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UNHCR: Part of the Problem of Illegal Migration In Eritrea

Press Statement

UNHCR: Part of the Problem of Illegal Migration

Early this week, the Ethiopian spokesperson of the UNHCR Office in Addis Abeba announced that "6,200 Eritreans had crossed into Ethiopia" in the months of October and November. This news has been picked up by various news agencies to conjure up a non-existent image of Eritrea and/or as part and parcel of the smear campaigns that are routinely waged against the country and its government.

Leaving the sinister motives aside, what are the real facts?

  1. Migration and population movements are complex continental and global phenomena whose ebbs and flows are influenced by intertwined push and pull factors.

  2. In the case of Eritrea, the pull factors have been immensely augmented in recent years by deliberate polices of certain governments and agencies who chose to encourage, for sinister political purposes, the youth to defect from the National Military Service as "slave or forced labour" was and is peddled to spice up and rationalize these polices. What is conveniently glossed over here is the fact that mandatory, 18-months period, National Military Service is prolonged solely because of Ethiopia's occupation and sovereign Eritrean territories and its continued belligerence in breach of international law.

  3. The deliberate policies of weaning the youth from the mandatory National Services coupled with frantic activities by organized human trafficking have resulted in the pull factors that eclipse normative and cyclical economic push factors that prevail in every country at any given point in time.

  4. The UNHCR itself has become, for over ten years now, an unwitting catalyst in bolstering the pull factors by invariably categorizing all Eritrean migrants as "prima faice asylum seekers". In the event, it is odd for the UNHCR to issue intermitten statements or shed crocodile tears "on the increasing number of Eritrean asylum seekers".

  5. The Government of Eritrea knows full well the origins, underlying reasons and ultimate objectives of various machinations that have been set in motion in the past years to induce illegal migration of the youth from the country. That is why it requested the UN Secretary General to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the various facets of organized human trafficking. This is also why it is currently involved in the regional efforts at curbing illegal migration and human trafficking. The UNHCR can be part of this constructive process if it is really prepared to review its past, misguided, polices.

Minister of Foreign Affairs
20 NNovemeber 2014

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  1. It's also important to point out, when UNHCR claims certain amount of numbers, more often than not, they are receiving these figures from Ethiopian authorities. In this case, the Ethiopian regime is clearly exaggerating/lying to obtain a larger "aid" package to deal with the larger figure of migrants, which it pockets. Additionally, a larger figure would also mean more Tigrayans can be shipped off to the West under the guise of relocating Eritrean refugees. There are two reasons why they want more Tigrayans in the West: to infiltrate the large and established Ethiopian Diaspora that is against the regime; and to make sure these Tigrayans send remittance to the regime, which in 2008 totaled around 3 billion dollars. This isn't a theory of mines, but an established fact that a former Ethiopian Government official admitted to.

  2. No mater how much you try to sugar coat your shabian style reasons and denial to remain loyalist of the dictator and killer of our Country the news we are hearing from the UNHCR about the doubling of our young peoples abandoning their beloved Country in mass is mind boggling but it is there for sure and you are responsible for the near future by twisting the truth over your one man dictator regime.

  3. The main reason we Eritreans fled from our beautiful country and land of our ancestors is due to the inhuman, barbaric and evil nature of pfdj currently repressing our people to a level never seen before. The pull factor is irrelevant compared the push factor. No one would be lured by pull factors in search of milk and honey in the west if the person is living in a country with milk and honey. This is not theory of mines but an established fact proved beyond reasonable doubt by the fact that over half a million of us Eritrean youth have fled the yoke of pfdj junta.

  4. Did they forgot to state the push factor?


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