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ERI-TV Interview with Yemane Gebreab [Video]

By Shabait

Mr. Yemane Gebreab, Head of PFDJ Political Affairs, stated that strong and conscious public organization of Eritrean citizens both inside the country and abroad served as a cornerstone in building a nation and maintaining sustainable development of the country.

Noting that the struggle for Eritrea’s independence proved the power of the people and their organizational capacity, Mr. Yemane said that during the years of the struggle for independence, the Eritrean people living inside the country and abroad have made unyielding and persistent contribution towards the success of the struggle, which attested the EPLF’s capacity of organizing its people.

Mr. Yemane said that the heroic feat demonstrated by the Eritrean people during the struggle for independence, safeguarding national sovereignty, nation building, portraying the correct image of the country and foiling foreign conspiracies attests to the enhanced organization of the people.

He also said that strengthening organizational capacity, participation of the youth in political activities and coping with the advancement of information technology are among the timely issue.

Mr. Yemane reiterated that due attention will be given to encourage nationals to channel their resources and potential towards national development and properly exploit the opportunities provided.

Calling national associations to become ambassadors in the development of mutual cooperation with countries of their residence, Mr. Yemane said that a program has been charted out that focuses and encourages nationals that have been unable to contribute in the national development programs for various reasons.

Underlining that Eritrea is relentlessly working to realize healthy neighborhood, mutual cooperation and development, Mr. Yemane called on Eritrean communities abroad to create strategic partnership with the people of the countries they live in.

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