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Comparison to a failed business model: The COI report on Eritrea

The three-man Commission of Inquiry panel with pro-TPLF Eritrean regime change activists 

An unsubstantiated report by the COI on Eritrea will trigger chaos in the Horn of Africa. This attempt at destabilizing Eritrea is a last ditch effort by a few handful policy makers in the United State’s Obama administration to see to it that Eritrea kneels down on its knees and becomes a nation that must accept all orders from failed policies being orchestrated in the west. Let us attempt to use a corporate model to explain how the west views developing nations as companies that they own. Utilizing two starkly different countries but who happen to be neighbors, let us remain in the neighborhood of the horn of Africa.

Let’s start of with Eritrea, which is like a small business whose owners worked hard to create and build it. While it faces many obstacles it has always been steady and has a work force that sustains it. Very unselfish executives who allow everyone to chip in while also controlling wrongful behaviors within their limited powers. Eritrea as a company follows its own policies and is only accountable to its own people. When problems arise the very people whose lives depend on it come to its rescue and protect it from any outsiders. The blood, sweat and tears of its people are the first and foremost reason why people love to remain loyal & maintain its integrity. Not because people want to take advantage of it. The CEO’s are all accountable. They are a part and parcel of the employees and while they may not be wealthy, they allow for a safe environment to flourish within the company that benefits them and their people as a whole. The business is also attacked and thugs take parts of it even though the rule of law has clearly indicated that the people infringing on Eritrea must move out. As a result many employees whose salaries have been affected are leaving the company simply for a better life and salary, in the process being abused and forced to defame and mischaracterize Eritrea, in order to get new jobs and a paper to the outside. The outsiders are a very powerful united front. They will protect and defend the ones they can control so they punish Eritrea for proving to be a successful business model to others. They also use former subordinate employees as well as customers who have not been able to steal from Eritrea as a way to subdue the new group seeking economic freedom and end up giving bad advice and force them into lying against Eritrea.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia, like a big corporation whose executives are a part of the many conglomerates around the world it’s sole survival depends on the partnership of others. Its executives have the green light to cheat steal and still get away with it. Meanwhile its employees the people of Ethiopia suffer. They have low wages, no rights as a collective group and a few benefit while the majority suffer. The CEO’s are a part and parcel of the bigger corporate greed that is the driving force behind muzzling voices. While business is booming to some extent, it has nothing to do with hard work but more by forcing people to buy the wrongful ideas that create fear. Custom made support is always available be it in the form of the UN, US, EU, & other corporate partners. Having the green light to commit crimes and abuse a system is not questioned instead rewarded.

Support to expand this very company by extending Ethiopia’s arm into neighboring countries like Somalia & Djibouti is accepted. To be able to dictate what these unstable additional entities do is another trick of the trade that is used at the mafia like run international body. While these two Banana Republics can’t even function as nations they are allowed to be utilized to pass resolutions at the UN on Eritrea. This is a laughing matter that is not a joke. The empire has gone mad. Then rewarding these leaders of a country/corporate that have committed a proven and factual CRIMES against HUMANITY on several occasions by allowing a seat on the UN security council clearly shows that there is no Rule of LAW. To add insult to injury, it was just a few years ago when Somalia was used as a tool to sanction Eritrea which was found to be absolute lie. Today Somalia is being used to draft a resolution. Is this some type of hypocrisy? Meanwhile, Djibouti whose survival depends on good neighborliness with all of its neighbors needs to stop its shenanigans even though it has no power to do so. The instability of the region will have a tremendous after effect on every country in the horn. At the expense of punishing Eritrea, the big corporations need to back off with fake COI Reports and illegal sanctions and immediately and quickly encourage Ethiopia their ally to leave sovereign Eritrean territories. If not Eritrea and Eritreans are always ready to stand up for the truth, for peace and challenge any form of subjugation by others.

Awet N’ Hafash

Zelalemawi Zikri swatna.

Mike Seium

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