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Somalia accuses Somaliland of supporting al-Shabab

Puntland's deputy police chief holds Somaliland currency and handgun found on the bodies of al-Shabab-linked militants


Somaliland, self-declared breakaway state in Somalia has been accused of aiding the Al-Qaida Linked militants fighting in Gal-Gala mountain ranges by the neighboring Puntland.

Puntland has blown the whistle on Somaliland on allocating financial, martial and moral support to forces loyal to Al-Shabab, who are fighting Puntland forces.

Following an attack Al-Shabab militants numbering  up to five carried out on police station in the commercial hub of Bossaso, Puntland police forces have repulsed the militants, killing two and capturing three others.

In a press conference, Puntland’s deputy police Chief  Muhuyadin alias Gacamey has said that they have found Somaliland currency from the attackers’ pockets.

We have found currency used by Somaliland from their pockets and this is not the first time we have captured them with such evidences

Puntland forces are battling Al-Shabab militants in the Somaliland-bordering Gal-Gala mountain ranges.

The militants influx  infiltrate into Puntland through Somaliland to quake the region stability according to Puntland.

"Somaliland supports Al-Shabab because it wants to convince to the world there is no peace in Somalia and therefore should be recognized as an independent state” says Puntland official who spoke to RBC Radio

He states that the break away state of Somaliland has political objective in aiding the militants to destabilize the region’s peace.

He adds "Somaliland also supports the militants influx in Gal-Gala mountain ranges to reduce Puntland’s focus to recapture Sool region and concentrate on battling the militants in Gal-Gala.”

Puntland and Somaliland has been in rift for the past decade over territory dispute.
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