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The COI Report on Eritrea: An Insult to everyone’s intelligence

"I fear that the COIE’s referral of Eritrea on charges of crimes against humanity will simply inflame tensions against the ICC, because it does appear to be politically motivated. Why, for example, is Eritrea being targeted by a Commission of Inquiry, when Ethiopia and South Sudan are guilty of similar or worse human rights abuses?" - Bronwyn Bruton, Deputy Director of the Council's Africa Center

By Michael Seium

On June 8th, 2016 a report that was drafted, written, and prepared by three people whose backgrounds are all questionable accusing Eritrea to be referred to the International Criminal Court. This is a mockery of the very kangaroo court reserved as a way to control weaker and mostly African nations. Based in Europe the ICC has a very disturbing history and currently is headed by a Gambian women Fatou Bensouda. Before Bensouda an Argentine Jose O’Campo who was bent on making sure Africans paid a “heavy price” as he attempted to bring 28 cases into this court. All of them have been lodged against Africans. Flawed from its conception and widely acknowledged by many nations this court is currently attempting to legitimize itself by appointing a black African woman. Question is will she have any power to make decisions? We shall wait and see. I bring up the ICC because it is ultimately the dream of the enemies of Eritrea to see this drama unfold there.

To begin with the three people including Michael Smith head of the COI are individuals that have been given a mandate which they were suppose to present based on impartiality. However, they decided to take sides and butchered the entire process of how they were able to collect their evidence. I will attempt to bring two important points that must be considered when challenging them. These people should even be punished for their dirty deeds to destroy a peaceful nation. As Eritreans in the diaspora we have ample evidence that their methodology is based on fabricated lies. We need to think and mobilize to go on the offensive and sue them. Why? Well because, logic can tell you that there is no way to collect evidence against a nation and a people that have been Napalm Bombed, maimed, killed and even worse than the ignorant claims of the COI, beaten, massacred and their freedom taken away until they owned it in 1991 after 30 years. Now, for the COI to report that these crimes have been committed since 1991 during independence is insulting everyone’s intelligence. Are they telling us that while Eritreans were being brutalized they were committing crimes?

It should also be noted that the organization that has assigned these three stooges their mandate was created just two years after ERITREA’s independence & during the year 1993 when 99.8% of the population voted for INDEPENDENCE! We should be aware that, “The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is a United Nations agency that works to promote and protect the human rights that are guaranteed under international law and stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.” of which the State of Eritrea is a signatory. The office was established by the UN General Assembly on 20th of December 1993 during a conference on human rights.

The COI Head collaborates in Illegal evidence gathering.

We should also stress that while collecting evidence the head of the COI who happens to be a former Australian intelligence representative did the unthinkable by corroborating with non-Eritreans and Eritreans who lied to get their immigration papers. This secret meeting confirmed by a letter from Commissioner Mike Smith himself and dated 31st of March 2015. The letter was written to an anti-Eritrea element and an Employee of the Manchester Refugee Support Network in the United Kingdom. Documenting a report by utilizing a few non-Eritreans as well as a few anti Eritrea at an office for refugees which capitalizes on the weak and is directed by a non-Eritrean is unacceptable. Especially when you have over 42,000 petitions written and signed by Eritrean in the diaspora confirming that every thing about this reports is based on fabrication and lies.


Let us remain vigilant and let us be ready to take action against the COI group for their illegal behavior. They need to be punished the legal way as there are plenty of ways to prove their crimes on paper. As diaspora Eritreans let us remain engaged in the process and while there is a lengthy process for their wish to come true, we should never budge an inch. Our continued growth in helping to build a better Eritrea must be at the forefront of our agenda. To once again quote one of the greatest freedom fighters of the past century Amilcar Cabal;

“In any struggle it is of fundamental importance to define clearly who we are, and who is the enemy.”

Michael Seium
Awet n’hafash
Zelalemawi Zikri swatna.

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