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German Police Arrest Seven Eritrean Human Traffickers

German police arresting human trafficking suspect

German Police Arrest Seven Eritrean Human Traffickers

By Derwesten

In Dortmund, Hamburg and Frankfurt, the police has arrested several suspected smugglers. You should have brought 700 Eritreans to Germany.

The police in Germany and Italy jointly smashed an international smuggling network. Nine suspects were arrested in the Rhine-Main region, as well as in the area of Dortmund and Hamburg, among them a woman. A 10th suspect was the police in Italy in the network.

Also extensive evidence was seized during the search of 25 apartments in Germany. The public prosecutors in Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Dortmund as well as the federal police inspection crime Bexbach (Saarland) and the Frankfurt told police together that on Tuesday.

Men aged from 19 to 38 years should have organized against the payment of high amounts of money race Eritrean nationals from Italy to Germany and other States. Investigators expect more people injected 700.

Police detain seven suspects

The police action focused on the Tuesday morning. Around 400 forces were, as were the homes raided and arrested seven suspects. Two more suspicious men had been detained a week ago in Frankfurt, because they wanted to sit down after Canada and one came into the possession of a firearm.

Parallel to this, the police in Italy proceeded against the criminal gang. They arrested a man at the request of the public prosecutor's Office in Dortmund, has been sought with the European arrest warrant. His extradition is sought by Germany. The arrests are based on common one-year investigation. (AP)
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German Police Arrest Seven Eritrean Human Traffickers Reviewed by Admin on 11:06 AM Rating: 5


  1. ናይ፡ኤርትራ፡ሕዝቢ፡ከም፡ካልኦት፡አድታት፡አሻ፡ጌሮሞ።

  2. Sad news for Arab b***h nation. really terrible. Now you can't export kidney, what is the business going to be?

  3. Are you retarded? They are saying, they have finally apprehended some of these sub-human criminal gangs!!Well done German police!! Smash these cold blooded ring!! These people made millions from this tragic situation! They charge upto 20k to smuggle desperate frightened people from country to country. I hope they catch everyone of them and hang them with their bollocks..

  4. Wedi Mai Telamit, do you know the wild life of the African Safari, in ten East African countries, from Kenya to South Africa, is being replace by your people from Tigrai and rest of Ethiopia. Talk about back to "Stone Age", here are your people scattered not in African cities but in the African Safari. By the way Weyane are on the run ;for the Ethiopia volcano has erupted to consume your brothers and sisters. The lava is flowing to consume every Weyane. This volcano is to continue erupting until Ethiopia is freed from the blood sucking leaches, you and Weyane! By the way, you neither have the numbers, nor the intelligence, nor the education, nor the gallantry to stop this Ethiopian volcano.

  5. Why are you angry? Isn't the business run by Eritrean individuals including high ranking officials and military generals?

    Eritreans selling Eritreans.

  6. Sam, you listen too much to CNN.

  7. They should deport this cold-blooded criminals, So we can hang them in bahti meskerm.

  8. Sam,

  9. Sam, your uncle

  10. They should arrest the organizers of the human trafficking ring. They are aba diablos Mussie, Selam Kidane and meron estifanos


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