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Andiamo Exploration LTD to Kick Off Drilling Program in Eritrea

Ortac and Andiamo personnel at the Ber Gebey prospect - from left: Jan Stepiga (Ortac Chief Geologist), Dan Hamer (Andiamo Chief Geologist), Owen Mihalop (Ortac Technical Director), Vassili Carellas (Ortac CEO), Dr Tim Williams (Andiamo CEO) and Dr Seife Berhe (Andiamo Country Manager).

By Giles Gwinnet

ORTAC Resources said its exploration partner Andiamo is about to kick off a 1,000m drill programme on the Haykota licence in Eritrea.

It comes after positive trenching results at the Hoba prospect and the diamond drill programme is designed to test VMS style mineralisation in the north of the concession.

Highlight gold results from the trenching included 6 metres at 4.87 g/t (gram per ton) gold at 0.5 g/t of the yellow metal, and 14m at 2.20 g/t.

Copper finds from trenching included a standout 6.13% copper at 5 metres, and 2m at 0.10% copper.

Ortac holds a 25% stake in Andiamo and this exploration is part of an agreement with Environminerals East Africa (EEA).

EEA may earn a 50% interest in discoveries in the northern part of the licence area by spending a total of US$2.0mln by the end of 2015.

Vassillios Carellas, Ortac chief executive, said: “The gold and copper grades intersected from the trenching of the Hoba prospect provide a sound platform for this diamond drilling campaign.

“Meantime Andiamo are edging closer to securing a JORC code compliant resource on Yacob Dewar, this coupled with the promising Hoba prospect means Andiamo are getting a better understanding of the geology at these prospects which bodes well for making similar discoveries in the wider Haykota licence area.”

At the Yacob Dewar deposit, work is progressing well, and a maiden JORC compliant mineral resource estimate is anticipated to be completed during the third quarter.


– Positive results from Hoba prospect trenching and sampling on the Haykota licence area
– 1,000m diamond drill campaign to commence on the Hoba prospect
– Advanced metallurgical testwork undertaken on Yacob Dewar deposit
– Yacob Dewar is being advanced towards JORC compliant maiden resource

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  1. It is many years now since the Gold Mining of Busha became operational; billions of dollars worth had been harvested; however, the whetabout of the money could not be traced in Eritrea, the head of the mafia isaias afewerki had always been telling the people of Eritrea that since the outcome of the Gold Mining did not meet the expectation, their lot would deteriorate and that they must tie their belt tight .

    The truth however was that the Gold Mining was producing enough for the people of Eritrea to flourish and live well but isaias afewerki was stashing the money in his secret foreign accounts. This fact was unraveled by accident when Europeans and United States government were investigating some of their citizens whom they suspected of paying less tax by hidding their money in foreign banks

    Eritrea was 50th in terms of the amount of the stolen money uncovered in the Swiss bank. But we must never forget, this is one of the many others that the crooks could hide the money they stole from the poverty stricken people.

    If the eritrean government was in the hands of the people, such grand theft could have been minimized. But this was the reason isaias afewerki abolished the Constitution , the Baito and the private press, mong many others, to have free ride on anything and to get away with it. Do not forget, the war, the no war no peace, the sanction etc.were all premeditated to bring about the current crisis.

    The so called Cabinet of Ministers are simply toys he put to create the illusion that the country has government officials. The real activities are done in mafia style by few people under his strict control. Whatever they do is hidden from the people and there are no paper traces. The members of his mafia are all of tigrai descent.

    In his May 24 speech, he spoke of corruption but do not take it literally. First and foremost, he is the CEO of the mafia waging reign of terror in our country; he is unelected President etc. In a nut shell, he is the embodiment and personification of Corruption. He loves corrupted officials because they serve him as hideout but hates virtuous people because they expose his evil intention and practice. When he spoke of corruption, therefore, his aim is not what the naive and gullible understand. He is rather aiming at those whom he considers are a threat to his evil scheme.

  2. "The truth however was that the Gold Mining was producing enough for the people of Eritrea to flourish and live"

    Do you have ANY idea whatsoever... how much money it takes to run a country? Jesus christ you arm chair professors are so stupid it hurts to read your comments. Do you have any idea how much has been invested in massawa? or the health and education of the country? It's useless taking to woyane puppets.

    Listen if its as bad as you say it is you don't need to be on the internet you need to put boots on the ground... oh i forgot you guys are just here to destroy Eritreanism and pride in our country.

  3. Great to see advancement taking place on the Haykota site!

    Go Eritrea!

  4. ኣሌክ - Alec youMay 31, 2015 at 12:41 PM

    Building Eritrea in a Solid Foundation. and by been the owners of our resources. Now thats an idea. Proud to be Eritrean!!!...

  5. The $ 700,000,000.00 stolen from the people of Eritrea by isaias afewerki is a fact confirmed by a third party. And remember this is just a tip of the iceberg, which, I assure you , will be known sooner than later and the perpetrator will be held accountable.

    You wrote that all the swiss banks statistics were pre 2006........ I bet you think that is a good defense to get off the hook the name of your master. But that won't cut it. If you were as smart as you pretend to be you could figure out very easily that the crooks involved in the fraud financial transaction could manipulate not only the date but also the identity of the individuals.

    "....... You need to put boots on the ground........" I heard this from many misguided people like yourself, which suggests that you guys are mere parrots that say whatever you are told. However my invariable answer is : to be on the Eritrean ground is precisely why we are working hard to remove isaias afewerki.

    ".......oh I forgot you guys are just here to destroy Eritreanism and pride in our Eritrea.".

    I wish you unshackle your mind from parrotism and see the Eritrea of early nineties and the Eritrea of today. You will see clearly the depth of the abyss our country has been plunged into by isaias afewerki. The social disintegration. the economic melt down and the disarray of military is so profound that woysne can penetrate deep into our country to commit any aggression at will and return unscathed. And you call this situation Pride?

    And how does isaias afewerki cover up his crimes? By evading the fact on the ground and distracting the people from the fact on the ground. And when he cannot hide the facts on the ground, blames the USA alleging that the country has not accepted Eritrean sovereignty.

  6. thanks but don't got the time to read a book

  7. I apologize TN i know you wanted to keep the development/investment stories free of the nonsense but i just couldn't help replying to the ignorance i was seeing. I will try not to engage them anymore. It usually is a complete waste of time.

  8. Keep dreaming Mr Dreamer of Dedebit!!!!!

  9. A fool or an idiot is his worst enemy. Here you are one on the flesh.

    If you are to lie, could you try to give it a 24 hours shelf life. Please, try to be smart about it if you are to lie. Then again, how could you be smart about it. If not even the few HASUS you are trying to misinform or mislead will be ashamed of you. And when that happens, you are all alone.

    Then again, you are all alone. In any case, try your best to give you lie a 24 hours shelf life; if you know what I mean.

  10. What does a dog do when it felt its master is threatened?

    It barks, isn't it?

    But why?

    Because that is its nature.

    What about you, a human created to be rational but barking like a dog in defense of your indefensible master who has willfully imposed himself on the people on whom he is waging a reign of terror?

    Can you prove me wrong that isaias afewerki is a duly elected president?

    You can't. That is why your resorting to act like dog, to evade the truth on the ground by character assassination. But that kind of artistry is outdated. Isaias afewerki had tried it by completely isolating the country from the outside world but could not contain the truth. Lo and behold, the United Nations is investigating him for serious human violations, the evidences of which are overwhelmingly transparent.

    With regard to the $700,000,000.00 unravelled in the swiss bank, 85% of it is registered under Asmera taxi driver's name. Do you believe Asmera taxi driver can save $ 600,000,00.00? No.

    Hagos Kisha is the defacto treasurer and minster of finance in Eritrea. And do you know how he earned the nickname " kisha"? Once a thief is always a thief. Isaias afewerki selected him for that position for that vicious talent.

    By the way, other than the swiss bank, there are many other fraudulent banks around the world and I am definitely sure our stolen money is widely spread over them all.


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