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Eritrea: Politics of the Red Sea Warrior that humiliated the Globalist proxy war

EPLF freedom fighters

Politics of the Red Sea Warrior that humiliated the Globalist proxy war time and time again.

By Esayas Temesgen
July 4, 20016

Eritrea for being a shoreline state at the western flank of the Famous Red Sea. Has become a focal point of global politics since its inception. This status apparently… the natural pride of Eritrea, didn’t farewell with the ambition of the “Globalist.” For that reason - to fend off their threat to its sovereignty, this tiny nation in size has been compelled to embrace robustness in its defiance to their aggression that is beyond their reach. And expediently to earn Its Status as frontline state.

Unfortunately, these Globalist not considering the immense human and environmental catastrophe and havoc that their hell-bent policy towards Eritrea and other nation states in the region and beyond is causing, and despite their miserably failed strategy of proxy war to dislodge Eritrea’s resolutely independent stance in the region, they are yet perusing another adventure by opening asymmetrical front through the U.N.

It is shame that the U.N. as a moral conscious of the world community; rather than providing safety and security to those who are less powerful, and arbitrate conflicts among member nations…. is handing down its stature to these Globalist who are predestined to exploit the natural resources and enrich themselves by destabilizing nation states through chaos and forcing mass exodus to dismantle and dislodge communities.

This is not the first time the U.N. has done harm to Eritrea: Prior to this in the late fifties and early sixties during the time when Eritrea was under its protectorate has let Expansionist Ethiopia under Hailesselasse annexed Eritrea abolishing its autonomous governing body, [The Eritrean parliament]. the U.N. then Instead of consenting Eritrea’s independence has to look the other way. As a result Eritreans compelled to take up arms to regain their sovereign State.

The U.N. were nowhere to be seen let alone to cry “human right” then….when tens of thousands of Eritreans tormented with the worst vicious inhumane act by the expansionist Ethiopia: where as their village burned down with people inside; lynched; massacred in mass; assassinated on streets; languished in prison; tortured; and mysterious disappearance were common.

Nevertheless, Eritreans liberated themselves in 1991, after thirty years of excruciating war for independence.

However, in 1998 expansionist Ethiopia made another run to disrupt Eritrea’s independence. After three failed bloody wars…. a peace deal made in Algiers, between both countries. Known as the “Algiers' agreement.” Belligerently expansionist Ethiopia up until now is illegally occupying Eritrean territory refusing to comply with the agreement.

As usual the U.N. kept silent and not bothered to pressure nor to sanction expansionist Ethiopia for not abiding by the Algiers' Agreement.

Now as their desperation reach the ultimate, they come up with their last tool: the so called “Commission of inquiry on human right in Eritrea” [COI]. This commission is led by Mr. Michael Smith of Australia.

Mr. Michael Smith has been an Ambassador: to Egypt; The Sudan; Algeria; Tunisia and including earlier in his career he had posting in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria; and as Minister [political] in Australian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Recently he serves as advisory council, for Council of the Global Center on Cooperative Security [GCCS] in Washington DC.

This guy is a piece of work: you wonder what his mission was during his twenty years stay in those hot-spot areas of recent day’s global crises. All the Countries mentioned above are presently overly mired in turmoil. A turmoil that has triggered global crises from the Middle East to Europe, Africa and as far as the U.S.A. and Asia.

Whose population suffered great deal of human catastrophe never seen in this modern time. Whereas millions died of bloody civil and religious war. And where the vacuum is filled by notorious Jihadist [ISIS] the menace, the so called “Islamic state.” able to camp out in a large territory: Killing Hundreds of thousands; maiming tens of thousands; selling women as slaves; destroying the precious ancient historical treasures; blowing up museums of these ancient biblical era regions. Thereby to wipe out all traces of human civilization. As a result millions forced to migrate to all over the world.

In his recent mission with a sophisticated sinister work under the guise of ‘human right.’ his notion to start his accusation - right from the inception of Eritrea: 1991, is by itself a glaring evidence that makes all his work suspicious and predisposed with intent to destroy Eritrea as a Nation State. Thus his case has no merit and should be annulled.

Not to mention the conflict of interest and biases in his work - because of his involvement with a Global organization that has a business interest in shaping the geopolitics.

Why 1991? This is the year Eritreans under the leadership of the EPLF liberated their country ending a fifty years agony, defeating a 30 year of scorch earth war of the invading Expansionist Ethiopia.
The EPLF emerged as a leader because Eritreans felt the gorilla war “hit and run military tactic,” that was used at the early stage of the liberation, as primary objective to frustrate the enemy and eventually to uproot the brutal enemy from Eritrea, was not enough to achieve a complete liberation.
Consequently their struggle evolved by taking a qualitative lip towards a protracted war that enabled them to liberate areas occupied by the enemy, and keep it and protect the population from being savagely attacked by the invader.

The EPLF as a popular movement has given a great emphasis on treating the enemy prisoner humanly, by nursing the wounded, feeding, sheltering and protecting tens of thousands of the war prisoners without the help of the Red Cross.

Not only that: The EPLF being transparent after a complete liberation of the hole of Eritrea; went out of its way to give Ethiopians stability….not to bog down in a civil war, and to guaranty and win the trust of the international community, waited for two years with confidence and allowed Eritreans to vote on U.N. supervised referendum in 1993.

This is one of the many characters that makes Eritreans distinct. That under the leadership of The EPLF Eritreans were interested not only in the welfare and security of themselves in particular but also of their defeated neighbors at large. If that is not humane; civil and democratic; I don’t know what? Mockingly this is ‘human right’ violation for Mr. Smith.

For this reason only his balled disparaging conclusion is a fraud at worst and racist at best and should be rejected outright.

It is a mockery of “human right” to let expansionist Ethiopia the arch enemy of Eritrea to spear head the false accusation against Eritrea. Notwithstanding while the fascist Mengestu the “butcher of Addis Ababa” seating in Zimbabwe. Who was charging $5 Ethiopian birr to the families of the tens of thousands of young men and women to retain their body for the bullet he used to assassinate.
And whereas the current very barbaric and irrational regime with no mercy: that uses brutal force on his own people, in which hundreds of thousand people languishing in prisons, that indiscriminate mass killing is common punishment. From Gambelia in the west through Oromo to Ogden to the east and south; from the Amhara North through the Oromo center to Sidama, Conso and Burggi to the south.

Not only this, expansion Ethiopia by invading Somalia has unleashed the worst human catastrophe. Destroying all natural and personal belongings of Somalis. By killing, burning, looting, bulldozing villages and forcing mass exodus.

Had it not been for Eritrea’s overwhelming ability and sheer will to rout: the aggression of expansionist Ethiopia that kept it at a minimal, otherwise the full blown barbaric envision in the past and as recently as on June 12, 2016; Was a plot to demolish Eritrea as a nation state and committee genocide on the population.

With that said Eritreans still hold expansionist Ethiopia liable for its barbaric act on their citizens: who were residing around the border cities and village, which it desecrated the cemetery of their martyrs; many lives and properties it destroyed; and its inhumane act of mass expulsion.

For Mr. Smith Eritreans say….in the face of all this heinous criminal act to bring Ethiopia to spearhead his assignment and accuse Eritrea instead, from the day of its inception is more than trivializing; it is a threat to their sovereign right to exist and scandalous to say the least.
Therefore it is legitimate and fitting as nationals to stand up against these individuals and organizations who are becoming enablers of this mayhem.

Eritrea is reality!

Awet N’ hafash!

Esayas Temesgen

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