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"Commission of Inquiry" Report: Cynical Political Travesty that Undermines Human Rights

Press Statement

"Commission of Inquiry" Report: Cynical Political Travesty that Undermines Human Rights

The people and government of Eritrea find the wild accusations leveled against them by the "Commission of Inquiry" established by the UN Human Rights Council of "systematic and gross violation of human rights" totally unfounded and devoid of all merit. These accusations are simply a continuation and an escalation of the politically motivated campaign to undermine the political, economic and social progress the country is making, including in the area of human rights. They are an attack, not so much on the government, but on a civilized people and society who cherish human values and dignity.

These accusations and the despicable attempts to silence those who have anything positive to say about Eritrea are a transparent attempt to race against time to impede the increasing and increasingly productive international engagement with Eritrea. Clearly, the resort to extreme charges and indecent hyperbole, including cynical and unwarranted reference to "possible crimes against humanity," is intended to forestall a sober reflection on the realities in Eritrea and to rush matters and force the issue before fairness and justice can prevail. It is also undeniable that there are those who will hide behind these outrageous claims to whitewash their transgressions against Eritrea and to seek pretexts for their acts of destabilization.

Eritrea has consistently stated that as a nation born in the struggle for human rights, it remains fully committed to ensuring and enhancing the human rights of the people, to improving the quality of life of all its citizens. It is a telling indictment that in a region under severe threat from violence, gross abuse, extremism and terrorism, where so many commit so many crimes, the sponsors of the Commission chose to attack peaceful, stable, harmonious, human development-focused Eritrea. They need to be forcefully challenged and held accountable as their actions lack of integrity and professionalism undermine human rights and the credibility of human rights institutions as well as regional peace and stability. Eritrea accordingly calls on all nations and on all people who value fairness, justice and human rights to demand an end to the travesty that is being perpetrated by "Commission of Inquiry."

For Eritrea, the current attacks aimed at undermining our sovereignty and progress are a matter of déjà vu. We were denied our rights to independence as a former colonial country because of perceived "strategic interests" of the United States. Few supported us during our legitimate struggle for freedom. The powerful tried to denigrate our cause and bomb us into submission. We were routinely written off. And yet, by dint of our determination and humanity, we emerged victorious.

Today, despite the vile and slanders and false accusations, despite a deafening international silence in the face of the illegal occupation of our land in violation of international law, despite economic pressures and encouragement of illegal migration, our resolve and confidence that we will build a dignified and prosperous nation remains unshaken. Eritrea will not be diverted from that lofty objective and will redouble its determination and efforts to achieve it.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


09 June 2015
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"Commission of Inquiry" Report: Cynical Political Travesty that Undermines Human Rights Reviewed by Admin on 9:18 AM Rating: 5


  1. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 9, 2015 at 11:58 AM

    Its been said-- "Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it"

    We don't need to explain ourselves-- who are they to tell us this and that-- Nobody gave us our independence or our economy is not based on their Aid-handouts->like some others who owe this bastards. We Eritreans we took

    our independence and We sweat for a nickel and a dime Turn it into an empire. :)

    Isn't you UN---That decided and destroyed the fate of the Eritrean independence by handing it over to Ethiopia. For the geo-political interest of the USA. So, UN you are really barking up the wrong tree. HUMAN RIGHTS MA FOOT!..

  2. Alec - Yes you do need to explain yourself, Ass-hat! It is called "accountability." You cannot just run an entire country into the ground and destroy its social fabric then start flapping your ass-cheeks in arrogance. As part of that accountability you will also have to explain how $700 million-plus was recently discovered in secret accounts held by Eritreans at HSBC. One of these days, the masses will rip you appart limb from limb like ፋሲካ ዶሮ.

  3. Majority of Eritreans and its Government will continue to stand up to these conspiracies. They have said nothing about the violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity, their involvement in human trafficking, or the illegal sanctions. They are disingenuous to suggest they care about Eritrea. We will continue to watch these long-time enemies, who have always been against us, while we continue to build our country.

  4. They want us to be a loyal house kneegrow, like others in the region. Not gonna happen

  5. The tortures and rapes ended in 1991 when we dismissed Ethiopia from our country.

  6. Eritrean government needs to improve its human rights record. We have experienced first hand the human rights violations in eritrea. Impove it or face the consequence.

  7. Hillal • 2 hours ago

    A clarion call for action. The time has come when we need to fight fire with fire. For every action, there has to be an equal and opposite reaction. It's a scientific certainty. The Spec. Rapporteur's report is an affront to our hard won independence, sovereignty and pride and dignity of our nation and people.

    Every Eritrean is a proud member of the Eritrean defence and security forces and it's time to act that way ASAP. We don't need to go to the drawing board. We have ample experience on how to extinguish fires and fight risks and dangers wherever they are and where they are coming from.

    If history is our guide, we are certain that if it was difficult to make the proud nation of Eritrea and its dignified people kneel down and surrender in the yesteryears, it is practically impossible and is NOT going to happen today or tomorrow. This being we have some bad apples amongst us, the Eritrean traitors, who made a pact with the devil and are crisscrossing the globe wearing treason as their batch of honor.

    We know that silencing the political voice of the Eritrean nation is a wet dream of our enemies, detractors and Eritrean traitors, But silencing them is one of the top priorities and that is when studying the Eritrean experience comes handy. Because it comes with the nuts and bolts of a peoples revolution - portrait of the will of the human sprit to move mountains and nation and people marching in unison to reach the Eritrean Promised Land/ The Land of Hidri

  8. No african country has gone through what we go through.. This is hell.

    Google "eritrea" everyday and you'll see how one positive news one day can the next day be followed by 50 bad news from various outlets.

    If the ethiopian opposition accuse the ethiopian government of something one day, the very next day you see 10 news about Eritrea.

    It so coordinated, it's so scary..

    I admire ethiopia for making an effort to try to make their country look attractive, but seriously, putting money on lobbyism when you have people starving isn't the right way to go.

    The ethiopian diaspora gets tricked into thinking their country is the best but the eritrean diaspora gets tricked into thinking our country sucks..

  9. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 9, 2015 at 3:15 PM

    I don't have the time nor the patience to talk with Areyti quenty.

  10. The tone has been set by UN inquire commission for International Court of Justice(ICJ) to step in. The next phase in the inquire would be ICJ knocking on Eritrean leaders door for arrest. Theses leaders has been knocking innocent Eritreans door to arrest Eritrean citizen for a very simple reason parents for knowing where their kids are. It is pay back time. Truth and justice can delayed but never has been denied forever.

  11. You can run away from the truth but you run out of rooms to run after a while. I have been following the Eritrean web sites for a while to understand how some people perceive the realty in Eritrea. The method has been deny, deny, and deny but denial only works if a pattern is not the norm. Now Eritrea is going to runaway from itself because all other options that provided and accommodated denial all gone. The worst thing people do in their life is running away from themselves that means they don't have the means, the courage to change and reform. If you can't explain and people can't believe and understand you, you have no friends because understanding you and believing in what you say is the basis of friendship.

  12. You need to say minority Eritreans.

  13. You need to say the subjugation, tortures, rapes and sever human right violations started in its worst condition since 1991. That is the correct one.

  14. You need to say this:
    they want us to be others in the region. not gonna happen, while we are to small and too poor to do that. No body remembers us.

  15. Alec:
    From your writing, it seems you only know what you will eat tomorrow. Nothing more. This is a 21sst century time.

  16. What is the matter with you Agametay. You will not trace any Eritrean., real Eritrean name in the list of the names who held bank accounts in Swiss. No single Eritrean, I mean a hingle genuine Eritrean. So, We hope the list comes soon to prove you wrong. If there is any Eritrean then they are not government officials. They may be business ppl. Or Nationality dodgers like you. You prefer to call yourself as Eritrean when you are typical from the south of our border. Your wording and the smell of you is distinctively indicating here that you are from the south of the border. And It is typical of you writing things that are not even related to the topic. I cannot wait to see the list of names and of course if Swiss banks allow it to expose the names. Eritrea will claim it as its money and will catch the criminals. Probably people like you who are obsessed to call themselves Eritreans and who love undercover life will be exposed. But not one not a single Eritrean government is to be in the list. Take my word. Eritrean government officials are clean and do not have that money that goes to Swiss banks as there is no begging and get funding from the west. That begged money in Ethiopia is easy to steal it. Rest assured no government official will be in the list. But I cannot wait to see who this people are. Putting money in Swiss banks is more to do with the western world. So what is wrong if an Eritrean who earned the money legally puts it there. We are against anyone impuzlling public money or money earned deceitfully. In Eritrea there is no the slightest even the finest suspicion about people in government stealing and putting in Swiss banks. Never. President Isis is the most cleanest person in this regard. Do not worry about that. We can handle our affairs ourselves. Go to tiogray and ask dedebit

  17. aregawi wedi asmeraJune 9, 2015 at 8:06 PM

    ayda, you got to be sick lady who has nothing to ventinate but hatred. If i woere you , i would hate myzelf.

  18. please play your kirar and say laleylaley. How can you expect +ve news from eritrea, when everthing there is going wrong? fugur

  19. "People starving in Ethiopia" that is Eritrean news. Have you seen the WFO award to Ethiopia this week? You never read or watch anything out of Eritrea that is why you have such a negative view of life outside Eritrea, Eritrean style, deny, deny, deny. Eritrean think making Ethiopia their enemy is going to make them a better country and a better people. Having an enemy of any kind is not going to translate to something positive for Eritrea.

  20. There is no what call Eritrean race. Most Eritreans are from Tigray. Eritrean can't be called a majority or a minority based on ethnicity. Akaleguzay, Hamassien, and Seraye all are from Tigray. They are originated from Ethiopia. Aklaeguzay are agame, Hamassiens are from gonder-Dembia area, and Seraye are from Shire-Adwa-Axum area. Their name exactly indicates where they are from.

  21. The context was just to highlight that those supporting the regime are the minority and unenlightened.

  22. great as always!

    ነቲ ክስፈር ዘሐርብት ክእለታትካ መሊሰ ክምስክር ዘብቀዓትኒ ክልእ ኣገንዖ (= + suprise) ትማሊ ትማሊ ተዓዚበልካን ተሕጒሰልካን ኣለኹ! - - - ኣንፈት (= hint) ደርጋ ኣይከኣልን´ዩ ኢለ ዝቐበጽኩዎ - - - > ".gif ኣብ disqus"።

  23. ኣሌክ - Alec you
    ነብሲ !

    "Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it"

    ብሓቂ ብሓቂ - - - ጥቕስን ፈርቓን።

  24. ayda ውዓሮ aka lioness!

    - - - ንሓሳዳትሲ ጨላግፍዮም ደኣ እዛ "ብራዋ" ።

  25. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 10, 2015 at 8:49 AM

    If you can't take a joke, get the fuck off the internet. :)

  26. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 10, 2015 at 8:58 AM



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