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Dummkopf! Frau Merkel’s Ethiopian Fiasco

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in TPLF-occupied Ethiopia

Dummkopf! Frau Merkel’s Ethiopian Fiasco

By Thomas C. Mountain

Dummkopf! is the word that comes to mind when seeing Frau Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor sharing the stage with the Ethiopian Prime Minister while that same PM’s death squad's were opening fire on
unarmed demonstrators in Oromia, killing 23 and wounding over 100.

As foreigners flee Ethiopia en masse after furious Ethiopians burn their factories and businesses to the ground Frau Merkel speaks truly stupid words promising even more foreign investment in Ethiopia. Didn't the Ethiopian PM just announce the imposition of martial law giving the Agazi death squads free play to commit murder and mayhem against any and all Ethiopians with the temerity to peacefully protest against the corruption and brutality of the current regime?

Dummkopf! may not be enough when it comes to describing such stupidity, to visit a country in the middle of a mass insurgency against the compradore regime whose leaders have stolen hundred$ of
million$ of funds meant for Ethiopians suffering from the worst drought and famine in 60 years? Arschloch (assh**le) is probably a better word for Frau Merkel promised to pump hundreds of millions of euros into the bank accounts of one of the most corrupt and brutal dictatorships on the planet, all the while the regime supporters are moving their families and money to foreign countries and western bank accounts.

100% democratic is how senior US leaders described the Ethiopian regime with 100% of the Ethiopian parliament made up of regime hacks, yet Frau Merkel continues to pretend that the present regime has any sort of credibility or future in power.

With almost the entire country up in arms against the regime, and unarmed demonstrators are being gunned down in their hundreds across Oromia, Africa’s largest nation, Frau Merkel has proved once again just how dummkopf European leaders can be.

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and reporting from here since 2006. His speeches, interviews and articles can be seen on Facebook at thomascmountain or he can best be reached at thomascmountain at g mail dot com

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