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Eritreans who left their homeland illegally are welcome to return: Eritrean Government

Photo: Eritrean economic migrants in Israel. Eritrean migrants first began to leave for Israel in 2006, after the Jewish state issued a 6-month work visas for Eritreans. In order to permanently work in the country after their visa expired, the migrants would claim they were persecuted refugees who would be killed or imprisoned if returned to Eritrea. In 2012, Israel ended its controversial 6 month work visa for Eritreans after finding 99.9% of those entering their country were economic migrants pretending to be refugees. After ending the policy, Eritrean "refugees" stopped coming to their country overnight,  which proved they were nothing more than economic migrants who were being motivated/induced to leave their country because of the six month work visa.

PRESS STATEMENT: 2nd December 2014

Re: The quotation attributed to the Eritrean Embassy Charge d'affaires, Mr. Yonas Manna Bairu, in a Danish Newspaper ‘Politiken’ report is grossly misleading. 

The Eritrean Government has repeatedly stated on record that any citizen who left their homeland for any reason and wants to return to their country on their own accord are always welcome to visit or live in Eritrea. There will be no punishment discharged upon citizens who are victims of irregular migration and human trafficking themselves. Many citizens have already visited or repatriated to Eritrea safely over the last number of years without any imposition from the authorities.

This been the truth of the matter and a phenomena currently suffered by many third world countries, Eritrea’s plight has been singled out and politicised by many actors to divert from the main root cause of the injustice perpetrated upon the nation of Eritrea for more than a decade. The unresolved occupation of Eritrea’s sovereign land and unjust sanctions imposed on Eritrea.

Eritrean Embassy to Scandinavia
2 December 2014

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Eritreans who left their homeland illegally are welcome to return: Eritrean Government Reviewed by Admin on 12:17 AM Rating: 5


  1. Good but not necessary to mention the word "punishment"

  2. So let's assume two friends are in national service, one choose to leave the country via Sudan/Ethiopia and the other stays. The one who left return after 2-3 years with all his dollars and visit his family. So how do you think the friend who stayed will fell or start to plan?. In HGDEF world it is all about dollar and power, nothing else. The only solution is to limit nations service to 18 monthes and allow people to freely leave/return. But this won't happen, because Issayas very well know youth in the cities mean his one man rule will be over.

  3. Your argument seems to be damn if they do, damn if they don't.

    First of all, those who left the country illegally must sign an apology letter and pay their 2% Recovery and Rehabilitation Tax. Once they complete these simple steps, they are able to do whatever they like, and will be exempt from further National Service in the country if they decide to live in Eritrea again.

    Secondly, Eritrea is in the process of capping National Service to its previous legal limit of 18 months. Open ended NS in Eritrea has ended years ago. It's no longer practiced and most members in NS serve 2-5 years maximum. Once they complete it, they are on their own to find a job. In many ways, NS is probably the only stable job these youths will find anytime soon because unemployment rates in developing countries are extremely high [This is a developing country issue that's not limited to Eritrea].

    Lastly, even if Eritrea ended NS all together and adopted liberal democracy over night, Eritreans would still be heading for the West because Western European countries are granting asylum automatically to piratically all Eritrean asylum seekers. This policy has been in place ever since in 2004, UNHCR took on a new 2004 policy position on Eritrea that re-designated all Eritrean asylum-seekers with ‘prima facie’ status (i.e. automatic recognition of Eritreans en masse). This status forces the hand of Western countries to accept Eritrean economic migrants as asylum seekers. In the end, it is this policy that is inducing migrants to leave the country. Nothing the Government does will stop the flow of migrants because the incentive to leave is too great. Basically, Eritreans are being asked to chose between a life in Western Europe or Eritrea. A life between developed rich country vs a developing poor country. A life of the government paying for your housing, food and providing you with free money or a life working for what you have back home.

  4. But at what cost one come back with dollar assuming it happens..
    Then it seems to me you give priority to dollar just like you "you go out and get dollar" maybe 3 decades ago you would be right, telling it just now, shows your distorted point of view and prone to incite people..
    After all even your nick tells who you might be..agame's cock

  5. Anyone who wants to criticize today the only progressive country in Africa, can not be anything but false intellectual, infiltrated, corrupted mercenary or simply agame.

  6. this are the new mantra now ha ? first deny there are migrants from Eritrea at all, then declare that actually those claiming to be Eritreans are actually Ethiopians or Somalis and then finally, after overwhelming evidence of eritrean migrants, you label them economic migrants, just like many "African migrants". please keep changing version until you will reach the truth.

    P.S. economic migrants are caused by failed (or non existent) economic policies.
    Next time pleace explain why is that Eritreans can't work in eritrea find a Job in eritrea, ask for business licence in eritrea, build houses in eritrea etc... until then please do entertain your selves with fantasy-land.

  7. Madot,
    Are you seriously saying that 2-5.years limit has already been implemented?. I guess you don't have relatives at home..But I do, and they would be insulted if someone repetead what you said. Regarding restoring the initial time limit of 18 months only fools belive in it. It is the.same promise as implementing the constitution, six months later no news from the government, or what about all those investment conferences and economic reforms, 2 years later we are still waiting. All these are tactics by a dying regime to buy time and stay in power.

  8. Becareful with what you say, many among tip Eritrean officials get offended wwhenyou use the word agame. The agames in Asmara are leading our country to disaster. Real Eritreans are dying in prison as the same time your agamew president with his cousin Kisha are killing our country.

  9. You people are the one worshiping the agames in power in Asmara.Only those with identity problem as the drunk.president are supporting this dying regime. Real Eritreans are either.dying I.prison or are fighinting this none Eritrean regime.

  10. I thought 2 % is not a must. Klte af ab hade riesi. Keytefeleteka haqi tezaribka

  11. Agames or not, why it matters to you yeDollar barya ? LOL

  12. I don't know what is right and wrong about the general situation in Eritrea, but one thing is a fact: My "brothers in faith" can't practice their religion without risk of imprisonment in Eritrea; as we can in almost any country in the world.

    The two articles at the link below shows that this needs attention within Eritrea, such persecution has to stop - it is unworthy of any nation, and is probably due to wrong information about us as a people.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

  13. there is no any other nation except north Korea that considers leaving your country is an illegal act. Oh Eritrea? Madote, so this is news worthy? what a shame!

  14. Please, come with constructive argument if you are from the horn of Africa and you have in heart that part..yours seems counter productive and misleading. Sorry

  15. the only progressive country in africa ?? seriously ??
    by the way don't insult your master Isseyas he is from tembien

  16. Dear Haile, i read a book of Frantz Fanon called: "black skin, white mask"..where he pointed out the majority of african countries due to colonialism, had lost their nature or identity and aspire to be frenchs or english..and not themselves.
    You seem you have a personal issue with PIA, i don't mind nor interested where is he general i admire his being out of the general african chorus and his IDEAS..i agree most.

  17. I remind you the Eritrea in between 1991-1997, i mean the type of reconstruction..peace and prosperity that Eritrea have..
    The enemies have tried to remove and divert from that path..the RESISTANCE is continuing until the victory.
    To solve a problem go to the root mr. Haile, don't look at the branches or leaves.

  18. dear cane libero, Ideas might be agreeable or not, but facts are there for you to see and are undeniable. Many African countries, you say, lost their nature or identity and aspire to be french or English, but in the case of Eritrea we don't even know where we are heading let alone keeping our identity and nature. With pfdj we are mocking the Chinese model and Issu aspire to be like Mao, but actually we don't have the means of china nor the capability in the ruling clique. You can check it all the PFDJ mafia group is eating it's self, I can list you the number of the dead and imprisoned from the ruling pfdj mafia group, Does that seem to you Progressive ? really ??
    With Iseyas I can tell you I have different layers of issues with him but let me just point out: he is affecting my life and that of my family and my people. Do you think is that enough for me to have personal issue with him ?

  19. We are heading to build an Eritrea were all Eritreans have opportunity, education, food, health & house. As a sympathizer of the left-wing political system I personally sustain this track, which i see my ideas realized with Eplf once and now GoE and all the apparatus..
    As a young nation, Eritrea is in evolution, traditionally and historically excels in some tasks and lacks in other, it's all in process, the will to do right is there..A constructive critique is welcomed, i have a personal experience to witness..
    Dear Haile, honestly i'm sorry for your family and your personal issue which to be rational doesn't have weight to make a state cause or to speak for national issue, i wish you find solution with that, but to say is a national problem i think is different. (ex. if you have a personal prob. with PIA, separate that from institutional or national level).
    Because you have a problem with PIA's person it doesn't mean that you have to work to damage Eritrea and its people cause is your people..

    p.s Mao prepares the ground to the actual China..

  20. wow !! so everything is to blame woyane ??
    so according to you Woyane invaded us to prevent us from developing. OK. let me agree with you on that.
    So why on the earth then PFDJ is not allowing Eritreans from making business ? why is it illegal for an Eritrean businessmen to import goods ? why on earth Eritreans cant have business licence to open shops of to open any business ? (Licenza). why on earth it is not possible to build new houses in Eritrea ? why..., why..., why..., i can go on for the whole day asking why you simply can't blame woyane or CIA for internal PFDJ failures. the things are simple dear cane, either you are out of touch with the reality on the ground (where people in Asmara are literally back on stone age, people leaving on contraband goods with virtually no electricity and running water) or you are a paid agent for PFDJ and leaving in the comfort of Italy. either way you can't redeem the regime but you can redeem yourselve. A te la scelta

  21. you seem to be out of touch with the reality on the ground. personal problems of my self are no different from any standard Eritrean family. the problem originates in how the nation is developing and how the so called government is dealing with it's people and the nation at large. National issue is for example the youth leaving Eritrea in dramatic numbers. It's an emergency! and if you are Eritrean you have witnessed on you or your immediate family (no different from me or any other eritrean). how is the problem dealt with ?? blame woyane or CIA, as if that is going to bring change...
    As a young nation eritrea should have had built the institutions of a state and a government that functions properly.
    We don't have a government. we don't have the simple institutions because that would mean the end of PFDJ and Iseyas.
    There is no form of institutionalized mechanism of governance simply because that would help the ruling gang to stay in power longer.
    There is no parliament no legal apparatus no military accountability, the judiciary system.. (a court day in eritrea is simply surreal again from my own testimony).
    Basically we are at the mercy of one man, who decides even the fate of his generals and his diplomats, they keep being changed, shifted, reorganized at the whim of Iseyas, but the result is all the same; one policy after another keeps crumbling. Do you remember the investment conference in asmara 2 or 3 years back ? I was there !! nothing happened after that. (but the list of failures is quite long).
    One striking aspect of the ministries and departments shifting, changing, frozen people, the only one who remains in his post is iseyas (why is so difficult to you to understand) . no My friend our problems are not outside eritrea they are inside eritrea.


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