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Annul & Repeal Unjust Sanctions Against Eritrea and End Illegal Occupation by Ethiopia

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our Prime Minister, Theresa May to act now to lift the two UN Security Council Resolutions 1907 (2009) and 2023 (2011) that were imposed on Eritrea and its people on the basis of fabricated charges and orchestrated by Eritrea's arch enemy, Ethiopia. Lifting of sanctions against Eritrea and implementation of the Eritrea Ethiopia Border Commission ruling will lay the ground for true confidence building measures that will open the path for normalisation of relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia, which will result in peace, stability and security in the Horn of Africa.

  • Exert meaningful pressure on Ethiopia to respect international law, the final and binding delimitation and demarcation decision of the EEBC and thereby end the illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories.

  • Call our Prime Minister, Thresa May, and the British government to use its good offices and influence in order to stop the dehumanisation, harassment and character assassination of Eritrea people and its government in the name of human rights and work for the immediate termination of the mandates of the Special Rapporteur.

  • Urge the British government to respect the right of Eritreans to live in peace within the internationally recognised borders and lead their life without fear of war or a threat of war; sanctions or a threat of sanction; harassment by the Special Rapporteur and Commission of Inquiry.

  • Urge the British government to advance stronger partnership between UK and Eritrea and believe that all of us would benefit when UK and Eritrea have positive engagement and meaningful partnership. In the last 24 years, Eritrea has proven beyond any doubt to be a reliable in development and in maintaining peace and security in the horn of Africa.

This petition will be delivered to:
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
Theresa May MP


Make sure to attend the public demonstration against unjust and unfair sanctions imposed on Eritrea on Monday 12 December 2016 from 11:00am -3pm at the opposite 10 Downing Street SW1A 2AA in London, UK.

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