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Eritrean Communities Across Canada commemorated International Women's Day

Canadian-Eritreans celebrating International Women's Day in Toronto

By Eritrean Media 

Hundred's of Eritrean community members came out to celebrate the international women's day. The International women's day was successfully celebrated in Toronto and in its environs; the event was hosted by the HAMADE Toronto chapter. It is an event to be remembered for years to come as it was an outstanding commemoration. Further the international women’s day begun by remembering our golden martyrs and national anthem. The occasion opening speech was presented by the Chairwoman Ms. Netsihti Haile; she went on to elaborate the story of HAMADE in Toronto and in its environs. Further she went on to express the hard works that were presented during the armed struggle as well in the national development and pledge to continuously sustain the contribution to the national building process in highly well-organized fashion and energy.

Furthermore, on the occasion of the commemoration, the Consul General Mr. Teumezghi Tesfa paid tribute to Eritrean women’s vital contributions to the success of armed struggle for liberation. The Consul went on to express the satisfaction towards the role of N.U.E.Ws has been playing since the armed struggle and still working hard towards the national development. He also expressed Eritrean women are and has been the backbone of Eritrean success both in the armed struggle and national development drive. Hence, in this respect the contribution of Eritrean women continues to be praiseworthy.

Mr. Teumezghi concluded by expressing his gratitude for the dedication, strength, selflessness of the HAMADE organization and most of all for been the character strength of Eritrean people, last but not least he congratulated to all HAMADE across the global and the NUEWs branch in the city of Toronto for the success they have been achieving till this day and I have no doubt that will be the case from here and on. 

During the event the Eritrean community member in Canada in the city of Toronto and it’s in environs expressed readiness to back the national development obliges; they made the pledge at the commemoration night conducted on Saturday, March 05, 2016. The members of the National Union of Eritrea women branch in Toronto have asserted readiness to enhance role towards ensuring women’s active participations in the state affairs. Furthermore, the members in the city of Toronto and environs made the pledge to foster “Equality: Shield for Sustainable Development” in connection with 25th anniversary of Eritrea independence (Silver Jubilee).

The participants in the city of Toronto and Environs witnessed brief explanations regarding the principal role played by Eritrean women in the days of armed struggle for independence and safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty, as well as nation-building process. Furthermore, the participants during the commemoration expressed readiness to play a big role the values of the Eritrean women to the young generation, and back up the national development drive.

In other news, Eritrean communities across Canada commemorated international women’s day respectively in the City of Montreal QC, Winnipeg MB, Calgary AB. and Saskatoon, SASK., had a remarkable celebration as the report indicates respectively from each city.




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