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The absurd, shameful and unheard Report of the “UN hired Human Right Enquiry Commission of Eritrea”

Sheila B. Keetharuth, the head of the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea, needs to make it on the New York Times best seller lists for her fiction report on Eritrea. Her 500-page collection of gossip is a mockery of human intellect. 

The absurd, shameful and unheard Report of the “UN hired Human Right Enquiry Commission of Eritrea” 

By Berhane Habtemariam
June 15, 2015

Dear Guardian Armchair Journalists, your likes and the so called Editor of the Guardian.

It is a shameful and outrageous to read your fake reports and ignorant comments on Eritrea, the land of nice people and braves. The last garbage Report of UN hired three persons was a savage, barbaric and the most idiotic recount on Eritrea, which had the world ever seen. It based on hollow, lie and blame game report and it lacks objective credibility. Our Eritrean culture will never allow Eritreans or the government of Eritrea to do such thing.

The Eritrean people are suffered century long chain of Colonialization, repression and destruction. Some short facts on Eritrea:

  • Eritrea was colonized by Italia in 1889 till 1941.

  • In 1941, the then British Empire had defeated the Italian fascists and promised the Eritrean people to have their own independent state, if the Eritreans assist the British Army (Britain Military Occupation of Eritrea had lasted from 1941-1952)

  • Instead the British Army had cheated the Eritrean People and wanted Eritrea divided into two parts i.e. one part annexed to Sudan and the other one to Ethiopia. But, the Eritrean People had foiled the British evil divisive plan/action in unison successfully and preserve Eritrea as one geographical Entity forever.

  • The USA, Britain and their allies had federated Eritrea with the then feudalist and absolute Monarchy of Ethiopia without the consent of the Eritrean People forcefully due to greedy geostrategic interests.

  • The then Kaiser Haileselassie of Ethiopia had annulled the fake federation, violated the democratic rights of Eritreans annexed Eritrea in 1962 forcefully.

  • The Eritrean Armed Struggle had started in 1961 after a civilized struggle for  ca. 20 years (1942-1960) had failed to bring the desired outcome,

  • After 30 years of bloody Revolutionary Armed Struggle (1961-1991) with sheer determination, perseverance and valor fight of the Eritrean People first under the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) and then the Eritrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (EPLF) Organization’s leadership against the Ethiopian occupiers, the heroic EPLF had crushed and defeated the Ethiopian Army (ca 300,000-400,000 in number). The EPLF had further marched till Addis Ababa, an Ethiopian Capital City, had help the Tigryans and overthrown the Ethiopian regime,

  • Eritrea was free of Colonialisation in 1991 at last.

  • In 1993, the Eritrean People had hold a referendum and voted with 99.8 for its freedom.

During the 30 years of the Eritrean Revolutionary Armed Struggle, the atrocities committed on the Eritrean People by the Ethiopian Regime and a massive destruction of Eritrea, no one, I repeat it, no one so ever Country big or small (with few Exception of countries and few committed individuals) the UN, AOU the opportunists such as “Amnesty International”, “Human Right Watch” or “Human Rightists” had care or raised on the suffering of Eritreans. I really am, like my fellow Eritreans, wonder on the Crocodile Tears that shed by the opportunists and hypocrites (USA, UN and their servitudes -“Amnesty International”, “Human Right Watch” or “Human Rightists”) at this time.

See at the link below part of much destruction of Eritrea and atrocities committed by the then Ethiopian Regime on the Eritrean People during the liberation war:

The absurd and baseless accusation against Eritrea and its government is, therefore, pure opportunistic, based on lies, hearsays and politically motivated.

The only sin, the government of Eritrea has: It has a firm principle concerning political, economical and financial own free decision, independence and believes in Self-Reliance with equal/respectful partnership with nations of the world. The Eritrean Government is not a puppet of Washington, Self-Interested Corporate, IMF or World Bank. That is why, the USA controlled UN, US the many mercenaries/hired money shop Organizations (“Amnesty International”, “Human Right Watch” or “Human Rightists”) and their handful sell-out/faceless “Eritreans” make much noise like a hollow bin from get go of the Eritrean Independence till now for that Eritrea is born with the sweat and sacrifice of its precious Sons /Daughters.

In 1998, the Ethiopian new regime, which was helped by the Eritrean Peoples’ Liberation Front to acquire a Government in Ethiopia, had invaded Eritrea in a pretext of border. The bloody war ended in 2000 with “the Cessation of War Agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia”. The case had gone to Den Haag Court of Border Commission. It had decided in favor of Eritrea and the Ethiopian Regime has still not accepted the final and binding decision of the Eritrean-Ethiopian Border Commission Decision (EEBC). In this situation, it is every Eritrean Citizens duty to defend and guard his country like any nation of the world. In this case, Eritrea is not an Exception. In contrast, the Eritrean People has a double duty and responsibility to rebuild its war ruined country and defend its national Sovereignty.

The UN, USA, European Union and African Union, which were the ‘Guarantors of Peace Agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 2000’, are still silent for the last 15 years and has blind eye to the occupation of Eritrean sovereign Land. They had pampered, encouraged, given Billions of Dollars, rewarded with massive Aid and armed the ethno-Centric Ethiopian regime. The reason is: the Ethiopian regime is a puppet, hired and servitude of the powerful in the west.

In contrast Eritrea is punished with:

  • Illegal and unjust sanction in 2009 with the imitation of the USA and it’s puppet regime of Ethiopia,

  • The USA and its puppets had tried to undermine Eritrean Sovereignty/peace relentlessly, encouraged/enticed some Eritrean Citizens to migrate and promised them “paradise on Earth”. But, instead this fake “Paradise”, they had let some Eritreans to commit collective suicide on the deserts of Sahara/Sinai and at Mediterranean Sea at those hands of barbaric Human Traffickers/Smugglers, the so called Human Rights, hoards of “Human Right Activists” such as Elsa Chyrums-Meron Estifanos-Aba Mussie and their likes etc. The later “Gangs of Human Right Activists” and “their likes” had created money-shops and enticed/cheated many Eritrean innocent youths to leave their country and collaborated with the criminal Human Traffickers/Smugglers directly or indirectly as middlemen/women. Thereafter, they had made vicious propaganda (on Radio, Internet and diverse Social Medias) against Eritrea and the Eritrean Government, shed Crocodile tears, exploited the Eritrean Diaspora lot of money and earned a living on the cost of death/suffering of our Eritrean brothers/sisters including babies and children. History will judge them severely.

  • The main aim and encouragement of USA/Europe, UN, AI and HW to the Eritrean Citizens to leave their country are to weaken Eritrea and to make pre-condition to reoccupation of Eritrea. Shame on them! However, the Eritrean People’s fierce/brave Resistance foiled their sinister conspiracy until now and will continue to fend it.

  • Although almost in every corner of the world sees a movement of hundred of thousand immigrants, only Eritrea has singled out, blamed massively and accused. It just is a misguided and specifically politically motivated. The migration of Eritreans is not the making of the Eritrean Government entirely. All Eritreans, with few exceptions,  as other World Immigrants, leave their countries to seek jobs and improve their life including their family life back home.

  • The hired UN Human Right Enquiry Commission had been never in Eritrea and does not know the real situation of Eritrea on the real ground. This rubbish report was collected on hearsays, lies and dubious nameless and faceless persons outside Eritrea. It fills with lies, twists and politically motivated ala………”Pre Iraq war of lies” as already we all know.

  • This hired UN Human Right Enquiry Commission is on the pay role of the mighty in the USA and Europe just like AI, HW HR. They work on fabrication tirelessly to please their paymasters and we Eritreans do not expect truth/justice from these hoards of liars/cheaters. 

So, please all journalists: lift off your body from your comfort Chairs, go to Eritrea, see the reality on the ground and report it objectively without bias and blame game!

Eternal Memory to our Eritrean Independence Martyrs!!!

Victory to the Mass!!

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  1. Washington regime is behind the so called un report.
    The mafia Washington_ccontrolled un is not an independent organization.

  2. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 15, 2015 at 1:18 PM

    We are gonna eradicate the agenda of the west and the traitorous and of-course the imperialists favorite pet the woyane-tigray. we will prevail like always!!!..

    ኩሉ ድሕሪ ሃገር ኢዩ!!

    ዓወት ንሓፋሽ!! ክብርን ሞጎስን ንስዉኣትና!!!..



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