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Yemen's Former President seeks refuge in Ethiopia

Yemen's former dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Throughout much of his administration, Saleh was anti-Eritrea and pro-Ethiopia. He even had an alliance with Sudan and Ethiopia against Eritrea in the early 2000s. 

By Middleeastmonitor,

Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has decided to flee to Ethiopia to escape a likely attack by armed Houthi militias, after the group directed many threats at him and besieged his home, a media source close to the presidential palace said.

The news website Yemen Ethadi reported that "the regional and international pressure exerted on the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh aims to force him to leave political life and Yemen".

"Ethiopia received a request from former President Saleh to reside there and it accepted the request on the condition that he does not partake in any political activities during his stay on its territory," the site continued.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi quoted informed sources as saying that the Houthis besieging Saleh's home after the fall of Sanaa. He received threats from militants who want revenge for the six wars that took place during his reign against the group between 2004 and 2010; the first of which lead to the death of the founder of the Houthis, Hussein Badreddin Al-Houthi, in Saada.

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Yemen's Former President seeks refuge in Ethiopia Reviewed by Admin on 4:34 AM Rating: 5


  1. Ethiopia has become the United States of the Horn of Africa.

    A dictator should not be allowed in a free country like Ethiopia.

  2. If that's the case, they should kick out Eritrean diplos out from their houses in addis

  3. Madote said, "Throughout much of his administration, Saleh was anti-Eritrea and pro-Ethiopia." But I am wondering who is not against and anti eritrea in the entire world. I am yet to see any friend of eritrea since the death of muammer Gadafi.
    This is what happens when you play foul with the brave woyanes! They corner you and leave you in the cold on your own. Bingo!

  4. Where was Ethiopia's "friends" as Eritrean tanks steamrolled through Addis Ababa to impose a regime change and make Eritrean Independence a reality in 1991.

    In this world, you're born alone, you die alone. Relying on friends is a sure way of never achieving anything great.

  5. Found a place to hide, thanks to being a member of the axis of evil from IGAD against Eritrea. He should stay with Azieb Mesfin, I don't think Meles the frog will mind from 6 feet under.
    Thank you Houthi the brave Yemeni.

  6. Houthi rebels are the strongest force in Yemen right now, and this isn't good news for Ethiopia. The Yemeni military has been defeated and humiliated. At this point, Eritrea has some tough choices to make. Should it continue to pretend the old Saleh-influenced regime in power isn't anti-Eritrea, even though they recently kidnapped and extradited Ethiopian Opposition leader Andargatchew Tsige to Ethiopia, or should they throw their support for the Houthi rebels, even though this will surely upset Saudi Arabia, which sees the Houthi rebels as a proxy for Iran?

  7. Joke of the day:
    "A dictator should not be allowed in a free country like Ethiopia."
    k, kk, kkk, kkkkkkkkk

  8. Isnt all Ethiopians' suffering been going on durng Saleh's admin?

    I guess he was woyane messenger to let all refugees suffer to death and now he found a safe heaven in my country ?

  9. Ahahahahahahahahahaha.............

  10. ya madote even though the saudi surely get upset, like u said in politics there are no permanent friends; only permanent interests. so they can get loco.

  11. U people brave. is it April Fool's Day already. hahaha
    your masters they don't like us Eritreans, cuz we don't bow to them.
    unlike u people. ur licking their boots day and night for Aid handouts poor u.

  12. I had been thinking for a while on what I would do if I was in PFDJ position. Common sense tells me they should support Houthi rebels to at least get some form of
    representative in the Yemeni government. The problem for Eritrea is, even if helping the Houthi rebels is the right thing to do, it will definitely create bigger problems for Eritrea. Saudi and woyane will “see” it as Eritrean
    supporting Shia and Iran against Sunni Muslims. How will Al-Qaida in Yemen receive the Houthi rebels is another issue to be considered since they could create big problems in Eritrea in the name of helping their Sunni “brothers”. The problem with our neighborhood is they are all puppets of some bigger powers and hence in the long term it does not matter who rules the country, Saleh
    government or Houthi, woyane or Amhara, Kirr or Machar, etc. The Houthi rebels seem much stronger now and should reduce the USA, Saudi and Woyane influence
    for the short term. As a PFDJ, I would play the waiting game for now and in the meantime, I would convince Sudan to help the Houthi. What did we get in return
    from putting Meles and woyane in Menelik Palace?

  13. What does the arrest and handing over to the Ethiopian regime of an Ethiopian opposition leader on Yemeni territory have to do with Eritrea? When isaias declared the Hanish Islands as Eritrean territory, did Yemen launch a full scale war, like the Ethiopian regime did in 1998, or did they agree to French mediation?
    When the late dictator of Ethiopia offered to mediate between Yemen and Eritrea, did Yemen accept, or did they decline due to the (then) cozy relationship between the two dictators in the Horn? And most importantly did the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague agree with Eritrea's claim of the Hanish Islands, or was the ruling in favor of Yemen?
    When mentioning the so-called anti-Eritrean stance of Yemen over the last two decades, leaving out the Hanish crisis, is like Israel complaining about the anti-Israeli stance of the Palestinians, even though Israel has conducted aggression after aggression against those same Palestinians.

    This notion that now, not only the Ethiopian regime, the USA, Djibouti, Sudan during the nineties, EU, UN, IGAD and of course the AU are anti-Eritrean, but also the former regime of Ali Abdellah Saleh should be indicative of the fallacy of Eritrean foreign policy over the last two decades. The fact that isaias even refused to acknowledge the Qatari mediation over the border dispute with Djibouti, that he flat out lied in an interview when asked about the defection of the Eritrean football team (the fourth team to defect mind you) and said that was news to him, shows that there are no checks and balances in place when it comes to formulating foreign policy (or domestic policy for that matter).

    No national assembly that can debate about and with the government regarding its foreign policy in order to hold the government accountable, no newspapers that can criticize isaias' handling of relations with IGAD, AU, Djibouti etc. No published national budget that gives insight into the resources spent on different departments and ministries (Education, Public Works, Fisheries, Foreign Affairs, Tourism etc.). The only debate there seems to be is about what next country has joined the evil conspiracy that has been conducted against the poor Eritrean regime. Naming backward and war torn Yemen as the next on the list should give clear indication that the only regime that is conduction a foreign policy that is truly detrimental to Eritrea's interest, is no one else but the Eritrean government itself.

  14. You may talk about national assembly and may have a point there. But, for you to deny the power of the US in influencing others to undermine Eritrea is like saying the Woyane's believe that they can survive with out the help of the US. IGAD, AU, DJIBOUTI;
    SERIOUSLY? you write eloquently and for you to make such a statement of giving these entities weight as if they make their own independent decision throws your argument into a dust bin.

  15. Fantastic MadoteEritrea..

  16. How are you born alone? Aren't your parents and or family friends there as well? and when you die aren't those same people there to mourn your death? That's what friends are for. To be able to rely on them during easy and tough times. Its up to you to choose them wisely. Being Proud and independent has plenty of drawbacks but I never hear anyone talk about that here.

  17. Where do I deny the significant influence the US has on many countries and multilateral institutions in Africa and beyond? That is not an excuse for the Eritrean regime to commit the many human rights violations it has committed.

    The National Assembly has the task of controlling the government and its members can for example question the foreign policy decisions made by isaias (clearly not something a dictator would like. being accountable to others about decisions he made).

    By the way could you elaborate about the Hanish war and your opinion on it. How about the conflict with Djibouti. No national budget being published. The list goes on and on.

  18. All are available in entirety and as original as day one for your googlinh pleasure; the least you could have done however, was to read a little and understand the verdict of the court.

    Yes we had goneto war with yemen and qe had all of hanish under our control:'96, wisdom or not yemen had agreed onthe verdict but still plays dumb for whatever reason; claiming they are entitled to fish in our part of the Red Sea, reason for ongoing confiscation of the Yemeni boat and fishermen.

    The ruling by the.way was based on both nations had no ownership of the islands but due to proximity Yemen was rewarded the larger island while Eritrea was awarded full fishing right all around and a privilege and a say in matters of concerns.

    Djibouti, in short tried to pull a fast one and renegade on their end of the deal. And it is anopen secret that those two along with sudan, who formed the axis of evil in the form of a desperados 'Slus Kidan', so unless you are a Johnny-come-lately and is altogether naive, the truth my friend is staring you in the eyes, and for the sake of decency please tell the truth.

  19. We are sending a satellite soon. This is not a joke. Search about it.

  20. kkkkk i have never laughed like this.ayi hamasien. bi maswiti jeganu woyana bizrakabknio 'nathanathis', hazi dagamtlkin 'we imposed reigme change' kitbla.kkkkkkkk u might try hard to write ur own history, but none will surpass the history of TPLF, history that was written by the bloood of our martyrs.. keep crooking lies...

  21. is it not obvious that eritrea is going to side with the opposite of ethiopian choice regardless??/ the same senario like the al shabab in somalia.
    can i tell you some secret andargachew is taking a desrved rest, he is happy and kicking, he is enjying, semberna milas for brakefast, kitfo or qurt,/tire siga for lunch, quanta firfir/ yegon atint qiql for supper, he regreted it that he wasted his time, and not interested to come back, sooooorry.

  22. "Yemen's former dictator hahahaha natka gedifka nay enda hamataka. You should be ashemed to call someone a dictator since you have a dictator in your own country.why do you insult us? Why do you insult the eritrean people.Isias is the worst dictator, even worse than Mengestu.Isais in 1996 said" EPLF gave a mercy to those been part of the derge (esepa)" how about now those eritreans in prison for almost 13 to 20 years ?
    Mechem, malti alekum.

    history will judge! !

  23. Folks, my opinion and wish is for the Eritrean govt. to remain light-years far/distant from Yemeni internal chaotic affairs.

    The Yemeni political and military quagmires are puzzles which presently no one can solve, there are too many arms and elbows involved, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, USA and many others behind the main scenes plus the local tribal chieftains and the South separatist movement etc. etc.
    In short it's a very volatile situation, where Eritrea does not have any role to play except to remain neutral and a distant observer.

    As for Saleh, if he can, let him go to Ethiopia or Terra del Fuego,
    who would care!

  24. hi
    allow me to intergect in the topic, recently i was in addis and to my surprise i heard that a small satelite have been already made by addis ababa university science and technology research center, a bigger version is on the way to be launched in collaboration with a finland firm, so ato b.adal "yenaqut qulla yasregzal" silu semtehal, ethiopia is marching.
    also the entoto space reaserch center is with a modern telescop is doing a great job.

  25. My ethiopian brother! you shouldn't have mentioned here all these mouth watering food items the likes of Andargachew might be enjoying in the ethiopian priosn cells at the moment. Most eritreans have no clue whatsoever about these food stuff and they might think you are talking about kita firfer bezeyt, ye mashila enjera be shiro or be miser wot. That is all what they know. But without knowing you have just made me saliviate beyond control over the thought of it!...ya ya ya ya ya! I miss my country now more than anytime before!!

  26. I think the guy is all by himself and he thinks everybody is like him, what a lonely creature! He seems to have no clue about the familial value and the concept of social community. I don't think he has anyone to look to as a brother, sister, father or mother. He may have lost all his family members at a very young age and left on his own to face the challenges and the fate of this world. This is understandable in the case of eritrea considering its history of war, violence and social anarchy and fragmentation! I hope he would get some lesson from your short and beautiful rebuttal though!

  27. yimechih yagere lij. ager bet deres blo memtat newa min chigr ale ayzon, kalhone demo baltenanese melku ethiopian restaurantm eko ale..

  28. A silly's daydream. Not more than that!!!

  29. shermotmot aytieli ati agame, men seb ms qotsereki ikhi nsikhi.

  30. Or better yet should we just mind our business and let the Yemenese decide what to do with their nation.

  31. "This notion that now, not only the Ethiopian regime, the USA, Djibouti, Sudan during the nineties, EU, UN, IGAD and of course the AU are anti-Eritrean, but also the former regime of Ali Abdellah Saleh should be indicative of the fallacy of Eritrean foreign policy over the last two decades."
    All of the above entities you mention are anti- Eritrean because of the US. You did not have to list them all. eg. Why would Djibouti take such a stance? There is never been a problem with them. The president of Djibouti was in Asmara just before the fabricated conflict. You got be able to see these multi - dimension strangulation against Eritrea by the US.

  32. At the end of the day Yemen was awarded the Hanish islands. Whether or not it was due to proximity, or due to other factors means nothing in the end. The Hanish islands are Yemeni territory period.

    The conflict with Djibouti has not even been mentioned by isaias or the Eritrean state-run media. The mediation role by Qatar was not mentioned, nor was the presence of peacekeepers/observers from that country in the border area mentioned.
    The only significant statement from a government official came after Araia Desta (then Eritrean ambassador to the UN) replied to a question asked by a journalist in New York in response to the sanctions put on Eritrea. Only when the regime is cornered is it willing to come out. Typical of a failed foreign policy. Only after IGAD (on the behest of Ethiopia of course) advised the AU to sanction Eritrea and only after the AU advised the UN to sanction Eritrea, did the regime want to re activate its IGAD membership. This shows the short sightedness of the Eritrean regime. It seems you are a Johnny-come-lately here.

    And by the way, it is telling how you ignore the points raised about the National Assembly being disbanded and no government budget ever being published. And I can go on and on about the many human rights violations committed by the regime (indefinite arrest of political prisoners without trial or right to an attorney or seeing relatives, same for the journalists, indefinite military service, complete lack of transparency into government finances etc.)

    All the above violations were implemented by the Eritrean regime. The US for all its foreign policy crimes (and it has committed too many too list here) did not force the regime to imprison heroes like Petros Solomon or Brigadier General Ogbe Abraha indefinitely. Here the sole responsibility lies with the Eritrean regime and especially the head of that regime.

  33. Isaias is is from tigray.neuu eka tserfi zeleki aytegagage.

  34. Not interested to know how small your penis is :)

  35. qoroqondaw selam neh?
    yikhewleh ethiopia enante atasfelguatm gn, ye enat neger benante ticheneqalech, beteley endante aynetu yeqrb gize eritrawima yanadidatal, ena anten yizo betfi malet neber. yigermal betilacha endet libachuh endetezega bitay, asazagn.

  36. Now you are into astrology and tarot reading? hmmmm better go to Gondar, stop wasting millions feed your people first, before trying to learn to read HE President Esayas Afewerqi's palm.

  37. Brother kesheger,
    I am truly sorry. My comment was meant to be a joke, but based on your response I am sure I have gone a little too far. I really hope you accept my apology. It is not my personality to intentionally piss-off anyone, let alone my Habesha brother. If I don't get a response from you on this page, I will apologize another day in a different discussion.
    In any case, if you re-read my earlier comment regarding Ethiopia and launching a satellite to orbit, I did not try to put down Ethiopia (I even said it will be good achievement for everyone in Africa). What I said applies to any under-developed country even for countries like India. Basically, we need to feed our poor people in Eritrea, Ethiopia, sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, etc ... before we spend money on less important technologies.
    Peace to all especially to East Africa

  38. Didn't you once said you built dron in your aiga form. please feed your poor hungry people first

  39. wow ante sew!!! i hope you mean what you said here it mean a lot to me, finding a person like this in a place whre hate rules.
    please do not worry you should not apologise, but i am sorry, i think i jump a little higher on the attac mode, please again my sincer apology.
    peace to abesha and all africa.

  40. Thank you, I truly meant it and that's why I came back to check if you read my post.
    If there was a camera in our medium, we would have understood each other from our expressions much easier than from reading texts only. I am an Eritrean by birth and spirit. I grew up in Asmara during Mengistu time. I have been in the worst jail in Asmara by Mengistu soldiers for the same NO reason many young people were in jail all over Ethiopia. This did not deter me from having my 1st, 2nd, and 4th roommates from Ethiopia. The 1st was 1/2 Ethiopian 1/2 Yemeni, the 2nd and 4th were Amara. I also had friends from all over the world including many Ethiopians. You see keshegher those were the good old days where we knew we had ONLY political differences. By the way, although most of Ethiopian friends opposed the independence of Eritrea, I understood their position and they understood mine as well. We respected each other and they are still among my closest friends. You may disagree with me now ... the problem with todays Ethiopia and Eritrea is Woyane. They have created hatred among all (not just Eritrea/Ethiopia) even among Ethiopians.
    I may not want Ethiopia to be militarily powerful when compared to Eritrea, PROVIDED we are still at war. Otherwise, it is silly to wish Ethiopia anything negative.
    In any case, launching satellite by Ethiopia or any African country makes all Africa look good and respected.
    Remember: A non-racist white man may call me a nigger, only if we are in a fight, because he thinks that will piss-me-off.
    By the same token, Eritreans and Ethiopians (especially Tigray) are calling names to each other, because we are in a "fight". There will be a day, when we will look back and realize how stupid we both were.
    I am not unique to what I have wrote above, most of my Eritrean, Ethiopian, Somali, and Arab friends will agree with me.
    Hope & pray there will be peace between our two countries. In the mean time, although I will try to be polite, I can't guarantee I will have my best writing :) --B.Adal

  41. yohannes afewerki, you need some serious help! You're lost beyond belief. You should read a bit more, and most importantly, you need to read at least one layer deeper to see the real actors and their real motivations for effecting realities that you see erroneously. It sure would take a lot of work, but start reading some books that relate to Western (especially US / UK / French) strategies for regime change and installation of puppet governments. Reply to this text if you want me to help guide you to better see the world the way it really is.

  42. Yohannes, on Hanish: the arbitration was to be carried out under sponsorship of 5 countries' representatives. Eriterea and Yemen were to pick two countries (each) that they wish, and one country (the 5th) would be the USA (then considered a neutral arbiter.) Eritrea chose Egypt and Ethiopia, and Yemen chose Two countries I can't recall at this late hour. In the mean time, 1998 and war with Ethiopia came about, and Eritrea was left with 4/5 countries as its enemies undermining its interest, and Ethiopia ( and the USA) actively working to skew the verdict against Eritrea and in favor of Yemen. You can read the details, but the end result (verdict) does by no means reflect fairness / justice. Unfortunately, Eritrea was in the midst of a border war with Ethiopia (with the help of USA), and was not in a position to drag the Yemeni problem.
    Djibuti's so called border problem has it's own root causes and sponsors, and I urge you to read about it. If you need help, I am more than happy to help.

  43. Are they gonna have him hitchhike with an Indian or Chinese space craft? ;)

  44. That's a great response bro!

  45. Ghost, I thought ghosts were smart? Are you stupid? Although around his family, he's the only one born at that particular time. If fortunate, he will likely also die alone (only one to die) at some particular time while family and friends care for him. However, most importantly, you fail to understand the rhetorical nature of the comment, and frankly is very exhausting to waste time with the likes of you.

  46. Kikikiki... look who is talking! An Ethiopian talking about food ... Starvation is Ethiopia's identity .... don't you know?


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