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Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers holds meeting

The Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers held a meeting from the 11th to 12th of August at the State House here in the capital.

In the opening session, President Isaias Afwerki presented a study paper based on the objective and scientific assessment as regards the programs so far implemented in all sectors in accordance with the policy outlines. He also outlined the progress of the road-map designed for further implementation of programs.

The paper presented by the President mainly focused on the development of general education, stabilizing the balance of payment, revising the monetary policy, trade and industrial policies as well as ensuring the capacity and cleanliness of government institutions.

He went on to indicate that “2016 being the year in which we celebrated our 25 years of independence, we should objectively assess our experience in terms of where did we come from? Where are we now? Where are we heading for? President Isaias further underlined that this year is a milestone in which measurable and viable all-round political, economic and social developmental programs should be undertaken.

The President went on to explain in detail the concerted action that should be taken regarding the infrastructure and social services in the sectors of Agriculture, Fisheries, Mines, Energy, Water Resources, Transportation and Tourism as well as on the policy revision pertaining to Finance, Trade and Industry. He also gave extensive briefing on the study conducted and the plan of action to develop human resources, nurturing the culture of work and productivity, controlling corruption and strengthening the capacity of inspection sectors, as well as developing the research and planning centers.

Following the President’s explanation, the Ministerial Cabinet referred the activity progress of the Ministry of Finance. The Cabinet conducted extensive discussion on the six-month work progress of the Ministry, especially with regards to the redemption of the Nakfa currency notes as well as the Banks’ transaction, legality of the money already collected, control of monetary circulation, and the action taken to develop the activities of the Banks. The Ministerial Cabinet, noting the burden that could arise regarding the lives of citizens due to high price of consumer goods, the Ministerial Cabinet discussed the significance of cooperation of the public in controlling corruption, unbalanced monetary circulation and illegal transactions.

As regards the progress of the activities of the Ministry of Local Government, the Ministerial Cabinet discussed the abundant rainfall and agricultural development in all regions. According to the report presented by the Ministry, there exist ample distribution of rainfall nationwide and that over 300,000 hectares of land has already been put under cultivation. Based on the report, the Ministerial Cabinet discussed the expansion of agricultural activities, building of infrastructure, provision of social services, nurturing the culture of work and productivity, ensuring effective land management as well as administrative issues.

In connection with the action programs of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Cabinet of Ministers discussed the need for reinforcing the work of individual farmers on the basis of research and scientific methods, development of seeds, livestock resources coupled with the development of fruits and vegetables, in addition to ensuring the standard of agricultural produce and harnessing marine resources, besides follow-up of activities by stakeholders, on top of conservation of marine resources, salt production, and the human resources development.

As regards the energy and mining sectors, the Cabinet of Ministers reviewed action plans pertaining to the expansion of electrification program in the areas where the development drive is gaining momentum and enhancing the capacity of energy generating plants.

In its deliberation on the second day, the Ministerial Cabinet discussed on the activities and plan of action for the coming six months of the sectors of Transportation and Communication, Land, Water and Environment, Tourism, Trade and Industry, National Development, Education, Health, Justice, Foreign Affairs and Information.

With regards the Transportation and Communication sector, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting focused on the land and air transport, activities of the Airports and Ports, public transportation, land and mobile telephone services, postal and Internet services, supervision of vehicles and traffic safety. It also discussed on the action plan to develop the technology management and development of the transportation and communication sector.

The meeting also discussed on water management, modality of distribution, supervision of cost and consumption of water in the cities, land management, environment safety and pollution control as well as on the study conducted on the usage of chemicals and other activities of the Ministry of Water, Land and Environment.

In the domain of Tourism, it discussed on the training programs organized to enhance the capacity of the human resources of citizens, researches conducted to explore and register the natural resource and charted out projects. It also recommended on the objective programs that should be implemented on the development of hospitality based on traditional cultural norms of the society.

Concerning the Trade and Industry sector the Ministerial Cabinet discussed on the programs to develop financial capacity. It also reviewed activities dealing with domestic and foreign trade, balance of imports and exports at national level, on the development of small and big innovations capabilities and the project to establish firms that are engaged in agricultural products and building constructions.

Discussing on the activities of the Ministry of National Development, The meeting held deliberations mainly on the international cooperation and discussed on the detailed projects charted out in partnership with countries and international organizations. It also underlined that the international cooperation should be looked at giving priority to the national development and programs.

As regards the Education sector the Ministerial Cabinet discussed on the study conducted to provide educational opportunities to all citizens, the outcome of the national exams, system of inspection and discipline, human capacity building, as well as on the activities conducted to ensure the development of education service.

Concerning the health sector, the meeting discussed on the provision of services provided to control of communicable diseases, control of blindness, ensure the health of mother and child, laboratory services, production and quality control of basic pharmacological products as well as action plan for the next six months.

In the domain of justice, the Ministerial Cabinet conducted discussion on the efforts being exerted to bring qualitative change in service of justice, identify the newly introduced codes, activities made to raise the awareness of the public, training programs organized as well as on the programs to develop the national laws.

The Ministerial Cabinet with regards the Diplomatic activities, discussed on the achievements registered to end the illegal occupation of Eritrean sovereign territories, lifting the drained illegal sanctions, to stop the dehumanizing of Eritrea in the name of human rights and to halt the crimes of being made on human trafficking as well as on the programs to expand political and economic partnerships.

With regards media activities the Ministerial Cabinet reviewed the efforts being undertaken to develop programs both in quality and quantity, media technology advancement, training organized to upgrade the capacity of members as well as the action plan of the Ministry of Information for the next six months.

The Ministerial Cabinet concluded its meeting by adopting important resolutions and work directives.
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