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There is no Super Power on earth that can destroy the spirit of Eritreanism!

By EritreaMedia

UN with help of the sole superpower betrayed Eritrea in the 20th century, again it did so and betrayed Eritrea in the beginning of the 21th century.

Once again the US is about to put into execution what it has begun long time ago, it wants to unwrite, obliterate Eritrea, Eritreans, Eritreanism...

Every Eritrean knows this and will participate in defiance in all events defending his homeland to counter this devil activities powered by the Washington regimes.

Those who still believe Sawa is a camp for rape and slavery should watch this videos.

We are Zuria FshiKta AmeLna

The Legend Abraham Afwerki in Sawa SEMAI

Eritrea| Lionesses sighted in Sawa

The Legend Abraham Afwerki in Sawa - Emni A_re

Eritrea - meadna ኣብርሃም ኣፍወርቂ ኣብ ሳዋ

The Legend Abraham Afwerki in Sawa - Emni A_re

Video Sawa 25th Round National Service Graduation 2012 PIA Speec

President Isaias Afwerki Dances with crowd in Sawa

Helen Meles ft. Said, Robel, Henok, Aklilu at Sawa Closing Song Eritrean Concert 2013

You can not destroy the spirit of Sawa  - Sawa is a camp of great happiness and success where a victory generation is growing up!

Victory to the People of Eritrea!

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There is no Super Power on earth that can destroy the spirit of Eritreanism! Reviewed by Admin on 1:29 AM Rating: 5


  1. Long live Eritrea!
    Long live Sawa
    Eternal glory to our martyrs!
    Awet n Hafash!

  2. Almighty WEYANE did that big-time! And thankfully the physical and psychological damage on individual basis and the poverty-stricken midget nation as a whole is colossal & irreversible!

    As Awate com's editor Salih Gadi put it rightly " Eritrea has been humiliated and lost its diginity.. The black kosovos, aka Eritrean,s are now the shame of Africa!

    And there is No " FisktA Ameley " in Sinai, Mediterranean or shimelba /Adi harush for Eri kids :)

  3. Good article thnx guys

  4. Poor agame boy, You are suffering from extreme case of inferiority complex. That is why you keep coming for your daily fix. Stay out of our sites and try to start to love yourself and your identity. I know it is hard to do when your DNA is not allowing you. But, please try. Trust me I am trying to help you overcome your issues. Repeat after me, no place like home! no place like home. Now shush, go away. Wedi za kirsisti atarit.


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