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Norway's Ministry of Justice satisfied with his trip to Eritrea

During the visit, the Kallemyr see a copy of the new Criminal Procedure as the country has long worked with. Here he is with Norwegian ambassador to Sudan Morten Aasland and Eritrea Attorney Fozi Hazim.


State Secretary in the Ministry of Justice Jøran Kallemyr returned to Norway on Saturday. NRK reports, the Secretary was very satisfied with his trip to Eritrea.

Ministry of Justice has long worked to bring about a return agreement with Eritrea. Eritreans are by far the largest refugee group who have been granted asylum in Norway in recent years.

“We went to Eritrea to obtain confirmation that they intend to comply with the maximum limit of 18 months of national service, and ensure access for observers from Norway so that you get to see the changes then actually implemented, and to assess the state of the country,” says Kallemyr.

As Eritrean authorities now promise that the country’s national service will be down to 18 months, according to the Norwegian government that stays basis for asylum seekers may be remitted.

Very satisfied with the trip

During the visit, the Kallemyr see a copy of the new Criminal Procedure as the country has long worked with. He has not yet considered the content of the law, but believes it will be extremely important when it comes to human rights issues, such as how many hours to elapse before being prepared for incarceration.

“We are very positive on the new law, then the question is, of course, how it can be implemented to ensure a fair trial and an open process around proceedings,” says Joran Kallemyr.

“The immigration authorities must have a good knowledge of conditions in the country before we can return people. The foundation is not good enough today. We have not been enough inside Eritrea that we know the facts,” he continued.

According to the State Secretary, Norwegian authorities have now been given the green light to send experts and observers who can assess the situation in the country.

Not like North Korea

Kallemyr said he got a far better impression of the country than he had expected.

Jøran Kallemyr strolling on the streets of Asmara“My impression is far better than I had thought. Now we were, admittedly, only in the capital Asmara, but there we walked around freely at night, put on regular restaurant, it was full of life in the streets, the TV in the bar showed BBC World and there were internet cafes with access to Facebook,” says Kallemyr .

He thinks it is wrong to compare Eritrea with North Korea.

There are major challenges in terms of human rights in Eritrea, but the question we need to get answered is whether it is right that everyone who comes from Eritrea for political asylum in Norway.

“We politicians should not consider land situation in Eritrea – the important thing is that we have secured professionals access. So we have to examine how the situation really is before we consider asylum foundation,” concludes Kallemyr.
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Norway's Ministry of Justice satisfied with his trip to Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 12:46 AM Rating: 5


  1. I love Norway. A beautiful country to visit. We should have good relations with scandinavia as there are many Eritreans. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are true friends of Eritrea.

  2. I wonder what would or could Obama say after he read the statement from Norway official that went like this "He thinks it is wrong to compare Eritrea with North Korea."

    Yes it was dead wrong. Truth has only to prevail, and there is nothing they can do or say to tarnish the noble image of Eritrea. Not when the Eritreans are out there defending the country by all means necessary.

    Against all odds, Eritrea is to prevail and defiance Eritrea is here to stay for ever among the family of nations.

  3. They just speak well so that the dictator agree to rwcieve the refugees. But the dictator is smart enough not to receive young people who already smelled the air of freedom. They will never accept the kind of repression they used to be ok with and will give headaches to Issayas. Therefore this won't be the first or last visit. The Norwegian a has been in Eritrea for a year ago too, the same messages last time too.

  4. Eritrean Government is reverting back to the 18 month National Service, because the danger form TPLF is subsided. Weyane now accepts the quest for Republic of Tigray with Assab as its port is dead and buried. They will do well to keep power in Ethiopia for as long as the majority of Ethiopians remain docile.

  5. how has the danger diminished? They are still occupying Badme. They are still making occasional threats. They are still not normalizing relations. They are still refusing to let Eritrea back into IGAD. They still support the sanctions against Eritrea. They have just stolen the elections, ensuring another 5 years of absolute and criminal rule.
    It seems that either the National Service is reduced back due to the refugee outflow putting pressure on the government, or that the National Service hasn't been reduced at all. So far, we've only heard the charge of affairs at the DC embassy mention this. Strange since such a big move should have been announced via official channels from Eritrea and not during some mekhete in far away America. Anyway we should remain vigilant since the Ethiopian regime can always use any excuse to attack Eritrea.

  6. Posturing and acting are two different things.

  7. Eritreans fought against all odds and overcame insurmountable challenges to be masters of their own destiny. Eritreans march in unison to the same national tune. The European Banana Republics should learn from the Eritrean experience the values of political and economic independence. Being an American puppet, mule or robot is a disgrace

  8. Lol look up the definition of a banana republic. I think most Europeans would define Eritrea as one. Hundreds of thousands of Eritreans/Ethiopians/Nigerians/Syrians/Pakistanis etc. are risking their lives to get into Europe. Meanwhile NO Dutch, Norwegian, Swede, Belgian etc. even thinks about going to these places on holiday let alone live there permanently. Why do you even post a picture of some African soldiers as if that is somewhat relevant. Can you show me a university in your continent that is on equal footing with the universities in Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Rome, or even Sicilia. Being from a dirt poor country that has made no contributions in the sciences and arts and boasting about it, while at the same time talking negatively about Europe while leaving there is a disgrace. Hypocrite, go back to your country of origin. No European will miss the African welfare migrant.

  9. Hej, WTF? Now I´ve to change my nick. You´re givig me a bad name here. I´m John, the nationalist Shaebia.

  10. I want to emphasize "Weyane now accepts the quest for Republic of Tigray with Assab as its port is dead and buried for good". All your fear is in its place and remaining conscious is crucial. I and you agree that we have passed the hard way to master and strengthen our UNITY. The exercise of divide and rule policy by provoking religion and regional differences among Ethiopian nations had exposed Weyane's intrigue and devious agenda thus I believe had made the regime fail. The struggle took both parties to peace but after 7 years of our independent, Weyane dispared. Weyane's anticipation was to gain the heart of Ethiopians thinking they would be supported by those who
    didn't swallow the facts and who still regret Eritrean independence. The reason given that Weyane had made Eritrea to be independent is absolutly wrong. Now many Ethiopians want to see one Ethiopia. They have understood what UNITY is and are aspiring for a regime which rules its people without dividing it. Whatever execuse comes and try to attack the consequence will be very dangerous because the past regimes have failed without diffrenciating between patriotizim and nationalism. The Eritreans have fought with Ethiopians during the Italian war since Weyane don't know history they have tried to break the heart of patriotic Eritreans by deporting them. Kabe kedamaye deharwaye gedede, they announced officially for Eritreans to come and take their properties where they have already divided it among themselves and many have failed to get back because there is no trace. It is a shame for Weyane to repeat the past gov't mistakes. King Haileselassie regime attitude 'ene kemot serdo aybekel' have broken the war and lasts for 30 years as a result many lives and propeties have lost for nothing. I envy the undrstanding between Denmark and Norway also Sweden. Human beings come first. Our relationship with Ethiopians has to be smooth and every one of us have a right to breath fresh air, work together for development and enjoy life.

  11. This is great I think Norway want to farther explore this which is great for Eritrea .. Sease the moment and apply the same system with other countries .. If the national service is back to 18 months ... We should announce that in style we should go with this in Big Bang .. We should have images of our heros coming back home .. And make sure the world see it ... And with it let the ppl know what they he been doing all this years ... And they r ready to any threat in the future .. This is win win situation... Eri ppl will see it as a step forward.. To wayane ll show how confident Eritrea government is ,:- the west and few sellout Eritreans will think GOE did it because we cornered them so let them have their moment of fame it doesn't really matter if it ll break the cycle of eritrean government start listening.. Which in its return easy the heat :- another think is ' Eritrean refuges '


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