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Obtaining The Nation of Eritrea Under A False Pretence

Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth (Special Rapporteur on Human Rights to Eritrea) and her other two accomplices namely: Mr. Mike Smith and Mr. Dankwa. 


By: Yemane Tsegay M.S June 10, 2015
Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocate

On June 8, 2015, the commission of inquiry by the UN Human Rights Court Counsel released their suspicious report about Eritrea’s gross human rights violations. The report, written under the auspices of Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth (Special Rapporteur on Human Rights to Eritrea) and her other two accomplices namely: Mr. Mike Smith and Mr. Dankwa. It was a shocking 500-page indictment of Eritrea; accused Eritrea its overall ability of governance, its political, military and its judicial system requesting the international community: “to address the justice deficit and to support for a restoration of the Rule of Law not Rule by fear”.

This is a deliberate attack on Eritrea’s overall Sovereignty. This is an attempt to bend the peace loving Eritrean people to fall into a total and viscous submission of guilty by the UN Human Rights Rapporteur. Time and again the government and the Eritrean people have called Sheila’s integrity into question. She was found that she has a very close association with some scruples sworn enemies of Eritrea such as Elsa Chyrum. Her fact finding mission has been tainted before she even attempted to make none biased Human Rights report.

Fact Finding

The International Bar Association and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute have developed guidelines to follow particularly for the use by non-governmental organizations (NGO, and Special Rapporteur on Human Rights) for directions to all those engaged in fact findings to improving accuracy, objectivity, transparency and most of all their credibility in human rights fact findings. From the outset, Ms. Sheila broke the law of her department guidelines when she didn’t follow as stated under the sub heading: Terms of Reference for the Mission: “(5) the terms of reference must not reflect any predetermined conclusions about the situation under investigation” which is in this case about Eritrea’s alleged violations. Her source or terms of reference was undoubtly, her association with those scruples’ sworn enemies of Eritrean descent: such as Elsa Chyrum to name as a sample.

Her integrity was compromised early in her fact finding mission. It was reported by very well known news paper about her associations and biased agenda against the government of Eritrea and its overall sovereignty. This preconceived with negative intentions have resulted in presenting her biased report with no properly identifiable sourced, unlawful and unethical manner which has contributed to a completely fraudulent report. Ms. Sheila has lost her credibility before she even began the project: therefore, her preconceived negative opinion; about the State of Eritrea could not be conducted in a none-biased manner. That is why her report could not be free from errors that lack objectivity and credibility with total disregard to transparency.

After the Eritrean Government conducted an inquiry into her educational background and her financially motivated behavior along with multitude of other reasons the Eritrean Government carefully evaluated the case and decided to deny her entry visa in to the country. It was also predicted by the government that her report could not be accurate, objective, transparent and none bias human rights fact findings mission. This is a travesty of justice and waste of resources and money for the International Community to allow this incompetent individual to become credible, ethical in Human Rights Fact Findings.

Information Gathering

Speaking about the definition of Fact Finding sub-titled as stated in the UN Guidelines on International Human Rights Visits and Reports is listed under item 1 as follows:

“For the purpose of these guidelines, fact finding means a mission or visit mandated by an NGO To ascertain the relevant facts relating to and elucidating a situation of human rights concern, Whether allegedly committed by state or non-state actors. In many instances this activity will result In a report. These guidelines do not prejudice the use of other methods of collecting information, other ventures or the use of fact finding in other contexts”

From here on words, I am addressing Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth (Special Rapporteur on Human Rights to Eritrea) as originally announced by the UN Human Rights that she has been the only one mandated out there to get Eritrea.

Following the June 8 report of the commission without being bogged down into who is the chair and who are the other accomplices; my focus is only on the UN mandated out there to get Eritrea is Ms. Sheila under a cloud of biased accusations, including her methods of Information Gathering:

(1) According to the released report the method used to gather the data were: traveling to eight countries and interviewed some 550 people supposedly of Eritrean origin or any Tigrinya Speakers with Eritrean forged Identifications or what else and additional 160 with written submissions.

(2) This statement has no verifiable way to even be considered as credible information, it is a fraudulent practice at best and a complete disregard to the Guidelines set out by the UN Human Rights Fact Finding Visits and Reports. Without a visit to Eritrea this report could not have any merit to what so ever to even think that it is a credible and viable report. Let us read the following UN Guidelines states that: on the same line under item 1 listed above the last since it reads as follows:

“These guidelines do not prejudice the use of other methods of collecting information, other ventures or the use of fact finding in other contexts”.

(3) Just for the sake of exercising’ suppose Eritrea would even be willing to consider this alleged
fraudulent report for direct rebuttal. First of all, none of the 550 people allegedly interviewed
and offered testimonies could be easily verified, because, all these mystery fraudulent practices
happened outside Eritrea’s boundary.

(a) These practices calls into question that: under what duress, threats, violence or any

financial incentives were used to extract the negative information from each interviewee?

(b) Are all these testimonies were induced by the fear of being deported back to Eritrea?

(c) In other words was there any exchange of money offered for their supposed negative

(d) Were the people interviewed for future possible questions noted, was it done per their

(e) Were the people interviewed given adequate care to express their opinion through a
language they understand very well?

Since these are a total fabrication with no verifiable information (cases) that could be verified and endure truth under legal jurisdiction session, the report as it is standing condemned the State of Eritrea referenced from fraudulent testimonies obtained from 550 interviews and 160 written submissions; all conducted outside the boundaries of Eritrea including in countries which have no bilateral agreement with the State of Eritrea as alleged in the report; we can only say for now that this is:

“An Egregious Report in which none of the allegations have ever occurred in Eritrea”.

However, the establishment behind of this type of inquiry in June 2014 remains in place and constitutes a direct rebuttal to the overall campaign by Human Right Council backers and Activists and International Money Donors, groups may come a day of surprise. Otherwise, to salvage the reputation and legitimacy of the State of Eritrea the group who are working day and night are generally driven by a devious ideology called Social Justice who have Agents as accomplices of Eritrean origins. They are determined to define Eritrea into a Human Rights violator that may constitute “crimes against humanity” as some countries known for war crimes. This kind of labeling in the report gave Eritrea an explosive malicious impact. Indeed, it is worth stating again that the June 23, 2015 report cast Eritrea as a state whose leaders have no accountability when gross human rights violations are being committed. The report sensationalizes this unsubstantiated allegation to reach the level of crimes against humanity.

When we talk about Eritrea, we need not be detained by the special pleading of disciplined, One-party regime called PFDJ. The Western World must understand the PFDJ ideology is superior to many democratic countries recognized by the western world. Some African Countries shamelessly announce that they recognize 30 political parties to rule their countries democratically and in truth they do it undemocratically which do not achieve anything that could benefit their people. In truth the end results as we see them waiting for handouts and finally they sale their country to the highest bidders. The present day Eritrea being a newly independent country which needs everything for its development, I can use the old saying; “without pain there is no gain” there could be hard feeling physical hardships for some living in Eritrea but there is no conflict between human rights abuse and their state of stability. They are always at peace and
in tranquility with themselves and their neighbors. Does these sounds like “Rule by Fear” or is this a “self-rule” by respecting their individual obligations”?

The failure of the western states as it is proved by Eritrean case is: the failure of UN to hire incompetent people like MS. Sheila who she is not that bright when she become easily misled by enemies and become biased. She lost her commonsense to the point that she can’t understand how Eritreans feel and treat their freedom so dearly, because they cherished it after 30 years army struggle, after lost many of their brothers and sisters and belongings. That is why many Eritreans with the exception of some traitors are inspired by PFDJ ideology and made it as way of life to become visionaries, fearless individuals, honesty, self-ruling disciplined (not by fear) hard working, collective demand for all developmental efforts and defenders for their territorial integrity and respect their overall uncompromising sovereignty not a popular overnight sovereignty like a neighboring country Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, a minority group has the popular sovereignty at the cost of ethnic cleansing, and plunging all groups into a war of all against all. I made this statement about Ethiopia, because MS. Sheila does not seem to have the expertise relevant to fact finding, instead MS. Sheila is calling the Eritrean regime as oppressive. The world must know that Eritrean Government under the PFDJ ruling is not new. Prior to the independence: They were the Guidance of the whole Eritrean people and are the Guidance of today and they are the Guidance for future.

Writing Fact Finding Report 

By examining this fraudulent report written by Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth, we can ask how these 550 witnesses testimony plus the 160 written testimonies are obtained? It was obtained through fraudulent practices. Is it not a direct violation of the UN own Guidelines on Human Rights Fact-Finding Reports as stated under the Definition of Fact Findings? Again here are the words
of the UN Guidelines on Human Rights Fact-Finding:

That “fact finding means a mission or visit mandated by an NGO to ascertain the relevant facts relating to and elucidating a situation on human rights concern”? It goes on and continued that: “These guidelines do not prejudice the use of other methods of collecting information, other ventures or the use of fact finding in other contexts”.

Therefore, Ms. Sheila and her accomplices have reduced themselves to a biased incompetent Special Rapporteur lacking experience and expertise relevant to fact finding missions. At the sometime, they exposed the UN to become responsible body of this fraudulent report. The world believes on the 1998 United Nations Declaration on Rights and Responsibilities of states to promote and protect Human Rights and Fundamental freedoms, but by accepting this report, how did we think they can use it to make a comprehensive judgment?

For the purpose of making statement about the Eritrean government, do they fail their elementary
obligations? (a) such as maintaining physical security to its boarders, (b) failed to supply adequate food for its people, (c) where there any reported incident by police or army sustained violence against any outside Political dissidents who question and criticize the government. In Eritrea it is against the established statuary law to criticize the government either directly or through hired agents like private media outlets. This practice is also true in America, Europe or any part of the world. It is illegal for people from outside to criticize a decent disciplined honest and friendly like Eritrean people, (d) is there any failure from the UN driven millennium goal for alleviation out of poverty?

In weighing the evidence and various accusations according to Sheila’s report, she repeatedly violate International Law by advocating the safety and well being of the Eritreans fleeing their country telling the UN that the Eritrean people (refugee) are in need of international protection and must not be sent back to Eritrea. First of all the whole world knows that the huge migration started because of some countries promised the Eritreans financially to be taken good care if they leave their country. MS. Sheila is also advocating for the same thing now and she is implying that Eritrea is a barbaric country. Since the report dealt extensively with supposed violations of international law by demonized government of Eritrea it is also a direct violation of Eritrea’s sovereignty.

While this report has no merit that is either factual or credible source that has been substantiated in any way, MS. Sheila has demonstrated her incompetency by she knowingly submitted a fraudulent, unsubstantiated report with no credible and verifiable evidences in each chapter of the whole report. This clearly demonstrates her high level of incompetency shared with her other acompliances who knowingly share her values. Her UN Guideline clearly states that if unforeseen situations (in this situation denial of entry visa to Eritrea), arise and falls outside her mandate and expertise, instead writing a fraudulent report and submitting to the UN, she should refer the matter to another organization At that point she should have excused herself from the program in the first place, that could create a zero sum game to the UN and the government of Eritrea.

In conclusion it is common knowledge to learn from MS. Sheila and her accomplices; they are not able to write a complete comprehensive report about the Nation of Eritrea, because it is simply inconclusive due to the lack of VERIFICATION.

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  1. These idiots truly believe it's a matter of shaebia or
    PIA. They're in for a rude a
    awakening. The eritrean people's silence
    and patience is being miscontrued for something else.

  2. How can a person be trusted to give a full report without visiting Eritrea, the culture, the history, and the Eritrean people? She probably interviewed some Ethiopian migrants pretending to be Eritrean. Shame on UN if they are this shallow. Eritrean citizens everywhere should demonstrate against these false report. We have the right to respond, and reject everything based on lack of knowledge.

  3. Yemane your article is very informative as true Eritrean Citizens we have to challenge these serious fraudulent pretexts that concocted by neocolonialist. These all alleged allegations human rights violations are pretexts for their malicious intentions but these allegations will collapse upon very intense examinations by expertise in this field
    We have pledged to protect the land hidri from those known and unknown enemies
    We Eritreans may have differences but whenever it comes destabilize our land we will never ever allow or compromise with our fallen heroes vision and mission
    When things get tough the tough keep on going
    Zelalmawe zekeri ni sewatina
    Awet ni hafesh wedkite ni bogebage

  4. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 11, 2015 at 9:32 AM

    Eritreans Now you have to raise up and demonstrate against these false accusation. this time cover the demonstration with like *Press TV*. These attacks, its clearly politically-motivated.

    E.g-->Look at the Ethiopian govt they commited Crimes against Humanity-- they massacred people from the Ogaden region even in other regions- they rape & killed a lot of woman and children. but bcuz the Ethio-govt-(woyane-tigray)- is the loyal servant of the American imperialists they are safe.

  5. Ida, read the report;

    On 24 October 2014, the Chair
    of the Commission sent a letter to the President of Eritrea, His Excellency
    Isaias Afwerki, to express the wish of the Commission to visit Eritrea. Having received no answer, on 25 November
    2014 the Chair of the Commission transmitted a second letter to the Permanent
    Mission of Eritrea to the United Nations Office and other international organizations
    in Geneva, in which he reiterated the request of the Commission to visit the
    country. This correspondence was sent after the three Commissioners met the
    First Secretary and Chargé
    d’ affaires ad interim of the Permanent Mission of Eritrea on 19
    November 2014, in Geneva. The Commission did not receive a reply.

  6. I wish the President and he's delegates would visit New York one more time to silence these false critics. I anticipate 25,000 Eritreans would waiting outside in the cold to listen, see and understand the situation directly from PIA.

    It's time for the camel to march once more. I am ready to buy my plane ticket for me and my entire family to show my support for the nation.

  7. The best solution to deal with US and UN is to invite Russian to the Eritrean side of the Red Sea , if possible very close to Us base ( you know what I'm taking about)
    It's simple calculation .
    God bless Eritrea !!!
    Stay strong!!!!

  8. Why Eritrean expect good things to come out from UN ,there noting for Eritrea in the UN charter .

  9. No white man would like to see the rise of black nation !!!! Keep your pride and dignity ! Remeber the white race is fighting you in different ways . Pure white lie is one of their weapons.
    Stay black!!

  10. My clear message for the so called opposition is , there is no place for you in Eritrea . If you don't like our government and our nation go to Addis Ababa live under wayane administration .Hailematiam the WELLAMO will welcome you,

  11. I tell you this Almaz is very upset today!!
    I don't like any white man to touch my country 😆 I see a white man hands in the UN reports . They have been using the same strategy for hundred years .we should play their games

  12. about your eritrea, shit!!!!

  13. Alec, what is your logic according to you if Woyane commits crime against humanity, then it is ok for Eritrea to do likewise. What is your point? Are you saying both woyne and Eritrean government should be blame equally to make sure the all are treated equally? Either way committing crime against humanity in one state shouldn't be equated based on the other state doing the same thing. If crime is committed in one place, perpetrators should be brought to justices regardless of what happened in other part of the world. Crime against humanity can not be ignored just because to states are doing it at the same time. Both parties should brought to justices soon or later. Crime against humanity and genocide both a have very distinct definitions. It is not something we pick up just because an incident fits a certain political profile of our own interest. Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group. Genocide is, therefore, to eradicate a race. Crime against humanity is a crime committed as part of a wide spread or systematic attack directed against any population. Genocide and crime against humanity both are defined by scale, method, and duration. I saw people referring any kind of government policy or military engagement with some group killing one or two civilians referred as genocide or crime against humanity. This kind of labeling is just political motive and crying loud for political space when some groups are marginalized but has nothing to do with genocide or crime against humanity.

  14. Traitors Acting like opositionJune 11, 2015 at 12:06 PM

    Almaz sis, white People are still racist

  15. I understand your point but it is possible to shift blame and accusations in any direction. The reality is UN is international mandated and supported for its purpose. Eritrea can't deny Un rom its job and UN is not going to ignore its duties just because some of us said so. The reality on the ground right now is that UN is accusing Eritrea for human right violations. Can Eritrea live just by saying UN is Evil? If so good for Eritrea. I think the basic Eritrean politics problem is failing to understand facts on the ground and respond in way according to what is real. The leaders in Eritrea have been rigid and my way is the only way politics is creating a problem for the country. Eritrean politicians, for some strange reason, when they are in a hole just keep on digging down.

  16. Issayas tried to court the Russians. They rebuffed him. Ethiopia is too important to upset, so as usual, Eritrea gets the short end of the stick. That's what happens when you have Issayas as a leader... someone once said "Issayas is a Corporal who thinks he's a 5 Star General that is capable of ruling the world." This is the follie of Issayas and his goons. Just because they "Won" the war against Ethiopia, they think Eritrea is a super power. I got news for you.... Eritrea did not win the war for independence. Ethiopia just stopped fighting and said "Go!". The war of 2000 that lasted barely a week after which 1/3 of Eritrea was under Ethiopian military control is full proof of Ethiopia's military capabilities and that of Eritrea. Fighting a gorrila war of hit and run is far different than a full blown out conventional war, where the world witnessed the Eritrean military making "tactical withdrawals" every where they were militarily engaged.

  17. Yes, the reason for that has been listed for you to read above. Eritrea considers the mission under the kitarout is judgemental, politically motivated, influenced by the enemies of Eritrea as indicated in her previous report. She is siding with Ethiopia , Djibouti, and other oppositions and enemies sofa Eritrea. She had compromised her integrity and the government of Eritrea does not consider the commission if fair, independent, and transparent. Why should then the Eritrean government allow a group that has already lost its integrity, neutrality. Read the above article,. It is saying it all. Yes , Eritrea did not allow them because their visit is not going to be productive. Why you say ABCs, When we have statyed it from A-z clearly and to the point

  18. My dear WhyMe if you are not allowed entry to a country, should you fabricate malicious accusations to tarnish that country?

  19. so what if the three stooges didn't get a reply From Eritrea. does that mean the stooges have to lie & fabricate report. remember Eritrea is a country, with full right to refuse entry to hostile deceitful & morally bankrupt elements like COI stooges.

  20. Now, your contradicting yourself and the commission asked the government to access Eritrea . They didn't allowed. If the information gathered outside Eritrea is not in favor of Eritrea that is too bad. If Eritrea had any chance to counter any of the information gather outside Eritrea was wrong the Eritrean government had a chance to provide information by allowing the commission to see the country to collect evidenced in Eritrea if the Eritrean government had a good evidence showing it is not committing crime against humanity. Since the Eritrean government did not have a good evidence that can be given to the commission they dined access to the commission. The commission has to be rely on the information it gather to reach a conclusion. Now the Eritrean government has to prove that the conclusion is wrong and prove itself innocence. T he commission did its job the Eritrean government did not hoping this case will go away. Now they are screwed.

  21. Looke here.. do you know Eritrea is sanctioned based on accusations that found to be false? the answer is yes. Did they lift the sanction because the aacusation found to be false? the answer is no. So wht makes you think allowing them in Eritrea wiuld change anything except increase tthe credebility of the report even if it is based on a false premise. ....they are doing what they want and we can only stay strong and play thengame right and the GoE is doing everything they can to play it right.

  22. Yemane:
    Please promote your engineering profession deeper and broader than becoming a bloviating ignoramus on the issues you don't know very well even as user. Leave that to those who know it and can give more realistic and strategic content analysis and situational scenarios. You must know the scientific and dialectical argumentation based on facts, figures and beyond the fence.

  23. I don't think you were born yesterday. I think you are just childish who thinks his lollie is more sweeter than the other kid. You may say lots of stupid things but the facts remain facts. Eritreans not only kicked Ethiopian(derg) one of the largest army in Africa but took your two stupid hands all the way to 4 kilo ..alas your types are "yabelawin eg nekash" in other word "wisha" or " kelby" go abuse Ethiopians tgis is Eritreans website...and tell your "stories" to illustrate Ethiopians. ..this days even thethem don' believe you.

    For arguement sake you guys won the war....well ok then can you go away! Yergo zinb.!..accept the fact that Eritrea is sovereign! aunt nothing you or anyone can do about it...puny individual!

  24. Yamane, your article is irresponsible, non-patriotic
    and shameful. If you are indeed an engineer or legal advisor as you claim to
    be, you should have understood that loving your country entails loving your
    people. How can you waste your time defending the indefensible Higdef? Are you
    trying to say that higdef is not violating the rights of its citizens? Are you
    saying that the youth is fleeing the nation in hordes just for fun ? Shame on
    you, mister engineer. By the way, who cares about your profession? Whether you
    are an aerospace engineer or a simple layman, the greatness of person is
    measured not by his titles or educational background but by his willingness to
    defend the voiceless. We have good saying in the Tigrigna: Kab mihro's Aémiro.

  25. These guys look like the THREE STOOGES standing on the podium.
    Three friggin idiots!

  26. I can't agree more with the UN and worldwide report about the regime's crimes of humanity.May God/Allah rest the souls of those who were murdered and tortured by the cruel regime, and may the Almighty Lord comfort the survivors and the loved ones off all who perished in the mercyless deserts, seas, dungeons, and so called training camps. The root cause of all the misery and death is the regime in Asmara and those who are directly and indirectly are regime's loyalists who uncoditionally worship/nurture/support/applaud the regime. Also, Partners of these
    heinous crimes are those who protect the dictator, those who implement the regime's totalitarian rules and guidelines in diaspora, and YES those who dance and celebrate the regime's festivals all over the world, for they know better, for they left Eritrea to escape misery and deprivation of basic freedom rights, for they know if they were to face a slight mistreatment in the country they currently call home they would raise hell, for they know if they criticize the Eritrean regime openly they will be
    "Dealt with"by the regime's operatives in every western city and town. These followers/sheep/doormats who are supposedly to live and work freely in diaspora
    have consented to be bullied by the regime and its diaspora apparatus. Bottom
    line, THE ROOT CAUSE of the misery/death/desperation/isolation/marginalization and abject poverty must go as the Gadafis, Mubareks, Ceausescus, Mobutus...etc.

  27. It doesn't matter where they get the information, what matters is the content of their findings, which is absolutely true and correct. I am from 3 round national service who spent almost 18 years on the bushes of Eritrea and have witnessed all the criminal acts of the Mafia group called PFDJ. I have seen our sisters being rapped, I have seen our brothers being executed for retiring late from leave of absence, I have seen many brave fighters imprisoned undergrounds just for asking improvements in out daily lives. Please, leave us alone!!!

  28. Then you live with the consequences of your decision


  30. Who're this "internationalists" you're talking about, who give the UN its mandates and what is their motivation? It ain't the well-being of eritreans though, for sure.

  31. Says Almaz from her western home collecting her paycheck/welfare that the white man gives her. Sad.

  32. Then why are you living in their countries? Why are Syrians, Ethiopians, Liberians and of course Eritreans fleeing to their lands by the thousands? No one wants is waiting for illiterate farmers from Ethiopia and Eritrea, or muslim extremists from Syria. Put your money where your mouth is and go back to your motherland.

  33. Yes Alec we will challenge them! They contradict themselves. They made MDG plans themselves and Eritrea was one of the 16 countries to achieve most of the goals but waited until Ethiopia reached that stage. The existing UN offices based in Eritrea assured the world Eritrea has achieved and the motto is Self-reliance UN and the world ignore the fact is another contradictory. When I saw FAO awarding Ethiopia I really wonder. No wonder if the Int'l org didn't materialize the binding commission decision. Youth flee like mushroom and are dead because of no peace and war situation. Though a lot is done to alleviate poverty, sanction is not yet lifted no matter whatever refugee is accepted the problem will not be solved unless biased attitude is lifted. There are many cases to counter attack UN since 1952 but now we Eritreans should know first what our wish is UNITY and SOVERNIGHTY should come first as usual and will make them believe. Our civilized way of coming together whenever there is disagreement have been solved by 'neredada'. We should stick to that. We have learnt through hard way many things. Our soft heart had allow us to work together with Ethiopians who believe the right leadership helps the people.

  34. Character assasination or a poor attempt at one, of Ms. Keetharuth will not cover or hide the open, festering and stinking sore that Eritrea has become. It is an indeniable fact that Eritreans are leaving their country by the thousands every month. Nearly 200,000 of them are packed in refugee camps in Ethiopia alone. I remember one tragic creature on this forum penning an article trying to paint the Eritrean refugees as sea faring adventurers who are leaving the country they love seeking adventure in far off places. Because they're lives are so full, and rich and comfortable, they are now just bored and are seeking adventure and excitement. Not only is this attempt at cover-up tragic, but it has turned Eritreans, the so called government and the flea-infested sand-box known as Eritrea into the biggest joke of the century.

  35. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 12, 2015 at 11:43 AM

    So now they're Nearly 200,000. are you counting your homeless Agametat from the streets of Addis Ababa. LOL....


  36. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 12, 2015 at 11:46 AM

    Oh the slave is defending his master. ohhhh...

  37. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 12, 2015 at 11:54 AM


  38. Hahah again your type are hopeless. .whatever makes you sleep at night is fine by me but don't forget when you say such things you are disrespecting yourself by ignoring the thousands dead Ethiopian soldiers in the mountains of Eritrea to dedend "Ethiopia from the arabs" puny individual. .feel sory for your type.


  39. You are totally wrong that the article is informative; it is rather all misinformative and derogatory.

    For example, he said that they left because some countries promised to financially take care of them if they leave their country. This is insult to the victims who had to leave their home, family country to escape the reign of terror of isaias afewerki for whom sake he has to denigrate millions if Eritrean victims.

    But by reducing the Eritrian victims to the level of subhuman, What is he trying to score in the way of defending the indefensible criminal, isaias afewerki?

    The isaias camp has been steadily lossing supporters as objective evidences for his crimes mounts by leaps and bounds. Incidentally I am among the thousands of isaias supporters who are deserting him daily. The writer is trying ,by crook method, lying, and slandering the victims, to stem this tide.This tactic however is not only a worn out method of deception but as the truth unravels, it is fueling anger and resentment among the supporters forcing them to drop him in the cabin of trash.I am one of them

    In view of his fast dwindling base, isaias afewerki has resorted to buying fortune hunter foreigners ,under Eritrean names, to write in his defense and against the UN Human Right Inquiry Commission

    . But, you may ask, where does he get the resources to pay the mercinaries?

    The answer is simple. He is illegally using the the Eritrean Mining resources. First and foremost, the reason he jumped into Mining sector is because the product can easily be turned into cash and the cash is easy to steal. Remember the $700,000,000.00 found by accident at awiss bank under pseadonym. And do not forget there are many such banks catering the services of such thieves like isaias afewerki.

    Is it easy for isaias to steal money ?

    One of the reasons he abolished the checks and balances , I mean the Baito and Constitution, is to suit him stealing money and get away with it.

    And what is the end result?

    In his little mind, isaias was confident that his cheap flattery will keep Eritreans duped for ever. Under that illusion, he committed infinite horrendous crimes. Now, al! That is haunting him and he is crying foul but justice has caught up with him. There is no single crack for him to wiggle out. The blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Eitreans he spilled is calling for justice to be served without delay.

  40. TO every action there has to be an equal opposite reaction....Nikid Tray

  41. Almaz if U have Place In Eritrea Go Back There And Live There. Then U will Support your Government More Kkkk

  42. You are absolutely wrong I am sure these lies after lies we herd them again and again. these lies are manufactured by your masters you as poor messenger you have to deliver these destructive unfounded lies. The people of Eritrea well informed to challenge and unraveled any evil kind cheap psychological war fair assaults may bring. Let tell bad news do you how many deserted are ask forgiveness from Eritrean government and people. By the way we herd lt from your masters mouth that they will encourage People from Eritrea and Nort Korea to flee from their countries. If they flee then they aren't subject to any kind questions then getting refuge status graunteed now are you denying that if these sickness denying persist I will provide you another evidences which will be indisputable

  43. You are spreading lies who wrote that report how could you base your poor analyzation on those unreliable reports, this is totally nonsense after all those wiki liki revelations. however let me give you the benefit of doubt that UN did all false claim then according to you UN has rights to manufacture lies to suit evil agenda. I know that Eritrean enemies are dancing hoping something will come out of those lies but let the dreamers dream, at last the Eritrean people and government will win.

  44. Why-my (denbar Erty) ! LOL
    Come closer....I tell it to only you...a secret of what is Eritrea have to hide .... shishhhh...Eritrea is providing the tgray people Aid and Medical assistance through Red Cross, Eritrea is providing tegaru to leave their countries with Eritrean ID not tell anyone LOL LOL
    Hey, Why are you to curious to learn about Eritrea through your messengers Shilu Mulu ? huh ! LOL

  45. why me, why my, erty...whatsoever.....wink wink LOL

  46. Why dont you buy Abay Tgray then ??? LOL LOL


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