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Italy to re-start its bilateral development co-operation with Eritrea

Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Lapo Pistelli with President Isaias Afwerki, July 2014

By Yemane GebreMeskel

Italian National Day celebrated yesterday in Asmara at "Villa Roma".  Excerpts from statement of Italian Ambassador, Mr. Stefano Pistelli:

"I was immediately fascinated by the beauty of this Nation; by the kindness & strength of its people; by the order, cleanliness & sense of security. Together with new Ambassadors, we had the sense that much more could be done to promote development & friendly ties between our countries..On some issues, we covered a lot of ground; on others our positions are distant. But we meet & talk, agree & disagree striving for better world. Italy has decided to re-start its bilateral development co-operation; Italian companies are increasingly becoming interested in this market."
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Italy to re-start its bilateral development co-operation with Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 12:20 PM Rating: 5


  1. "Sanction"? What "sanction" are they to talk about. We said "come and see us" and here they are coming one after another to see what Eritrea and Eritreans all about.

    Eritrea, the land of small words, said "come and see us" and what the found was a people determined to shape their destiny.

    Eritreans all over world, thanks for making your people proud!

  2. Good news small dose at the time for the enemies of eritrea, otherwise they couldn't haldle it.we don't want you to die by heart attack, we want you see eritrea success and your suffering may be come more acute. Again please give them small dose at the time. Viva eritrea the light in the dark.

  3. Many nations in west understand that the sanctions are counter-productive to their economical policy, with time they start to react and question if to hold the old blind position or to abandon the orchestra, one of these is Italy, according to a conference held in Rome last month among the 4 sanctioned nations and italian foreign affairs and the Industrial Confederation and other government bodies, they state that the sanction path is a destructive and didn't get the intended goal, rather many western countries like italy loose big part of their economy and need to find solution with z down the link:

  4. Bilateral developement cooperation!!! Eritrea, is way past begging for aid. With all humility, Africa, look and learn and give respect and credit, where it's due.

  5. Italy should step up to heal the wounds of the fascistic era and more so now it should lead the way in cooperation with Eritreans for mutual benefits.


  7. Italy only cares about how to stop the refugees from arriving in their country. All this bilaterial relation blabal is just diplomatic talks. Let's assume Italien companies start to come to Eritrea , except the mining industry what kind of other business can they.start? We all know in HGDEF Eritrea where there is no rule of law, no transprancy it is heaven for corrupt officialls including the dictator himself who has stolen 700M dollars of our money.

  8. "Bilateral developement cooperation" is just another terminology for "we'll give you money if you cooperate with our efforts to stem the flow of your people from illegally coming into Italy and then Europe." Italy is desprately trying to find a solution to the Eritrean refugeee flow into Europe to which Italy is the main victim. Italy, with a GDP of $1.8 Trillion, does not and cannot "cooperate" with a Flea-bag like Eritrea. This visit to Eritrea by Italian officials is a humiliation to Eritreans. Nothing to be proud of. But ofcourse, the crazies on this forum, will put lipstick on that pig and take it out on the town to show it off.

  9. Cane Libero - The sanctions are specific and targeted. They prevent Eritrea from importing weapons and also put travel restrictions and asset freezing for Issayas and his goons plunging the country into the abyss. If the sactions were economic as everyone on this site claims they are, Eritrea would have dissipated into thin air like smoke long ago.

  10. Dogoli brother, if you hate some one too much, you can not see any good side of it.When you mention sanction it is a destruction to any country. Watch Tv RT,if you have time, some times you will shock, who is behind sanction, what is that for?.
    Sanction in Eritrea is direct to the people, when they put sanction to Russia, did you watch, was it for Putin?
    just hat rage never bring change, because there will not be listeners.

  11. In which planet do you live? The comment shows how demunted you are...even if the officials btw it is the ambassador who made the remarks above, say "cooprations" to steam the flow of Eritreans that is great news don't you think? we are talking about third world and unfortunately Eritrea is one of them so is yiur Ethiopia for that see Italians are good at building and that is Exactly what they are doing in Eritrea...and they are the one also building your GERD..I guess they are doing it ti steam Ethiopians flow to Europe? I guess they are all Eritreans flowing to south Africa Yemen etc? Well ill leave with that mr demented....btw instead of commenting a regurgitating rubish why don't you come up with your own original lines...I guess you are a dedebit demented who always see the world in his own fragmented and delusional sense of immagination. At time you are history teache and other times you are a "political and economical analyst" you are the reflection of your brother at the helm in 4 Kilo who assigned a mosquito scientist as a Foreign minister..anyway chill out don't be "yergo zinb".

  12. Mr delusional live the sanction issue to know nothing about the world get you lazy backside off yiur old chair and stopwatching CNN that is not the real is designed to twist demented people like you...change and get up while you can as for tomorrow yiu might be next!

  13. The sanctions are tools to fight those who don't agree with have a veto power and you use it like "kete èmeka be edka, kewe eyeka be manka style". We see that everywhere before it come's to us. Luckily now as starts to touch superpowers like Russia, a big economical sections of many EU countries are in mess..themselves are starting to see the unfairness and unjustness of the illegal sanctions.

  14. How can they do that? They have also supported the UN sanctions on Eritrea. They only care about one thing from the Eritrean government. They want to stop the refugee flow to Lampedusa. They can't do anything about Syria since the civil war there will not stop soon, but they can talk to the Eritrean government and ask it to change domestic issues. But Eritrea should say, first you distance yourself from sanctions and then we can work together with EU, UNHCR and Eritrea to stop this huge flow. Otherwise Italians should not even be allowed inside the country.

  15. Ahmed I get your message but as you know we Eritreans are not vengeful people, we are forward looking, peace loving but we will not forget the crimes perpetuated by Italy, Ethiopia and the mercenary government TPLF, we forgive but never forget.

  16. Dogali your wishes and your mercenary government wishes are for Eritrea to like you put it dissipate into a thin air, yes it is your wish full thinking but, you know Eritrea and Eritreans, when the going gets tough Eritreans get tougher!!!
    As for the sanction you have no clue what it entails so do a little reading to understand the issues of sanctions however, I suspect you know it but as crooked agame you are always ready to spout out venomous words and wishes against Eritreans!! I wonder, when will you get cured form your inferiority complex!!

  17. I wish your words reflect the reality in Eritrea. Sadly, they don't and you know it too. The reason you are drawing rosy pictures of the trajec situation is ,among many others, to disinform . Unfortunately, you do not have gullibles any more, be it in Eritea or in the wide world , to second guess your lies. The world community is so disgusted by the reign terror of isaias afewerki that it has set up a commission to investigate his vicious human right violations.

    By the way, even Al Bashire, his body in crime, has decided to ignore him from attending the celebration of his victory on national election. He dropped him because he did not want to embaraas his dignitaries by the presence of such lunatic person.

    What about the Easter Sudan, you may ask? All Bashire did his home work that isaias afewerki is too weak and docile to be worthy of any security consideration. In fact, All Badhire believes isaias afewerki is under his control.

    With regard to the visiting Italian official, like any other European before him, he came to express his disgust with Isaias afewerki reign of terror. He may be diplomatic with his words but that was the message he came to deliver. After all, his country is bearing the burden of helping the massive of Eritreans that have escaping isaias afewerki's reign of terror.

  18. I feel sorry to see the killil 14 ofEthiopia to be ruled by a Tigrian Issayas Aforki, I didnt know 24 years that Issayas is not Eritrean orgin and it is really amazing to see a people never ruled by their own for the past 150 yeas from Turkish, Italian, british, Amhara, Tigray origin leaders ruled it and I am wondering if an Oromo will be the next in the fake country,it is really sad people are confused with their history and origin due to colonization


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