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Eritrea: The gate keeper of the Eastern flank of Africa; Deserves respect!

Eritrean Freedom Fighters 

Eritrea: The gate keeper of the Eastern flank of Africa; Deserves a respect!

June, 13, 2015

By Esayas Temesgsen,

Eritreans never asked for help from the outside force nor any one came to their rescue, while they were viciously repressed, tortured, lynched; scorched earth atrocity was practiced on their land by the alternate governors of Expansionist Ethiopia.

They rather preferred to face the foe at any cost and defeat it: Hence, they prepared a plan and set a strategy that will enable them to accomplish this noble task of generational will.  They eventually succeeded in liberating themselves after decades of huge scarifies under the leadership of the E.P.L.F - with a loss of tens of thousands of lives.

Never mind the viscous nature of the enemy, Eritreans have gone out of their way to feed, nurse and support  the oppressed Ethiopians who came to kill them and plunder their country, as a conscripts peasants and regular army.  Eritreans assist these destructive force to evolve into a productive one, by helping them to go back as revolutionary force and overthrow these canning, reckless and foreign financed leaders of expansionist Ethiopia.  

As it wasn’t in their culture and revolutionary discipline then, to succumb or ask for mercy to a pressure by the international bandits, who have been in triangle of campaign to frustrate Eritreans march for freedom during the struggle;   it is also true now, that Eritreans are more determined to brave the current sabotage on their economic encroachment and to exploit their in-land and off shore natural resources.

Most notably the in your- face, intimidation and international campaign to undermine Eritrea’s stewardship of the strategic sea-lane of the Red Sea.

All this mayhem that the world currently witness’s after the foiled invasion of Eritrea by the expansionist Ethiopia is the outcome of the tension that was applied by different interest groups Intentional or otherwise.

Not to mention these individuals coming out of the woodwork to blackmail Eritrea, by crowning themselves as “experts” On Eritrea.  Because they wrote a book or two, as if they wrote their own history, is utter nonsense. These individuals shouldn’t look further, to start with let them look closer-in their backyard. “Ferguson, Missouri” U.S.A.

It is high time that they should stop lecturing Africa a cliché and let Africans determine their own destiny. Africans  have seen enough of this poppycock, in: Iraq; Afghanistan; Libya; Egypt; Somalia; Nigeria; The Congo; Angola; South Sudan etc…

Since they miserably failed on their Somalia - Eritrea “hooey” now they appointed them self as “human right lawyers.” it is a crazy world out there; during the days, they use to park their boat and claim colony; now because that is not possible they come with this illusive title so-called “NGO.”

…. they operate under the guise of “NGO” without restraint. They have no country, no constituent and for sure they have no rule. They make the rule that fits their purpose as they go.

It is very dubious that when these human traffickers transform themselves into human right Champions, where as they are the very reason in the first place to the source of the chaos which breed discontent.

Yet they are digging deep in their hell- bent mission to destroy Eritrea. Never mind they failed to incite a religion war; never mind they failed miserably to incite a civil war; never mind they failed to motivate the youth to rise against his nation.

Since Europe is in an economy crises of its own they have to dramatize the immigration to win sympathy, and justify their business. Hence, they have encouraged mass immigration to Europe and create catastrophe to generate a headline news for the world media consumption.

This school of thought [break it, but don’t fix it.] hidden behind Democracy and human right, to dismantle nations through a private army- with ideology; is underway in front of our eyes. That has unveiled a stunning display of history in a U-turn. As a result the equilibrium is disturbed; Drawing the world community back into the twelves century- medieval society, and threatening to extinguish human civilization. Thereby exposing humanity to predatory and cruelty.

Consequently the international community has forgone the Westphalia model:  an international order built on equilibrium and restraint; that carried the global family through the major world conflicts.

This is not to be compared to the so called “the thirty years war of Europe,” that took place in the mid- sixteen century. That wiped out nearly a quarter of the population of that continent. Rather, this has a dangerous and cancerous global trend than that: it could unleash global human misery for century to come.

As Eritrea and Ethiopia is concerned, since all the chaos originated as result of the conflict between the two countries …the State Department as the principal sponsor of the Alger’s Agreement of the border conflict, has a major part in it, to play a fare game:

a- Have Ethiopia vacate the land it occupied; instead of funning the fire… by sharpening the contradiction           between these two warring neighbors.
b- Re consider the policy that is coercing Eritreans to go to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  To obtain a Visa.
c- Reverse the course of sanction, and retain a policy of engagement.

The United States have benefited from Eritrea in the past throughout the cold war, It actually owes Eritrea a compensation; for its use of the land and the sea- to win the cold war against the U.S.S.R. monitoring its Space and other activities from its sophisticated communication base at Asmara, Eritrea.

It is not fair for the United State to portray Eritrea as a foe rather than a friend.  A country which it has benefited a great deal from. A country that has never engaged- in an armed conflict of any kind with. It is also not judicial to slam Eritrea with unnecessary sanction that caused such a chaos on its society and blame its government for the outcome.

Awet n’hafash

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Eritrea: The gate keeper of the Eastern flank of Africa; Deserves respect! Reviewed by Admin on 12:18 AM Rating: 5


  1. Since these people are out for a global one world govt., hence, the word NGO's. (none governmental orgs) They want to dismantle all countries and govts. of the world, at the end of the day. These are enemies of humanity in general.

  2. Yes brother, indeed "They deserve respect"..they make history, they didn't beg their freedom nor get it as a gift from anyone, They just win it against all odds

  3. Ebay
    My friend don't blame others. Blame your own "government" , the evil PFDJ and its Captain. They are gambling with the destiny of the country and its survival as a viable nation. Stop for a while and conduct soul searching right now. There are sufficient evidential validations that can easily convince you to do so. Wake up and enhance your power of reason and critical thinking. The country is in a life support.

  4. They have become babies in diapers, haven't they?

    They blame everybody but themeselves. The rule of law in Eritrea must exist. No to dictatorship, period.

  5. Mr. Hagos you seem a very principled person as you are talking about the rule of law. Well if that is the case why don't I hear you you saying anything abouth the fact that our territory is still occupied by the weyane thugs although the icc has ruled out that it is Eritrean. So please save us from your crap. It was the us who invaded Irak illegaly, they invaded other country's under the guise of human rights. Did they adhere the rule of law? I don't think so.

  6. Eritrea deserves utmost respect. However, the West fears African countries that are proud and disciplined. They sure don't like Africans with independent minds and strong leaders. Strength and vision from African countries is what they West hates the most. But Erirea and its government will never bow down. We will never kneel down.

  7. What from the statement I wrote, do you disagree with? Or is the Isaias mantra the only thing in your tiny skull? And as my brother dready asked you: is the occupation of our land a human rights issue or not? PS, go look for a friend somewhere else. You don't have any here.

  8. Our land must be free from occupation!!!!

  9. It is fair and square to demand for the rule of law and good governance While safe guarding the sovereignty of the nation and calling upon the UN to put pressure on the EPRDF regime to implement the final and binding ruling of the EEBC. It is that clear. No more playing political games, and enough to dictatorship.

  10. Lemlem inabelkuwas trhas ila tbeki iyu nayziOm neger, gdefom Arkey LOL LOL

  11. "HaTyat zeygebere seb intelo, neza sebeyti imni yderbyela" zbahal Qudus memrHi alo. Belske abesa zeyblu intelo kusto Hshena bel.

  12. "Eritrea: The gate keeper of the Eastern flank of Africa" What the heck does that mean ????? Empty slogans is not going to feed your people. And it sure will not give the youth jobs. When are you doing to talk about private businesses opening so the young could have a job ?All you talk about is how good the government is doing . Always empty slogans how you are good. That doesn't put bread on the table for the average citizen.



  15. Good observation and observer.

  16. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 14, 2015 at 2:27 PM

    STFU- US-Aid's poster child. Teguarat.

  17. Ebay:
    I don't want to throw bad and uncivilized words on you. I am conscious that wise people talk about
    the case not about people. Eritrea is dying a terrible death. Every one of you is putting gas to the fire destroying Eritrea. Please continue, I am very sure, you will terribly cry in the near future. You will be degraded to serve future settlers in your own country (if it is there
    to exist at least). That is inevitable and has been seen elsewhere. Continue to defend this polpotian PFDJ and this hideous and vindictive and Machiavellian Isaias……

    Future implications:
    That is my fear. I am sorry to say this but if the next Eritrean generation has the level of maturity, civility, prudence, ..etc like what you have showed in our debate, then I am really concerned about our future as real owners of our country

    ካብ ናይ ናጽነት ህርፋን ዝተበገሰ ግን ዑሙቕ ዝበለ ሃገርን ህዝብን ዝብል ምዕቡልን ዘመናዊ ፍልጠት ዘይወነነ ቁንጹብ ኢፎርያ ወይ ገነታዊ ሕልሚ ኣስኪሩካን ነቲ መስካሪ ዘየድልዮ ግሉጽ ተርእዮ ትኽሕዶ ኣሎኻ፤ የሕዝን። ነብስኻ ጥራሕ ኢኻ ትጥብር ዘሎኻ። በል ክትፈልጥስ
    እዋን ላግጽን ጸወታን ሓሊፉ ኢዩ። ከምዝኸማኻ ዑሙታትን ደናቑርን ድማ ንህግደፍ ትሕለቑ? ዘገርም! ዘስደምም።
    በል ሕጂስ እቲ ቃልስና ህላወ ሃገርና ንምርግጋጽ እዩ። ኣብኡ ደረጃ ኢዩ በጺሑ ዘሎ።

  18. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 14, 2015 at 2:32 PM

    Ha-ha-ha.. Landlocked and ignored. LOL

  19. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 14, 2015 at 2:34 PM

    Very well written. Thank you.

  20. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 14, 2015 at 2:35 PM


  21. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 14, 2015 at 3:13 PM

    It sounds like sour grapes to me. Ha-ha-ha...

  22. How is your type going to ensure "hilawe hagerna" when at the same is you that sided with the very people who will do absolutely anything to reverse Eritreans independence paid for by many of our best?..while you think that the solution to our problem is thier panacea to all upcoming and independent countries which did not work for the last 70-80 years, but achieved the desired outcome for those who designed it.
    you say "hilawe hagerna" ? look at the countries around you which African country achieved a true progress? and why not? while your opinion if PIA is clear He is one of those heroes whobgave us Eritrea and for your information "Hilawe hager" is not a concern Eritrea is sovereign and independet nation and well defended. no matter how you and the likes of wish and do to tarnish the image Eritrea is undergoing a difficult time not dying as you put iy and this is not for the future it is brighter than your glumy one..what is disappointing when debating with the like of you is that you refuse to acknowledge nothing good about your own country and yet would want be seen as "true defenders" I have news for you we saw you for what you are who talk the talk but never walks! so we.sided with the people who are working. .at least they are working! then this work will be a legacy for future Eritrea..what does your likes do?


  24. "እቲ ቃልስና ህላወ ሃገርና ንምርግጋጽ እዩ።" Who do you think you are fooling? You are doing quite the opposite!

  25. Then why don't we see or hear you doing that--"safe guarding the sovereignty of the nation and calling upon the UN to
    put pressure on the EPRDF regime to implement the final and binding
    ruling of the EEBC"?????????

  26. Sorry to say that but it is your baboons master who create sour grape that forced you to eat and swallow.

  27. No need to quote an irrelevant biblical verse. All I am saying is that there is nothing wrong to ask for a constitutional people's government and the rule of law while defending the territorial integrity and interests of our nation. I hope you do have a working Gray Matter in your skull to figure out this out. Ezi wode hanka, have a nice day !

  28. I was talking about the elitists in general and their plan for the world. Instead of debating that, you changed the subject to cover up for them. A GOOD SLAVE AND A GOOD BOY!!!

  29. Ethiopia V Leseto 2:1 at Bahir Dar Ethiopia

  30. To Mana, Ebay and your ilk:

    Eritrea is a in a dire situation. It is our nation and
    we need to think and learn under the normal situation. We don’t want it to fail. It has all the potential to grow and prosper if governed properly not by vindictive and arrogance with inept individuals who attempt to see their smallness with Galileo telescope. The following are just appropriate expression of the current Eritrea’s somber situation because of you kebti and your bosses (PFDJ); It became a country with empty store. The only country bread is distributed with coupons (aha, remember it is 21st century).It became a country with the lowest educational standard in the world. There is sufficient evidence
    for this. Thanks to PFDJ: The regional state of Tigray is better educated at this time with 3 big universities, one high-tech equipped Institute of technology, Institute of Arid Zone agriculture, more than 6 community colleges, more than 15 technical schools, more than 20 private colleges. Each village in Tigray is linked with electric power and school. To prove this just go to the reality check. …and Eritrea??? Find out yourself or ask Isaias…what a shame doing this to once proud and hardworking people. Yes indeed Eritrea has also dedicated children as a sign of hope and optimism. It will survive at the grave of PFDJ and above its destructive legacy.


  32. Y r again damning yrself. Undermining the soldiers who fought to defend their country is unfair and immoral. Y don't know how much it hurts for the parents who lost their dear sons during the war. Once before Eritrea got its independent I was coming from Keren to Asmara in a bus. We were three persons in that seat. A young boy was talking with that Ethiopian soldier. I did not follow the whole conversation but suddenly I heard the soldier saying "there are no men in our viallage except women and children". This is always in my memory.

  33. Soon to be fragmented, Ethiopia

  34. ኣባ- ዳህሪJune 15, 2015 at 5:31 AM

    እንዴት ንዎት ኣያ?!

    ሰው ያሞኘ የመሰለው ጅላጅል የውያኔ ቅጥርኛ Yohannes ...... ከወደ ላይ ቀደም ሲል፣ እራሱን ኤርትራዊ ኣስመስሎ ያቂያቄለ መስሎት ጅላንፎነቱን ሲያሳየን ...... ያችን ሆድ እንኳ የሚያታልል "ኵዕንቲ" ሳይቀር፣ ከምስኪኑ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በየእለቱ በጠራራ ቀትር፣ በግፍ በመዝረፍ ተመጽዋችና ለማኝ (charity & handout) ካረጋችኋት ኣገር፣ ጠቅላይ ግዛቱን ትግራይን ከፍ ከፍ
    ያረገ መስሎት፣ ...... ዩንቨርስቲዎች፣ ኮሌጆች፣ የቴክኖሎጂ ተቋሞች ...... ምንስ ያልደረደረ ?
    ...... እንዳመጣለት እንደ ቆሎ እየዝገነ በመስፈር፣ ብዛቱን ብህዝቡ ቍጥር ልክ ኣድርሶታል።

    ስለ ተብየዎቹ መዋውቅሮች ግዜ ተገኝቶ እስካጫውቶት ድረስ ( "ሮኬትም ወደ ጠፈር ልናመጥቅ ነው!" ሰምቼ ስለንበር ነው ጥርጠራየ።)
    ...... ለምሆኑ ሰውየው የዘላበደውን ብዛት ያህል፣ ሌላው ቀርቶ "የቦኖ" ቧንቧ ውሃ ማደያስ ኣላቸው ወይ? ...... እርሶ ምራቈን ዋጥ ያረጉ ሽምግሌ ኖት ብየ ስለማስብ ነው እርሶን መጠየቄ።

    ግን በርሶ እድሜም መተማመኔ እየጎደለ መጥቷል፤
    ባለፈው ጽሁፌ "እየጨረጨሱ መጡብኝሳ?"
    እንዳላልኩ ከናካቴው እየገረጀፉ "መሳት" እያበዙ
    ነው። ይብXXብዎ ጀምሯል ...... በደህና ይሆን?
    ...... XX ሱ "ዳዳ" ነው።


  35. Ebay:

    Your resorted to this quagmire and mayhem. A lost child of Eritrea. You can learn as learning is a continuous process in life.

    My advice and Recommendation to You: It is good for you to dedicate one or two hours a day for a wider reading in and browsing of the internet for knowledge accumulation and retention. This will help you to be alert and more matured and realistic in your debate in situations like this. Of course, it will also help you to grasp the realistic current condition and future trends of Eritrea. Further more you can also help your fellow Eritreans to enhance their ability in grasping and understanding the real situation in Eritrea. This is a great service for the country, you claimed, you loved. Don't forget that we should be realistic and critical if we love our country.

  36. Aba-Dahri:
    Talk with facts and figures. Don't waste your time. As pundits say, learn, learn and learn to see light at the end of the dark tunnel. you displayed is a typical behavioral attributes of PFDJ DNA. Denial, Nostalgic and Arrogance. Words will not suffice to express your ignorance. write better next time.

  37. Oh!!! how Crappy your reaction Gasha?

    Please grow-up and learn. What you are writing is embarrassment for you and for
    us Eritreans. Unless being sub-human, full human and matured person cannot write like this. Isn't it better to cure your wounds rather than talking nonsense. I said this in my message down: "for those unwise and narrow minded people". In fact, my message is for those like you who are very far from maturity.

  38. You just can't see the whole picture or you don't want to. You mentioned history, mr "learned" man, so now tell me, what the record of the UN in eritrean history looks like. I'm giving it my last shot to make you see in another angle, alas, for nothing-it seems.

  39. "Grow up"? Why don' you grow up and face the criticism by countering by substantiating your claim instead? Afrade you can't?

    "[E]mbarrassing for you and us, Eritreans" I bet that's not even what you believe! If you are indeed embarrassed, it is your choice, go ahead! You handle your own embarrassment! How are you different from Eritrea's enemies while you are fighting against the government that is defending its sovereignty while you are aware of the injustices we have all witnessed during the past years? You want to fight and make changes, go ahead and face your chances. You know it is never going to bear any fruit! The real embarrassment is that you are willing to kill another Eritrean, for what? For toppling the one man you hate? For an empty promise that has not even been declared? For power? There are no justifications for collaborating with the enemy!

    "subhuman" , "full human", "matured", "narrow minded", "crappy", . . .

    All this because I countered your claim of "working for the country?" I do not think even you, yourself believe that! However, you showed your own IMMATURITY and more! A MATURE reaction would be to DEBATE the issue if you could justify your stand! You could not and will never do so because you have no justifiable cause!

    You are a pretentious traitor or one of those south of the border worried about their survival because of their own choice of servitude for colonizers!

  40. Look at what you are writing! You do not even understand and differentiate between the circumstance of the two places you are talking about! You claim to know all the relevant essentials, but you don't even acknowledge that the mafia of the same region you are praising (most probably because you are from there and you think it will anger Eritreans) is the main obstacle to peace and prosperity in the region. Let the long- disadvantaged people of Tigray have these and other good things, that is not an issue for us! While what you are claiming about Eritrea is absolutely not true, we are fully aware that your organization's (the Weyane) refusal to accept the EEBC's decision and your organization's leaders hedging of their own survival on ceding Eritrean territories (an entanglement they created on themselves) is the only reason that our country is not advancing as fast as we would like it to be. That is obvious to everyone except those short-sighted! You know enough about us, you would have seen miracles.

    It is a good thing that you revealed you are a Weyane. We know it all along from your tone!

  41. It depends who you ask. If I ask you, you would probably say, as long as it rains in Canada and the US.

    "The Gate Keeper of the Eastern Flank or Africa" means just as it says! It shows how much unaware you are about regional affairs. I bet you have not seen some maps or heard about a busted cell in the Sudan, or the situation involving the same elements in Yemen. You could also have learned about the same from another map that showed about a region called "the crescent of instability." Your bosses have selected you to fight in instabilities you help make, but they create.

    Do you now understand what the "Gate Keeper" means? Start thinking a little further than your nose, will you?

  42. Gasha, No I still don't get it. You talked about other region.... you talked about a map and regional affairs..... you talked about my bosses. You are going around like a headless chicken without answering the question.Do you really believe you are gatekeeper ? You don't have a gate. Your people are flocking out of the country by the thousands every month. What gate ? Who attempted and failed ? You know who used empty slogans ? Mengistu .And where did that leave him ? Ask yourself what exactly is the difference between Mengistu rule and Issayas ?Bread and food used to be rationed under Mengistu as it is present in current Eritrea. People used to be forced to join the army under Mengistu as it is present in current Eritrea. People needed exit visa to leave Ethiopian under Mengistu as it is present in current Eritrea.Power and gas was scarce under Mengistu as it is under current Eritrea. People had no hope and were discouraged under Mengistu as it is... well you get my point by now. Your dictator took the blue print of Mengistu when he came to visit Addis. Eritrea got liberated from Mengistu and got another Mengistu.You haven't learned nothing from history. This mantra of the government will babysit the people DOES NOT WORK. Ask yourself what has been done Eritrea in the past 20 years ? And where do you see it 20 years from now ? If you really really care about the mass then this is what you should talk about.

  43. Aye ante yemegeremenewe 'principle, objective, ke40 amet jemero temokurale weteme ametoale torenet officially komale. Gene antena endante yalachwhut hunetawochene yeresachhue yemeselale. Hulum beye mekenyatu koselole ahune alasfelagi cheke tetene endet wedefit bandenet eneseralene newe malet yalebenee. Hulum etiopiwi yemayakefe edeget kezam alfo yeErtrawne andente waga endelelewe beafe bemulu setenagere denkurnahene ezhu eywetatahewenewe. Gorebete kaletega anteme tegtehe endematadere eweke. Don't y remember all the Euroean leaders hand hand together saying we need our values. We Africans should say the same. The development of Addis Ababa has been tried before. Does it bring any change on the standard living of the rural and urban people? Students were burnt while they were in the village to eradicate illiteracy, students and others who believe in change were hanged, some of remainigs were thrown on the street. There are a lot of trials done to improve the lives of human beings in the world. Cooperation and collaboration is made among nations. We have to be part of it and contribute the same. The miscalculation and misinformation of people like y are stirring and using innocent people and exposing to unnecessary agitation and immigration. Stop and think positively! 'kedetu wede matu'. endayehone negeru tetenkek. Our government, PFDJ is an exemplary to African development. Self-reliance develop confidence. Y Eritreans who r trying to make the gap wide will regret.

  44. You can wish but Ethiopia forever will be strong


  46. Sorry for the error in saying pacific !!!!!


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