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More Chinese Awards for Eritrean Scientist

More Chinese Awards for Eritrean Scientist 

By Thomas C. Mountain

Habte-Michael Habtetzion, our Eritrean scientist completing his Ph.d  in Aquaculture at the world famous Nanjing Agricultural University in  China has continued to gain recognition as an outstanding student as
well as piling up contributions to prominent scientific journals.

Articles detailing the advanced experiments in fish nutrition that  Habtet has been leading (several Chinese scientists work under Habtets leadership in each project) have been published in the journal Aquaculture and the British Journal of Nutrition and Aquaculture.

Habtet has also been recommended by his University for a National Award entitled "Recommendation of 2015 Distinguished Foreign Students Scholarship Candidates". Nanjing Agricultural University - College of
International Education reported "based on overall evaluation of applicants from aspects of studying performance, overall performance in China and university, social activity participation, certificates
awarded, etc., we are happy to recommend following 3 students who are excellent in all aspect as the candidates to represent our university to compete for 2015 CSC Distinguished Foreign Students Scholarship." Please check the following link:

Habtet will also recieve an award this weekend as the "Excellent International Student in the first semester of 2015". Please see the following link:

Habtet remains on track for an accelerated graduation for his Ph.d in May of 2016 and is looking forward to returning home to Eritrea to help kick start Eritrea's aquaculture industry which he is convinced can lead to Eritrea becoming a world class center for aquaculture development and scientific research. 
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  1. GOd beless you and am very happy to hear such a very intersting News from the self Reliance small in size but big goverment of ERITREA.

  2. Excellent! We are sure more will come soon. Habte is the pioneer!

  3. Excellent. We need more, more, and much more. Defeat them by educating and empowering the next generation. Our victory is their defeat. Serve your people and community and land.

  4. Well done,you remind me of the Eritrean brains of the early 60s,70s,80s...determined to be the best. I dont hear from them, though there are tons of them all over the world,doing so much good outside their Emama Eritrea..why is it?


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