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ARGeo on harnessing the geothermal potential of Eritrea

His Excellency Sebhat Efrem, Minister of Energy and Mines, meeting with UNEP officials

By Francisco Rojas

Through the GEF Funded African Rift Geothermal Development Facility project UNEP is engaged in supporting Eritrea in the surface exploration of the Alid geothermal prospect.

In this month’s newsletter from ARGeo, a special coverage on the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has been done stating that the UNEP has thrown its weight behind Eritrea’s vision of advancing clean energy development in the country. Through the GEF Funded African Rift Geothermal Development Facility project (ARGeo) which promotes geothermal resource exploration, development and utilization in African countries, UNEP is engaged in supporting Eritrea ( an “ARGeo country” ) through the Ministry of Mines and Energy , in the geothermal resource development particularly in the surface exploration of the Alid geothermal prospect in Eritrea.

The results of this study will provide information on location of target sites for drilling and minimizes risk of drilling dry wells while maximizing the chance of productive wells.The project will also assist Eritrea in preparing the proposal for the financial support from the Geothermal Risk Mitigation Facility (GRMF) of the African Union Commission-German Development Bank (KfW) for subsequent drilling.

Geothermal energy development in Eritrea will have an important input in alleviating expenditure on foreign currency while safeguarding the environment from adverse impact of fossil fuels. In this context, a joint UNEP-ICEIDA (Icelandic International development Agency) team visited Eritrea in January 2015. The main objective was to discuss with high level delegates and with geothermal stakeholders in Eritrea on implementing “surface exploration studies” in the Alid geothermal prospect in the framework of the ARGeo project. The team had successful meetings (and a field visit to Alid) with His Excellency General Sebhat Efrem (Minister of Energy and Mines) and his team. In addition, important discussions were held on Eritrea hosting of the Sixth ARGeo biennial conference (ARGeo-C 6) in 2016 and private developers.

IMPLEMENTATION PLAN: In consultation with the Eritrean team, the UNEP-ICEIDA team developed a detailed implementation plan of the Alid surface studies.The Ministry of Energy and Mines including various stakeholders affirmed their continuous leadership, engagement and support for effective and efficient implementation of the surface studies in Alid as well as in hosting of the ARGeo C6 in Eritrea in October 2016.

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  2. Eritrea must tap this geothermal potential!! This is a big deal and must be in the foremost priority for development.

  3. Segum wedi Erey Siegum! Here you go. Alid is bviousely one of the most prospective geothermal sites in the world. The area has all it takes for a successful extraction of geothermal energy. And, Madote readers, mark my words for I would not be surprised if the same exploration drilling comes up with another Zara or Bisha scale gold deposit. The area has a great potential for epithermal gold as well. Drilling in the area will be killing two birds...
    This should send another episode of shock waves to the migraine-hit Weyane heads.

  4. It's really great that GoE give attention to clean energy as whole, i follow up this matter since the time of independence almost, and i can state that gradual changes have been made. Great vision indeed..

  5. ንምንታይ እዮም ኤሬትራውን ንኼምዚ ዝአሜሴሌ ዓማም ብናቶም ፍልጤት ኬቤግስዎ ዜይምክአሎም።ዜይቴማሃርና ኮይና ዲና ዌይስ ሙሁራት እና እንዳቤልና(አብ ሃጌርና)ግና ፍልጤት ኬይቄሴምና ሜዋእልና አብ ትምሂርቲ ቢ ዜይንርድኦ ቋንቋ ስሌንማሃር ዶ ይኾውን።ግዝዬና ብኮንቶ ስሌኔጥፍኦ ናይ ካሌኦት ቋንቋ ክንምሃር።ንህዝቢ ዬምህር አሌኹ እንዳቤልካ ብዜይእርድኦ ቋንቋ ቴዛሬብን ጻሓፍን ክትብሎ እንኮሌኻ ዜሔንኽን ዜሔፍርን ኬምኡ ውን ጌቤን ዶ አይኮኔን፡እስኪ ንእንግሊዛዊ ካብ ሎሚ ጄሚርካ ኩሉ ትምህርትኻ ብትግርኛ ክኼውን እዩ ቤልዎ...ሑሙማት ዓሻሹ።ዜስዴምም እኳንዮ አንቱም ሴባት።ያእይ ቋንቋዃ ዴርቢኻ ቋንቋ እንዳአማትካ ምንአድን ምሕቋፍን ሲ ምዕባሌ ኮይኑ።ትምህርቲ ማሌት ንሓዴ ሕብሬቴ ሴብ ብዝርድኦ ብዝሜልኮ ብአብ ማዓልታዊ ሜኔባብርኡ ዝራኼቤሉ ቋንቋ ክቴምህሮ እንኮሌኻ ጥራይ እዩ ውጺኢታዊ ትምህርቲ ዝኼውን።ፍልጤት ብናትካ ናይ ባዓልኻ ቋንቋ እንድሕሪ ቴቄሪብልካ እዩ ክትቄስሞን ክትርድኦን ድክአል።ፍልጤጥ ቢሜጌዲ ቋንቋ እንግሊዜኛ ዝርኬብ ጥራይ አይኮኔን።

  6. Actually, the risk associated with the production of geothermal energy cannot be overstated. Not only financially (the initial investment is extremely expensive) and geologically (inherent when dealing with the subsurface, especially in remote areas), but it also can result in the emission of many of toxic chemicals (including H2S which is extremely deadly and the very CO2 everyone is trying to avoid). Eritrea should approach with caution.

  7. Why do Shabos try to copy weyane policies, specially economic policies?

  8. you are really delusional, who's copying who? e.g. the Tigray area has the same copied policy from Eritrea, where us you've a Neo-Capitalist economical model in the rest of Ethiopia. you know its always you who looks up to Eritrea, just go look up and pray as you know we Eritrean never look down.... Agame its funny when you start to believe in your own lies. Inferiority complex is a sickness, but i'm sorry you can not come to Asmara to get your medication. poor you ...

  9. Haye mo nea tsehaf......leave the people who work day and night alone. You just talk..languages in Eritrea have been developing however European languages such as English French are the toll for higher education around the world and there is nothing wrong in gaining knowledge in any language if you don't have it in the first place...while it is imparative we develop the languages but we will still use other languages for higher education etc it is not even a choice at this stage.

  10. Y r right precaution put things in order but our gov't is wise. I am sure the pros and cons are considered before hand.

  11. Yakob, this ridicules y. If y r always against y r not human. Think big to the extent of
    making our Africa great let alone our two countries.

  12. Eska dema ete Tigrnya bedemb tsehafo or else use English alphabet. It disgusts me! I don't know how others feel.


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