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Eritrea Limited National Military Service to 18 months Last November: UK Politician

As of November 2014, National Military Service in Eritrea has been capped to its original 18 months period 

During a debate in the House of Lords on Tuesday, Lord Avebury, a Liberal Democrat politician, informed his colleagues that Eritrea no longer has extended military service.

"The Eritrean ambassador told us that from last November conscription was limited to 18 months and that conscripts would not be required, as before, to perform civilian work such as road building, earning no more than $30 a month." Said Avebury.

Avebury explained Eritrea's justification for implementing indefinite military service was due to Ethiopia's illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories, and to "maintain a large armed force as a precaution against further military attacks by its bullying neighbor."

The UK politician also attributed much of Eritrea's alleged human rights violation's on Ethiopia's "no war, no peace" strategy. He went on to state that "if the threat of [Ethiopian] aggression were lifted, violations of human rights would diminish and the flow of refugees would be further reduced".

Avebury concluded his remarks by calling on his Government, and the EU, to launch a new diplomatic effort for peace in the region, and for Ethiopia to withdraw its forces from Eritrean territory.

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Eritrea Limited National Military Service to 18 months Last November: UK Politician Reviewed by Admin on 3:52 PM Rating: 5


  1. Since November no longer extended military service beyond the 18month? If that is true, it's great news. Good start.....

  2. Why is that "Good" news. Do you mean that the Eritrean government was doing "Bad" news? My friend, the extended service was necessitated by external conspiracies woven against Eritrea. Nobody likes the long time service by our youth. Nobody. But...

  3. ንኺድ፡ጥራይ !!!

  4. And if it is true, why it is not announced by the media of the regime?

  5. መኮነን
    ስለምንታይ ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዝምልከት ጉዳይ በቲ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ዝበሃል ዘይንገር?????????????

  6. Many countries in the world have a boarder conflict but non of them militarized and conscripted the entire population.
    Lalmba, can you give any indication rather than the British PM that proves this news is true.

  7. Bella Mokkie the time for your great description and support

  8. Mr Idris,
    First of all, name those countries. Secondly, tell us about all the circumstances that are different in those countries you say exist that are the same as the Eritrea-Ethiopia case? Do those countries have a population of 5 million versus 100 million? How big is the border the countries share? Is it 1000 kms? Was one of the countries a colony or the other? Are the countries found in a dangerous neighborhood as in the Horn of Africa? Was the border problem settled as agreed or did the aggressor country refuse to accept and then implement the arbitrated decision? Did the mediators encourage the decisions to be rejected or did they just watch and did nothing or did they pressure the lawless? Did the country that refused to implement the decision threaten to overthrow the government of the other country? . . . . . .? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Ask yourself these and other important questions before you rush to say something you would otherwise have preferred not to say! If you are a Weyane though, I don't blame you. Such characteristics seem to run through the Weyane family!

  9. Mahmud brother, ab sedet entelleka, temeherti azewter, tsebah negho keteqmeka iyu..neàka quenka ne bietesebkan, ne Eritrea keman ketkewen ika..ajoka, nab zeyteqem qoyki zereba gizieka aytetefeh zehawey..
    Dehri temherti berhan allo, dehri berhan, ayenay tsebuk, ayenay hemak ketelalien ketfelen yehegez.

  10. Before this was reported to the British Parliament on the 27 of January, TesfaNews had reported it as heard from the Charge D'Affairs of the Eritrean Embassy at a conference held in Washington D. C. The link to the news is still available there.

    Lalmba, don't despair. Our government would not make such major moves without finding proper ways of guaranteeing the security of the country.

  11. Idris sahibi,
    ane yebleka kaleh gedifna, ab wetsai ente alleka nab temhertin moyan azenbel, as i told to our guess mahamed down, spending time to write non sense is not worth a cent...rather get better education, you'll be better and you'll make better others too. If you really want to partecipate in politics then well go to a near eritrean community gathering and express your idea, forget now 2015, baal aboka Ibrahim Sultan, wey Weldeab Weldemariam, on the late 1950th, were discussing issues in hagerawi bayto to wonder the westerners when other african nations were living at very primitive fashion..

  12. "Asha seb yellen" (seb maletey Eritrawi iyu), izi kullu gurhin sherhin ab zehalefe 10 ametat nerieyo zelenna, regime change wala, human rights do, esh wesh..naena ketalelena aykealen, tarikna yemesker..
    zehezen ab kaleh botatat baàl libia, somal, egypt, tunisia, yugoslavia, ukrain ect zelo aderaeh, wala naena be weyanen korakurun gierom fetinomuna..kullu kem chew afshilnayo, be antsaru, berhan teqelqel alla..awetna naygeden iyu heji keman

    Awet Ne Hafash

  13. As time passes, things are becoming brighter, those who stand and resist the conspiracy against all odds are about to win.

  14. 'Was one of the countries a colony or the other? '
    Lol so Eritrea is the only country in Africa to have been colonized by another African country and by a European country. Strangely enough, there is no ill will towards the European colonial entity (Italy), but there is hatred towards Ethiopia. This despite the facts that Italians changed Eritrean culture in those fifty years they were there, far more than Ethiopia.

    By the way could you tell us what has changed regarding Ethiopia-Eritrea border dispute that led to the asmara regime changing this policy? The excuse of shaboon losers was always that as long as the conflict is not resolved and Ethiopia is occupying land, we have to have open-ended military service (not for the diaspora cowards like asha and his handlers on this site of course. MIlitary service is only obligated for the poor Eritreans back in Eritrea). So tell us has Ethiopia withdrawn from Badme? Is there no more conflict, diplomatic relations restored, sanctions lifted, IGAD ban lifted?

  15. Can you and I say enough about WARSAI, the Wulad Sawa. Here a song that tells the story of Warsai,

    ኣረ መን እዩ ምቕልቃል ዓዲ በጺሕኩም ኣብ በረኻ ሕደሩ ዝብለና፡ ምቕልቃል ዓዲ ሓሊፍና ኣብ ኣፋፈት ደንምበና እኮ በጺሕና ኢና.... ንኺድ ጥራይ!!

  16. Keda at iyom, tellamat iyom, lementi iyom..kullu kufue neger iyom izom ahbay..

  17. cane libero
    God Bless Eritrea !!!
    ነዚኦም፡ሐሰውታን፡ጠላማትን፡ወያኔ፡ናይ፡ኢዶም፡ይሀቦም !!!
    አሜን !!!

    Asmara Beer Factory begins production of canned brewery for export

    Friday, 30 January 2015 10:57

    Asmara, 30 January 2015 – Asmara Beer Factory has begun production of canned brewery for export through introducing a machinery for canning the product.

    Mr. Yohannes Habte, Manager, stated that the machinery is aimed at producing beer for export purpose, and thereby create foreign currency earnings for the factory. The plant is in a position to produce 1,800 canned beers per hour.

    The Minister of Tourism, Ms. Askalu Menkerios, presided over the launching ceremony today.

  19. I would like to add that Foreign Minister Osman Saleh told us about this when he and others in the delegation came for the annual UN summit in 2012. "Oppositions": It would be wise for you to follow events so as not to make fools out of yourselves!

  20. Any sane and fair person can understand easily the deceptive and secretive nature of EPLF/PFDJ.

  21. For your information, at this point in time, there are 38 countries in the world with some kind of mandatory National (Military} services due many reason, especially national security. On the top of the list are Israel, South Korea, North Korea, Egypt, Iran. I am quite sure you know as the reason why.

    For more national services in on the world, log on to the link below

    Even the USA used to have mandatory military SERVICE to as late as 1972, the end of Vietnam War.

    As for the boys and girls of the Eritrean National Service, they are the one who crushed the Weyane at Tserona, Badime, Adi Begi’O, Zalambessa, Burie, etc. The fool Weyane thought Warsai are just kids from the streets and even gave them the nickname the ‘JOHNTRA”. Yes, in there, was the Eritrean youth Warsai, call him the “JOHNTRA” if you will, but it was Warsai that give them hell. That is the Eritrean NATIONAL SERVICE at its best and finest.

    After the Weyane is crushed once and for all; where is Warsai these days? Building a nation brick by brick. Do not take my word for it, just log to the link below:


    Therefore, either you learn the facts or it is time for you shut up and head to your lonely cage to lament, as usual.

  22. non of these countries has turned national service to servitude for indefinite time.

  23. The one who is writing non sense and shameful racist insults is you and the supporters of the mafia regime in Eritrea. Good conscience and moral are better than any education.


    Eritrea: First canned Asmara Beer to go international


    If you are Eritrean you’re probably going to like this news – its weekend and its all about Asmara Beer. The Asmara Beer Factory has begun producing canned beer for export after investing in a beer canning production line.

    The company implemented the new production line aiming to export Asmara beer straight from Asmara to our living rooms and thereby create foreign currency earnings for the factory.

    Now take a deep breath, because the plant can produce up to 1,800 canned beers per hour, according to Shabait.

    The Asmara Brewery was founded in 1939 in Asmara, Eritrea.

    The current site of the factory was previously used as a depot of road construction materials and was set up by Eng. Luigi Melotti, an Italian National who came to Eritrea during the Italian colonial period, as an expert in road construction.

    Initially, the factory started with producing liquor products based on rudimentary technology.

    Over the years, the Brewery went through major developments, in terms of product quality improvement, diversification and plant capacity expansion and modernization, to cater for Eritreans who love their beer which is named after their capital.

  25. Monkey also has told you that the constitution is already implemented the only section that is not implemented is about elections then came his boss on his lecture of new year to tell everybody that he killed the constitution before it was born. Now the issue of regularity of national service is not true unless it is officially announced by the media of the regime because what the British PM, Charge D'Affairs of the Eritrean Embassy or the nominal FM said is irrelevant to Eritrean people back home.

  26. Heheh, are you guys on some kind of drugs?. I sometimes wonder if you really have relatives left in Eritrea?. If this news which have high importance for Eritrean families and youth is true, why didnt ERI-TV report about it?. This must be the joke of the year.

  27. Eritrean Rambo looking sharp.

  28. Because ethiopa has been at war with us since the days of our medri bahri and bahri negassi and committed millions of atrocities from hatse yohanes to meles zenawi u have had the worst intentions for our leaders and our medri bahri/ Eritrea

  29. My country Eritrea deserves to be let at peace she has gone through so much obstacles and issues thank god for that man thier for telling the truth

  30. Yes, I would like it to be told officially, too if I were to have my way. I admit the weakness when it comes to such matters. I believe there must be a good reason.The difference between you and I is trust. I trust that the authorities in Asmara have the best interest of the country in whatever they do. Unfortunately, I have no trust in what is in the minds of the "opposition."

    Unless you want to indulge in semantics don't you think you are interpreting what was being said about the constitution and what our president said on New Year's Eve for your own convenience? Being used, dead what matters to me is that the independence and the sovereignty of the country is given priority! I prefer to wait and see the outcome before I say anything on that. Once again trust is the issue here.

    Also, unlike you and others like you, I do recognize the hardship of the extended national service. However, any government in our kind of situation (all circumstances under which the country's has been operating considered, the most relevant of which is 5 million against 100 million defending a 1000km long border), would find it necessary to extend the the service. That is what a responsible government would do, not throw its hands in the air and let enemies do whatever they want.

    Ms. Aster Y, I have given you the benefit of the doubt that you are Eritrean. The answer would have been simple otherwise--hands ofF this is Eritrean affair, It is none of your business.

    Finally, when it comes to irrelevance, It is not what the Foreign minister, the Charge D'Affaires or anyone else in the government said that is irrelevant, but your and your likes blah, blah!

  31. Gasha, I salute you brother.

  32. Through Badme, TPLF is desperately trying to hang on to Eritrea.

  33. Think! Think! Think! Could it be because they know it already? Every family has a young member serving, therefore, it can be concluded everybody, including those who are serving and their families know already. Instead of rushing to conclusions and making fools out of yourselves be patient until you learn about it for sure. You know Shaebia does not blow horns, it just does its work because it needs to.

  34. Thanks Daniel. They should really be ignored; but then, there are some of the readers whether Ethiopians who are gullible and do not know any better about Eritrea. There are also some foolhardy Eritreans whose heart tends to fail when they here someone bad mouthing their country. These should get the truth about their country.

    Once again thanks for your encouragement, brother!

  35. I understand that you worship a dictator for personal and shameful reasons, I will pray for you and your likes to get free and stand beside your persecuted people.

  36. P.S. Aster: About the national service, Ambassador Girma Asmerom had also said it during an interview with VOA.

  37. ዝኾኑ ይኹኑ ንዓኻ እንቋዕ ሽንቲ ሽንቲ ከምትጨኑ ገበሩኻ እምበር ደሓን:: ክትፃረፍ ፀሓይ ዓሪባትካ::

  38. ያቆብ በጃኻ ታሪኽ ተማሃር, ኣንብብ, ናይ ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቓ ማለተይ ኣይኮነን, ናይ ካላእ ዓለም, ናይ ባዓል ቺለ, ዩጎዝላቪያ ነበር, ኢንዶኔስያ, ኢራቕ..ቡዙሕ ኢዩ, ተመራመረሉ..ጂኦፖሊቲክስ..ዳሓር ኣቲ ናትኩምን ናትናን ፍልልይ ክበርሃልካ ኢዩ..

  39. Gasha

    You made massive points, I like the way you constructed the idea. Very well indeed.

  40. "TPLF is desperately trying to hang on to Eritrea"? you cannot hang on to something you DO NOT want!! How can you not notice that the Ethiopian government does not mention Eritrea -- Not even in passing? How can you not notice that Ethiopia is thriving and developing without Asab and Massawa? How can you pretend not to have swallowed the bitter pill of utterly devastating defeat and humiliation when the entire world watch as your army was demolished and 1/3 of Eritrea was under Ethiopian control, in less than one week ?? I have to admit the Eritrean collective Psyche'd ability for complete denial of reality and weaving of a new reality out of thin air is a phenomena that should be studied at the doctoral level. Truly impressive.

  41. most of your compatriots your mind must be wired upside down. We try to get ride of you cockroaches from our land and yet you insist on staying. So you tell me who wants who? The message is simple, get out of our land disappear. We DON"T want to have anything to do with you mentally challenges subhumans.



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