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UN COI to announce Eritrea committed crimes against humanity without evidence

Tomorrow, June 8, the Commission of Inquiry will announce Eritrea has committed "crimes against humanity" without evidence to support it.

The COI is releasing its controversial report before submitting it to the HRC and while Eritrea is prevented from gaining access on the contents of the report.

In a  letter to the HRC, Eritrea stresses that "in effect this is trial by media and is intended to preempt and prevent serious scrutiny and sober discussion of the "report." It is intended to create a charged and biased atmosphere that will render a fair hearing virtually impossible."

To combat COI's trial by media, the government announced it will hold its own press conference on 8 June 2016, at 12:45PM Geneva Time, in Room number III at Palias Des Nations immediately after the press statement of the “Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea”.

Many Western journalists, diplomats and think tanks have increasingly called into question of  the COI's dubious methodology. Its information on Eritrea entirely comes from disgruntled government opponents, regime-change activists, asylum seekers and neighboring countries who are at odds with Eritrea. All of the informants are anonymous, making it impossible to verify their information. 

As Eritrea is being accused of something it hasn't done, the Ethiopian regime, which orchestrated the COI team to be assigned to Eritrea via puppet states of Djibouti and Somalia at the HRC, is getting away with real crimes against humanity of its own people such as the killings 400 of Oromo protesters this year, the 193 killings of protesters in Addis Ababa in 2005 and the 400 Anuaks who were massacred in 2003. This is not including the 2007 Ogaden genocide and the dozens of other mass murders conducted by the regime that left between 50-150 people killed with each incident.

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