Another Eritrean commentator living in the West predicting the imminent demise of woyane blabla. Same story, different loser.
    It kills you to see all the infrastructural development in Ethiopia right? It kills you to see the biggest dam being built in Ethiopia while Egypt opposes and then reluctantly agrees. It kills you to see the building of a 5000 KM railway network crisscrossing the country whereas Erifailing Railways is still using the 100 year old steam locomotives given to you by Italy. It kills you to see Ethiopian Airlines passing Royal Air Maroc, Egypt Air, Kenya Airways and yes South African Airways to become the biggest airline in Africa while Erifailing Airlines is struggling to maintain a fleet of a handful of leased airplanes and doesn't even have a website. It kills you to see Bole International Airport handling more and more passengers and the Ethiopian government planning to build a new airport that can accommodate more than 70 million passengers a year making Addis the biggest hub in Africa, while Asmara international airport is no more than a tiny, regional airport handling a few planes a week. It kills you inside seeing Ethiopia expanding economic relations with Sudan, Djibouti, Kenya and even Rwanda and Uganda whereas Eritrea is not even part of IGAD and is seen as the regional spoiler and has bad relations with two of it's three neighbors. Sad to hear a diaspora extremist write so much nonsense in the weekend his country was in the news for the record number of people arriving at Lampedusa. Just focus on your insignificant country and the madman in Asmara and we'll focus on our issues. Refrain from commenting on Ethiopian affairs since they don't concern you and you can't influence them, just like the madman in Asmara, although I'm sure you would like him too lol.

  5. What a mumbo jumbo article. Your mama Ethiopia is still the poorest country in the world. Enqurarit Ahiya akilalu bla fendita motech.

  6. Here is your country Ethiopia is the definition of the word "hunger" in the English Dictionary. Here in North America, the word Ethiopia is the other definition of the word hunger. Ever since the 1970 you fed your people by "donated wheat" and still every year that is the truth. And why, because you become addicted to begging. It is time save your people from hunger. Then again, how could you save your people if the Ethiopian lands are being sold at $100/hectre/for 100 years to "land grabbers" to plant not food but to supply flowers to their respective people.

    Wake up and do some thing to save your people! You land is being sold to "land grabbers" while your people are waiting for donate wheat each year. That is down right shameful and disgraceful. That is why Ethiopians in America and Europe are ashamed to identify them selves as Ethiopia.

    Shame to the Ethiopians, especially to those who are on the outside

  7. Stop with these bullshit articles please. Sure I love patriotism, but once a week or once a month, articles such as these pops up. This article has no value, the message is always the same "were Eritreans, we're warriors, the world hates us blabla"

    Second of all, you mentioned a billion dollars in increased revenues if the two mines opens. We barely made a billion dollars out of bisha. I would say 500 million give or take. And it's not like the money will make us rich, our expenditure will increase due to our development projects.

    The wages will not increase for the simple reason that the government is keen on foreign currency and a tight fiscal policy. They know very well that the diaspora sends the majority of the money in form of remittances.

    Third, the world's view of Eritrea won't change in a long time. Our leadership is the best ones in the world but let's face it, they're not diplomats. Accusing USA of everything, Accusing Israel during the Gaza war and THEN not choosing to acknowledge Palestine. Having no knowledge in the art of diplomacy, talking about the somali issue when it's none of our concern... Sure, eritrea has toned down its rethorics compared to 2005-2009 "sponsored by Langley" talk, but we need to town it down even more.

  8. The hallmark of paranoid patient is his/her complete divorce from reality and his/her sense of being persecuted by others for his/her superior attribute.

    Is there any defference beween the author of the article and a paranoid patient?

    In both cases the thought processes is perverted because it is beamed from the subjective to the objective instead the reverse,

    However, the paranoid patient, although the fact on the ground is contrary to his characterization, owing to his impaired state of mind, he is not aware of the difference. Therefore, he deserves our sympathy and help and not our redicule.

    In the case of the author, his sanity can be gauged or inferred from the state of Eritrean fact on the ground. Let us ask ourselves, would any Eritrean escape his country if it were peaceful and its economy vibrant as he would have us believe? Would the European Union scramble to stem the Eritreans flooding their countries by appealing to the usurper?

    The answer to both questions are emphatically No. What then could be his motive to misrepresent the truth? ..... To blindfold the Eritrean people into oblivion.

    Have you ever heard the diction that Absolute Power corrupts completely?

    Who has the absolute in Eritrea?

    Isaias afewerki has absolute power in Eritrea, and absolute power corrupt completely. Then the inference is.... The worst corrupt person in Eritrean is isaias afewerki. Why then did he accuse others of corruption? .......

    It is all irony. We must stop taking his words literally. Don't we know the corrupt individuals love corrupt people? What they hate are those who are good and virtuous.Why? Because they expose the Truth the corrupt hide.

  9. Tewelde:
    Could not agree more!
    Rather ,a penetrating brief but to the point rebuttal of the propaganda !
    But I agree on one pint as an ERITREAN and as part of Eritrea and the ERITREANS:
    That Eritrea will reach the Promised Land and could have reached it way before Zemene Enini provided there has been a Constitutional Governance, which the PFDJ and its Leadership, are allergic to!

  10. For today I want to share some information about Ethiopia Housing project which built for the last 10 years looks like the picture... for instance between 2010 and 2015 171,000 newu condominum houses built in Addis Ababa city. If we go to evere corner of Ethiopia you can see new modern villages like addis housing project.
    My aim is

  11. 'It kills you to see the building of a 5000 KM railway network crisscrossing the country whereas Erifailing Railways is still using the 100 year old steam locomotives given to you by Italy.'

    Ouch lol truth hurts doesn't it. Italian bandas being proud of their railways, given to them by their masters.
    If only Ethiopians could turn back the clock and not fight at Adwa but surrender to the Italians like the bandas north of Mereb did when the white man arrived to steal, plunder and oppress, oops I mean to civilize. This phenomena where blacks not only look down on other blacks, but look up to whites who oppressed them is not unique to Eritrean regime supporters you know. I remember a documentary about Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where the people of the DR looked down on the Haitians since they were more African and worse than that, they had the audacity to kick out the French and anyone siding with them during their independence war. It was shocking to see the similarities with you guys. Another place is Ivory Coast and Liberia. The Ivorians felt superior since they were colonized by the French for a long time and the French brought 'Civilization' to the Ivory Coast whereas the Liberians did not have that 'privilege'. Ever since then, there has been a false feeling of superiority towards the non-colonized and a Stockholm syndrome of the colonized towards its former oppressor. Same for the Eritrean regime supporters. A false feeling of superiority towards Ethiopians and a feeling of sympathy and fond memory towards the colonizing Italians. Gee if only the Italians would have stayed a few years longer, they could have designed another piccolo Roma, or built the railway line all the way to the Sudanese border for you guys.

    And by the way, Eritrea HDI position 182 (out of 187), Ethiopia HDI position 173. Your country has become synonymous with Lampedusa. All over Europe you can see young Eritreans walking through city centers in Rome, Milan, Paris, Munich, Rotterdam and of course Calais. Here are a few articles for you to read. Since you're in North America, you have no idea what the situation is in Europe. Don't worry though, the truth is out there to see:

    'French police on Tuesday moved to dismantle a months-old migrant camp in north-central Paris where some 400 people lived in cramped and squalid conditions.
    Police started rounding up the migrants – most of them Sudanese, Somalis and Eritreans – at the site, located under the metro tracks at La Chapelle subway station, a stone’s throw away from the Eurostar terminal linking Paris to London, early Tuesday, according to an AFP journalist at the scene.'


    'The EU on Wednesday asked its member states to admit over the next two years some 40,000 asylum seekers from Syria and Eritrea who have already landed in Italy and Greece.'


  12. @abebe

    Compare your pigeon halls buildings for you 100 millions people to this quality build housing complex.

    eritrea housing project



  15. Is this the same ethiopia with its capital addis ababa?

  16. Yes the Eritrean camels are marching carrying blind shabians like the writer of this trash article while the Eritrean peoples are fleeing their beloved Country in all direction by thousands every day and read what the whole World said about Eritrea on todays BBC Africa if you think you are real Eritrean with out blaming any one else.

  17. "When a country is blessed with an incorruptible leadership..." you say? Would like to enlighten us about the over $700Million that was recently discovered at HSBC bank in the name of Eritreans? Your article is a nice pipe dream. Wishful thinking.... if this leadership, after 30 years of harrowing and painful experience, and then another 25 years of independence is still unable to improve the lives of the people that it is leading, then it is high time for change. How long do you think before the political prostitutes like yourself run out of articles and excuses for Issayas and his mismanagement of the country politically and economically? How long do you think will before the hemoraging of the country comes a boiling point and emplodes from within? What external enemies will that be blamed on?

  18. I would care less about the money in the bank but about the keidi-also Absolute Power leading to Absolute Corruption and chaotic and destructive misgovernment!!

  19. Tewelde,
    Ok I got you and yoiu are not alone but how can we move on then by learning form the past?
    based on your aticulation

  20. Hope Tewelde G/mariam•a few seconds ago

    Ok I got you and yoiu are not alone but how can we move on then by learning form the past?
    Based on your aticulation and info you have,you can write up a decent article about this analysis and forward it to your buddies.

  21. Why must you lower yourself to his level? Those children are innocent and they never hurt an Eritrean in their life. They are victims of the woeyane just as much as Eritreans are. And by the way, we have poverty rates that do not differ too much from Ethiopia. Don't stoop so low brother. Just ignore this types of comments. They are attention seekers. Don't pay attention to the trolls.

  22. highlighting the fake 'Ethiopia is doing great' is a myth.


  23. My agenda is to free Eritreans from the disinformation chain of isaias afewerki and that the motive of his disinformation is to negat the outcome of the Thirty Year Wa of liberation and that the contradictions of his words and actions and the identity of his innermost cabals of his mafia , among others, bear the testimony.

    Once the true identity and motive of isaias afewerki is unraveled among his disinformation prisoners, it will awaken the other Eritreans as well who have been similarly held in the prison of woyane.

    Finally, all Eritreans will be awake to the truth that isaias afewerki and woyane are one and the same and that their animosity is theatrical devised to divide and break the backbone of Eritreans.

    The last stage is the application of our diction, Stick in Your Hand and the Snake on Your Foot.

  24. Can you show him the 500,000 poor Ethiopians who are living in cardboard boxes on both sides and the median of Bole Air Port? How about 300,000 Ethiopian teenage girls who are making a living by prostitution? Ethiopia is the other definition of hunger in the English Dictionary and now Addis has been names as the "prostitution capital of the world". How about the number of CHAT-Chewing garages of Addis Ababa that are reducing Ethiopian youth to zombies? That is Ethiopia under Weyane alright. The sad story is the Ethiopians are doing nothing to save the next Ethiopian generation. Yes Ethiopia is doing nothing to save the next Ethiopian generation; that is, if there shall be Ethiopia come morning.

  25. You sound dumb and unenlightened. This is typical African mindset having little to no knowledge about issues.... I pity you as you are a bewildered clown...

  26. kkkkkkkkkkkk you show us the design not the real project may be you took from internet site

  27. Ai poor child. Probably failed to realize that Eritrea is ranked lower than Ethiopia on the Human Development Index. Probably failed to realize that Eritrea is the number two source of refugees into Europe second only to Syria which is in civil war. Poor thing you failed to realize that the Ethiopian flag is flying over Badme as we speak and has been flying there for over 15 years. It hurts you I know. Eritrea is synonymous with Lampedusa child. LAMPEDUSA!


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