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Eritrean-Swedish electronic singer Sa’ra Charismata releases “Sheep”

Sa'ra Charismata

By Vice

Sweden has had a pretty rough year politically. With the general election held in September and bigoted far-right Sweden Democrats trying to bring down every government prioritising other social issues than immigration, it's hard to avoid politics. And evidently, it's not only Sweden that's had a year of narrow-minded opinions taking place on a wider stage in the limelight. Which is why it's about time we hand over the stage to Sa'ra Charismata, a lady determined to speak up against social and economic injustices. Born and raised in Sweden, with parents fleeing the conflict in Eritrea in the 70s, this lady knows how to speak – ehrm, sing – her mind.

Part-time Brooklyn based Sa'ra's tour staring in January will take place on various colleges in Sweden. Why? Well, Sa'ra says that, "Concentration of young people is a vital component of social change as they tend to have the most freedom to question the moral and spiritual health of a nation." And what better way to involve young people in the act of questioning corporate interests than to make your music available to all? So here you go, listen to "SHEEP (Let me go)" below.

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Eritrean-Swedish electronic singer Sa’ra Charismata releases “Sheep” Reviewed by Admin on 8:14 AM Rating: 5


  1. Well composed pop/electronic, good melody, poetic, rhythmic and the message is universal, very intellectually put together and hits bulls-eye !!

  2. Fantastic good to hear Sa'ra..keep on


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