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Eritrean on Déjà vu, Attack Under The Guise Of unUnited Nations unHuman Rights

Eritrean demonstration against the UNjust sanctions

Eritrean on Déjà vu, Attack Under The Guise Of unUnited Nations unHuman Rights

Eritrea is once again on full-fledged war with countries guised under the United Nations Human Rights Activists. The attacks on Eritrea include ongoing Sanction, No Peace No war condition, undermining Eritrean sovereign, continuous threat from Ethiopia, encouraging the Eritrean youth to abandon their country, demonising Eritrea and its people, economy blockage, terrorism attack, psychological warfare, tarnishing Eritrean image on the mainstream medias, …. and finally to give green lights for the annexation of the country.

One can ask why Eritrea is getting so much attention from the world (rather influential countries) after independence.  Any reasonable person will understand the motive immediately.  The whole accusation is nothing to do with democracy or human right issues but to bring the hard won Eritrean independence and self-reliant people into submissive.  Indeed Eritrean TRUE independence is the sheer reason, Eritrea is getting full attention from the UN that is running under the influence of powerful countries with self-interest.

If the United Nations Human Rights are what they claim to be, where were they before independence when the Eritrean people were:

  • being bombarded with napalm, cluster bombs and chemical weapons?
  • shot and slaughtered randomly?
  • left to die in hunger?
  • imprisoned and tortured?
  • migrating in millions to every corner of the world?
  • led by red terror regime

Unfortunately the gullible people will consume every material that is thrown at them and the Eritrean enemies are geared to use the current situation and mood as a weapon to justify their invasion and other ill intents.

There is no doubt Eritrea has many shortcomings like many other countries.  These shortcomings will be resolved in time but there are immediate priorities the Government has to deal with after inheriting a war devastated country. Nation building is not an easy task.  It is a slow process that takes many generations.   Eritrea gained its independence only 24 years ago and has only been in peace for the first period of 7 years. However Eritrea has shown fundamental progress in health, infrastructure, education and many other sectors, which are the pillar of basic Social Justices and Rights.

The Human Rights activities (Agents of the invaders) have conveniently been ignoring the positive side of Eritrea and the violation of Border Demarcation by Ethiopia which is the main cause that is limiting Eritrea to progress forward as needed.  Instead they are concentrating on the negative side that will approve their hidden agenda.  It has now become so obvious and clear that the Eritrean people have been dismissed or ignored when asking for the implementation of Border Demarcation between Eritrea and Ethiopia in order to develop and improve the whole region and humanity as a whole.

This childish report written by United Nation Human Rights on 8 June 2015 is an insult to the Eritrean people’s intelligence and the world at large.  It is utterly written to serve the aggressors but the Eritrean People.

I plead to all Eritreans with conscious to fight against these movements under any circumstances.  Especially those who recently fled the country to improve their lives need to air their voice loud at Geneva demonstration on 22 June 2015 . Eritrea needs you now more than ever!  We will not be any good to Eritrea at all times if we cannot defend the country when it is in danger. These kind of aggression will require every Eritrean contribution to maintain the promise made by the Eritrean Martyrs (i.e. Free and Independent Eritrea).

Awet N’hafash,

Samuel Tukue Ghebreab

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Eritrean on Déjà vu, Attack Under The Guise Of unUnited Nations unHuman Rights Reviewed by Admin on 12:10 AM Rating: 5


  1. ኣጆና ደቂ ኤረ!
    ካብ ሓርገጽ: ብመደብ ከድምየናን ሞራልናን ሓድነትናን ክሰብር ዝተላእኸ ልኡኽ ጥዑም ክወጾ ዘይሕሰብ እዩ። ኩሉ ነገራቶም "ጨጉራፍ ባዕላ ትሃርም'ሞ ባዕላ ኸኣ ትንቁው!" ምኽዋኑ ኣብሪህዎ ድኣ!
    ቀንዲ ኣንቐድቲ ነቲ "Inquiry" ብኣሜርካን ምትሕብባር እንግሊዝ ካልኦትን፡ ንምጽላምና ዝዓለመን መደምደምታ ዝነበሮ ልኡኽ ኣሰንዮም'ዮም፡( ሽም UN ኣጠሚቖም ) ከብቕዑ መልእኽቲ ሰላም ከዝንቡን፡ ምእንት ፍትሕን ሰላምን ዝተላዕሉ ገይርና ስለንወስዶም ርትዓዊ ጸብጻብ ክንሪኢ ሃንቀውታ ገይርና።
    ዘሕዝን ሓቂ ግና ዓለም መገዲ ሰላም፡ ፍትሕን፡ ሰብኣዊ መሰል ዘቐድምን ስርዓታት ውድብ ኣይኮነትን ትዝወር ዘላ። ከምኡ ነይሩ ተዝኽውን ኣብ ሕጊ ክቐርቡ ዝግብኦም፡ ስርዓት ኢትዮጵያ፡ ቐንዲኸኣ ብሓሶትን ምትላልን ንውግእ ዝመርሑ'ሞ ብሂወት ኣእላፋት ኣብ ኢራቕ፡ ኣፍጋኒስትኣን፡ሊብያ፡ ስርያን ተሓተቲ ዝኾኑን 'ዩ።
    ነዚኸኣዩ ጸብጻብ ጸላእትና ንዓና ስለዘይመስል ፡ ግብሪ ጸላእትና ድኣ ነስተብህለሉን ንጥንቐቐሉን እምበር ብቅንኢ ምዕሩይን ስሙርን መሪሕነት ሃገርና ኤርትራ እንቕዓ ዝርህጹን ዝዓፍሩን እይንዓፍርን።
    ከምቲምስላ ኣቦታትና ሕጂውን "ትእምኖ ሊእኽካ እንታይ ተሪፉኒ ኣይትበል"!

    እዚ ዎድሓንኩም ደሓንናን!
    ክብርን ሞጎስን ንሰማእታትና!

    Check out this link (

  2. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 14, 2015 at 6:16 AM


  3. It is unfortunate of all this panic. Gone are the days
    that people were telling and advising. They were alerting to prevent this
    misery and shame. Please let the current PFDJ go and we can rebuild the
    reputation of the country. We did this in our history at least during the last
    100 years

  4. It seems you are suffering from cult worshiping personality. And such a thing is not unheard of in the past. During Italian colonialism, there were some who were happy to be their slaves and did their best to foil the liberation warriors such as Abraha Deboch, Mogues Mael, Zer'aie Deres, to mention but a few.

    I feel sad for your state of affairs. Nevertheless, hoping against hope , I feel obliged to forward you a piece of my advice:

    Today, in Eritrea, there is no government to speak of. If however, you contend there is one, then, I like to ask you whether that body you refer as government, came about as a result of Eritrea people' election or imposed itself on them?

    The correct answer is, It came about by imposing itself on the people.

    Now, we must help differentiate whether it is a kind of Oligarchy or one man rule?

    It is not Oligarchy but a one man rule

    Is the one man ruler a benevolent dictator or a tyrannical ruler?

    The economic melt down, the social fabric disintegration, the collapse of the defense forces, the plundering of the country's financial coffers , the skyrocketed number of prisons, incarcerated people, extrajudicially murdered people, the ever increasing floods of Eritrians fleeing their country etc.etc. indicate that the one man ruler is not a benevolent dictator but a down to earth a perpetrator of a Genocide

    When the UN Inquiry commission that had investigated into his human right violation reported that he might have committed serious Crmes Against Hmanity, they were implying systematic crimes perpetrated with the intention of exterminating a group of people, meaning Genocide.

    But has he been vocal as he perpetrated his crimes against humanity?

    No hard core criminal talks of his criminal activity openly. In fact, all of his outwardly behaviosr and manners are calibrated as to appear more Etitrean than others, more Catholic than the Pope, as the proverb says. It is the contradiction of his statements and his actions on the ground that unveils a wolf that he is.

  5. Politely, No thanks! For your distorted and corrupted advice emanates from your sheer spitefulness and bigotry!
    Sounds you bitterly dislike our dearest, most Magnanimous Great Leader, President Isayas Afewerki; who few could ever much his persona, integrity and his all round brilliance!
    I will say it again! He is our Hero!
    That's why, your masters (USA successive Administrations and their stooges) / the ones you seem to trust / lean on; do not like him either. For none of them succeeded to fool / cajole him into selling our Nation/soul!
    Please stop shedding crocodile tears! You probably belong to propaganda mercenary who do not care at all about the well being of the Eritrean people and our Nation Eritrea. The fact of the matter is, you and your likes, have proved to resent the very existence of Eritrea and its extremely gifted leadership. You are so hatred filled you seem to be bent to continue spewing hatred, lies and deceit about Eritreans.
    Contemplating about a prosperous Eritrea as independent Nation has never been and never will be in your vested interest!
    You seem to be oblivious to the fact that, you are siding with our arch enemies willing to sell / destroy our Nation and condemn the generous and hardworking Eritreans to further mayhem and destruction while contemplating your individual gain(blood money).

    You have to be so immature/ignorant or someone who would not like to see or hear anything good that comes out of Eritrea, for you are not part of it or your heart do not belong to it.
    Which is why the Ethiopian government supported by the US successive administrations, perturbed by Eritrea's slender Stride (despite USA and its stooges efforts to bring down Eritreans), they continue wasting tax payers money to sabotage the emergence of successful Eritrea!
    Shamelessly, sponsored and directed the dishing out of another garbage "report"!

    Glory to our Martyrs!
    Peace to our Continent!

  6. I have already correctly diagnosed your personality deficit, just keep eulogizing and worshiping the cult of whoever is in power. That is your fate, you can't be any better. That is the thing you will die with. May be you inherited the gene of those who were singing, janohoi metsiOm bsemai welka aslami.

    By the way, did Isaias Afewerki go to South Africa like the rest of African leaders to discuss issues concerning the continent?

    I know you will say no because I know he did not go.

    But why didn't he?

    You will say, because the Africal leaders are too inferior for him to sit and discuss issues with them

    Nor did he attend the UN General assembly last year. And the reason is the same as above. He is too superior to wast his time with the world leaders.

    He will soon be indicted for Crime Against Humanity. And you will say that ihe s innocent and that the accusation is fabricated by the western countries such as the USA who have not accepted the Eritrean Sovereignty.

    In 2011, in New York, he told Eritreans that National Election would be carried attributing the delay to woyane invasion.

    In 2014, he said that the ratified People's Constitution is dead and new one would be drafted.

    Your answer to his flipflops is that he is a prophet of God.

    To the fleeing Eritreans, he exhibited similar flipflops: first he totally denied it alleging it was fabrications of the UNHCR, then he referred them Africans, later ethiiopians and finally, when the Europeans showed him stacks of money, he readily admitted that he has been involved in human trafficking

    Your answer to that is that he is a prophet of God.

    But who else claims to be superior above any body else for which he is being persecuted?

    The paranoid person.

    But is Isaias Afewerki suffering from paranoia?

    No. He is an evil incarnate bent to decimate our country and people under the guise of false patriotism. But the blood of innocent Eritreans he has been spilling has finally caught up with him. He will soon be behind bars to account for his Crime Against Humanity. Mark my words.

  7. How sad, conniving, narrow minded one can be?
    I suggest, you do a thorough research, analysis to enable you to write a well balanced and fair argument (assuming you stand for the truth and genuinely care and aspire for the good of your fellow Africans and for the good of the rest of the world)! The problem is, when one is hell bent to distort the truth and becomes pathological liar one will never be able to have that fair judgment and correct analysis, for by default one can not be in the business of telling the truth!
    Hence your points/arguments are hollow and flawed to say the list. You do have an ulterior motive though!
    Your problem is, you are either so asphyxiated with the very existence of our harmless Nation of Eritrea and full of spite or some one whose business is to be the messenger and accomplice of the gangsters of destruction!
    Remember, our brilliant Leaders have been and still are working 24/7 to bring about peace and prosperity for not only for Eritrea but, also for our neighbourhood/continent! I believe you and your alike, hate them for doing just that and for fiercely defending their sovereignty and standing up for good of their people!
    In contrast, the ones you seem to support/work/advocate for, are in the business of exporting/causing havoc, destruction and mayhem not only of our young Nation but every were in the world!
    I would rather do my bit to the good of our people and nation which equates good for truth and justice for all, a stand well understood by most fair minded individuals!
    Go out and get on working hard to be some one who contributes positively to improve the lives of all Eritreans or Ethiopians and our continent! What you are doing does not benefit no one but, your master's who are the architects of destruction which already is becoming evident on the out for all to see.
    Check out the following link if you will?

  8. I wish all of your eulogy about Isaias Afewerki were true. Unfortunately, none of them are supported by facts on the ground. And any claim or statements unsupported by facts on the ground are patently unscientific and false.

    But again, you are phony and cult worshiper and as such no body should be surprised with your belief in witchcraft and voodoo with which the con artist Isaias Afewerki has you in chain.

    The fact that Isaias Afewerki has been in the helm of Eritrean government willfully, unelected by the people, ought to stir your mind to action to restore the dignity and authority of our people. But a phony and a cult worshiper that you are , you are defending him oblivious to his Crime Aainst Humanity.

    Isaias Afewerki disparages African and other world leaders and shuns their assemblies; rejects democratic governance as Western ploy etc. All these he does under the guise of superiority to others. But he has nothing on the ground to back up his claim.

    The people of Eritrea are flooding the neighboring countries, Middle East, the European countries etc.; the economy has been falling since he stared his reign of terror and the Eritrean Defense Forces is dilapidated. The defacto defense forces are the Demhits. The tegaru.the only things growing in Eritrea are the prisoners , the metal container prisons and grave yards.

    What he says and what he creates on the ground are two diametrically opposites. His disparage of the world leaders , world institutions, democratic governance etc. are meticulously thought out schemes to serve him as hideouts for the crimes he is commiting on the Eritrean people and the country.

    He purposefully created and cultivated to be hated by the world leaders knowing full well that the victim of their hatred will be the people of Eritrea and the country of Eritrea and that he will use their misery to achieve his evil dream, the decimation of our country and people .

    Who would forget the rancor he created with the USA alleging that it tried to overthrow him; with the UNSC on account of the UN Peace keepers and also on Somalia etc. All that and many others were predicated upon creating isolation for four our country and people and we are living the fruits of his evil schemes.

    And, now, the eviI isaias Afewerki is presenting himself to our people as
    their savior and protector to deceive them to become his fait accomplices in their own demise. This deceitful act is of course a reenactment of the biblical serpent who deceived Adam and Hewan into bondage.


  10. Here....Porco, Time to Take Action to End Bias and Injustice at the UN

    The anti-Israel apparatus within the UN, therefore, is of considerable magnitude, and cripples the functioning of the organization. The overt bias practiced against one state undermines the UN's credibility and integrity. Anyone who truly cares about the UN must take action to end this gross injustice and criminal distraction from world pandemics such as disease and poverty. Given the current period of UN reform, now is the time. Many more UN officials, member states, NGOs, and others need to speak out and actively oppose this longstanding inequality. To begin taking action, click here


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