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Ethiopia Defense Minister says Ethio-Eritrea border ‘impenetrable’

Malnourished, illiterate and barefoot TPLF militiamen heading to fight Eritrean civilians near the border (Credit: Corbis)

By Yonas Abiye

The Minister of Defense (MoD), Siraj Fegessa, said the country’s military front on the boarders with Eritrea remains impenetrable to respond to any possible aggression.

The minister made the remark while presenting his ministry’s nine months’ performance report to the House of Peoples' Representatives on Thursday.

“Our army is always psychologically and materially alert to promptly and adequately respond to potential aggressions at any time,” Siraj told parliamentarians.

The minister added that all the necessary steps to make the Ethio-Eritrea border front inviolable has been undertaken with maximum preparedness at every strategic operations level. The same level of preparedness in air defense is also in place with better quality and quantity of personnel as well as air defense armaments, Siraj added.

The minister’s report, however, made no mention of a reported clash between Ethiopian and Eritrean forces along the border in mid-march. [No such clashes took place. Only clashes were between Ethiopian rebels and TPLF forces]

Some media reports indicated that a surprise attack by Eritrean military around Badme area left several Ethiopian National Defense Force personnel killed. In retaliation, the Ethiopian army reportedly crossed several kilometers inside Eritrea to carry out attacks on a military principal garage and a gold mining site. [This was a lie created by the Ethiopian regime]

The Ethiopian government neither denied nor admitted carrying out the attacks when asked about the reported clashes. “We will respond when there is an entity that officially claims to have been attacked,” Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn had said during a press conference. The Eritrean government had also made no official statement regarding the incident.

Defense Minister Siraj was also not inquired by parliamentarians. Siraj’s report also failed to mention about the defection of an Ethiopian air force pilot. Captain Gidey commanded MI35 Russian-made combat helicopter with co-pilot Lieutenant Bilelegn Dessalegn and flight technician Tsegabirhan Gidey to Eritrea. Two months later the US government donated a C-130E Hercules military transport aircraft to the Ethiopian Air Force.

Video: Ethiopian rebels penetrating deep within Northern Ethiopia to overrun Ethiopian Defense Force position.

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Ethiopia Defense Minister says Ethio-Eritrea border ‘impenetrable’ Reviewed by Admin on 8:19 AM Rating: 5


  1. Ayeeee Eritreans . It's been more than 13 years. Ethiopia have refused to leave badme and you haven't done anything about it. Another 13 years and all you will be talking about is empty threats and how you will take it back by force.How Ethiopians will run away at the sight of Eritrean army. Nothing but empty threats. You are funny. Gorilla fighting and two countries fighting are not the same thing. Ethiopian population is sooooooo large compared to yours that mathematically there is no way you can win a fight. In this day and age saber rattling will not help anyone. I suggest we make peace . The only way we can go forward is combining our businesses and let the population of both country benefit from it.

  2. I hate ISIS evilMay 5, 2015 at 7:03 PM

    As the Ethiopian university students said" weyane yewust Anbesa yewuch raisa"
    Keep barking like a dying dog

  3. Respect the rule of law. War will not solve anything just devastating for both countries. Size doesn't matter. It's proven in previous history. You may not know it. But at the same time muscles doesn't solve a problem. We know that we are on the right side, the triues will prevail in the end. The equation is simple. Abide by the final and binding Rule of law, next second, everything will be normaliesed

  4. I found the picture very interesting. This is the image the Eritrean government wants its soldiers to have about Ethiopia's military because the real Ethiopian army picture is frightening that the number of deserters would rise. It is a good choice of picture to calm down the nerves of the Eritrean army. But, at least some of the military personnel have seen Ethiopia's army on peace mission, so the attempt to calm down the army of Eritrea's is to small and to late. Nice try, though.

  5. "Malnourished, illiterate and barefoot TPLF militiamen " defeated the Eritrean "army" in 2000 within 6 days and conquerd 1/3 of Eritrea within the same time period. So... what does that say about the Eritrean "Army"? Choose your words wisely because what you say reflects more about you than those you talk about....

  6. Observer - No. NO peace! It is the weak mind that wants to appease it's enemy. Ethiopia does not need Eritrea in any shape or form. The current status quo of "No Peace, No War" is the perfect scenario. Let's not rock the boat. Steady as she goes...

  7. Lol, don't act like you're a peacemaker. The border demarcation is only being prevented by your western bosses. International law is there, final and binding. Badme is Eritrean, and the agame squatters will leave. If we need to support Ethiopian freedom fighters to keep u busy, so be it. But the land will return to it's rightful owner in due time. Then, we can work for mutual benefit with the post-weyane administration of Ethiopia, whoever that is. First, we need regime change in Addis.

  8. nice , no one need war if u want u need to go and try ur self don't bark behind ur computer screen. both governments don't represent the people they need to go and replaced by real ppl. especially the Asmara one. Time to go and BADME will be back with its rightful owners.



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