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Eritrea's president wasn't invited to Washington, but does it matter?

President Isaias Afwerki

Eritrea's president wasn't invited to Washington, but does it matter?

By Lauren Ober,

The Obama administration invited nearly all of Africa's leaders to this week's US-Africa Leaders Summit, hoping to strengthen ties between the US and the continent. But not every head of state was welcome.

The leaders of Zimbabwe, Sudan and the Central African Republic were left off the list. They're either not in good standing with the African Union or are under US sanctions.

A fourth leader, Eritrea's Isaias Afwerki, was also not invited, and that snub has become big topic among Washington's Eritrean community. "My president is not invited and I am not happy about it," one Washington cab driver said. "The policy of American government when it comes to Eritrea is totally wrong."

The cabbie didn't want to give his name, but he describes himself as an Eritrean nationalist. He takes umbrage with the fact that his country was left out of these historic meetings:  "They sanction us, they don't invite us. There are more worse leaders who are invited here."

The government of Afwerki, who's held power since Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993, has been accused of major human rights abuses, including forced labor and detainment without due process.

"He shouldn't be invited anyway because he's one of the bad leaders,” says Tadasse Alma, an Eritrean American who has lived in the US for nearly 40 years. He's at the Expo Restaurant and Nightclub in the heart of Washington's "little Ethiopia" neighborhood. It's become a place where expat Eritreans who oppose the Afwerki government can find community.

"There is no parliament. There's one president who has been running the country for how long? 23 years?" Alma complains. "He can do anything that he wants. That's not a country where people want to live."

That wouldn't be a popular opinion at the Eritrean Cultural and Civic Center, where Eritrean state television plays on a big screen. Flags of the president's ruling party hang from the ceiling.

Zecarias Berhe is a former organizer for that party, but he's not offended that Afewerki's invitation to the summit never arrived. "The reason why they didn't invite us, we are not 'Yes, sir,'" Berhe says. "We don't believe in, 'Yes sir.' We believe in self-reliance. We don't believe in loans and all that. So all African nations, they are dependent. They are parasites."

Unsurprisingly, Berhe thinks the summit is a joke. "People are dying in Nigeria, but Nigerian president is invited here," he says. "He's corrupted. All of them are corrupted. In Ethiopia, there's wars. They're fighting each other and killing each other. But they're invited here. So what is the use of inviting these idiots when they're not doing anything for their own people?"

As diverse as their opinions might be, all three Eritrean men agree on one thing about the summit: Nothing is going to get done.

"My president is missing nothing," the cab driver says. "A group of people will lecture each other and they will go. All they will do is eat special food and go back." A fancy dinner, he says, isn't going to bring change back home.

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Eritrea's president wasn't invited to Washington, but does it matter? Reviewed by Admin on 12:18 AM Rating: 5


  1. Here is the radio interview Like berhe said Africa summit is a joke all the invited African leader's are puppets of the US

  2. ኣያይ (ኢሱ) ባዓል ካሩሳ
    ሃገር ኮይና ሬሳ ብሬሳ
    ግደፍን ዶ ምለሳ ምለሳ
    ኣሪጋ ያ ካሩሳ ናይ ህግደፍ
    በዚሕዋ ሓጎፅጎፅ ዓንቀፍቀፍ
    ዘይትገድፋ ቁሩብ ዘይተዕርፍ
    ፈሪድካያ ናብ ገደል ክትፀድፍ
    እንተ ንስኻ ዕሉል መዕገርገሪ
    ኩሉ ኣብ ኢድካ ሓዳጊ ገባሪ
    ኤርትሪያ ኮይና ሕዛእትኻ
    ኣምሲልካያ ናትካ ናይ በይንኻ
    ሎሚ አይኮነን ቀደም ካብ በረኻ
    ንሱ እዪ ነይሩ ት ሕልምኻ

    አይ ሰብ ደቀይ ኣሓተይ ኣሕዋተይ
    ዘይእመን አሚንኩ ሞ ብተይ
    ወዲ ላምና ክትብሉ ጸኒሕኩም
    ተዋሪድኩም ሰብኣይ ጉድ ጌሩኩም!!!

  3. A great poem
    for the right person on the right time.

  4. If it does not matter, why too much talk about why Esayas is miss from the invitation?

  5. Stop changing your name,now you are Moslem,which supposed to spell Sulayman,but your game has been the much they paying you to represent?

  6. Looking back they know the summit out come won't a single thing to change on Eritrea people out look to their government love and respect rather than unite Tham .more ever still so many of Tham they don't need Eritrea around the table .If PIA was willing and dealing his invitation will be the first one in mail, but not on expense of Eriteran people .so they have to do what ever it take for him to feel the pinch,so much so for majority of Eriteran people this is noting but a political show by Obama administration I know with Susan Rice in office this is expected .For the poor nation with unjust UN sanction with no hand out:look Eritera for school graduation rate look for malaria eradication look for health care access look for food access this is a government need encouragement and inclusive not exclusive the bottom line is the Camel will march on with or without the invitation!!looking back our history we have come from so much suffering so noting but raising so this it .

  7. ጣሂር ሓወይ እንታይ ገደሰካ
    ኣብዘይ እቶ ትኣቱ ጦጊግካ
    ዘይዋኒንካ ዘይምልከተካ
    ሽም ቀይርካ ዒልካ ትሓምየኒ
    ቅድሚ ሎሚ ብመን ትፈልጠኒ??

    መንከ ትብል መን እንተበሉኻ
    ስቅ ዘይትብል ክብርኻ ሓሊኻ
    ትፀርፈኒ ክንዲ ኢሱ ኮይንካ
    አዴኻ ኣይበልኩ ወይድማን ኣቦኻ
    ሓፍትኻ ኣይተንከፍኩ ወላውን ሓውኻ
    ኣይተርኣየን ዝበለ ከማኻ
    እናጦገገ ዝኣቱ ኣብ ማሕለኻ
    ሹቅ ዘይትኸድ ነገር እንተደሊኻ

    ኣብኡ ኢኻ ትረክብ ማዕሬኻ!!

    ሕራይ ዶ ጣሂሮ ???

  8. The story of their corruption is being told mate! It is none your business any way what we want to talk. #

    I like your Nick Name by the way!

  9. This is all Susan "fried" Rice's making. No wonder they are calling it "US-Africa SUBMIT"

  10. It is like the story of the monkey who said "the fruit is sour anyway!", after making several unsuccessful attempts to reach it.

  11. Yerdaeka Agame Lemani.

  12. Very clear that Sudan, Zimbawe and Eritrea are sanctioned by the USA so how on earth do you expect the US to invite those they want to show their muscles for? USA believe as the one and only Big Power in the world but there is a BIGGER Power that always protect Eritrea. Praise his name.

  13. ከም ወያ ህበይ ዝበለቶ ምርካብ ምስ ሰኣአቶ ነቲ ኣራንሺ ኮይኑ ናይ መንእሰያት መንደፍ ዘረባ። ምቅናይ ጥራይ ብዙሕ ኪንሰምዕ ኢና። ግን እንታይ ከ ተሪፉ፣ ኣብ ቕድሚ ዓይንና ወኪል ህግደፍ ካብ ኣኬባ ኢጋድ ተሶጉጉ፣ ኤርትራ ኣብ ኣፍሪቃዊ ህብረት ተሰማዕነት ዘይብላ ኮይና፣ ኣየነይቲ መድረክ ተሪፍ፣ መደዓሲት ሰንሳድ ኣኻ ምስ ቀዛፊ ቅሂማ፣ ኣየ ጉድ፣ መጻኢት ኣፍሪቃ ኣብ ኤርትራ ረኣይዋ ኢሉ ያኢ ከ በሉና ።

  14. Is there any Body hear an Eritrean his name Tadesse alma . It is qomal agame's name. May be he lived in the streught of Asmara begging AmneArgawi ytkebelkum .
    How laughable
    Chigram sahsah agame

  15. I wish Isaias Afwerki was invited and attended the submit, it could soften him a bit.
    "MisOm zenxerxero ab hizbu indawAlo".

  16. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk he will never be invited. kkkkkkkkkkkkk is he angry ? kkkkkkkkkkkk

  17. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk suleman anbesa. Tahira nab shuq keydu.

  18. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk issu nab hibey teqeyru ? kkkkkkkkkk

  19. when guys lobby PIA not to be invited to us Africa summit no one realize it's going BACK FIRE.Lol world talk about how exceptional PIA is than those who where in US Africa summit !!!!

  20. ፓራዲዞ ብላይ ናይ አስመራ
    እንታይ ተረኽበ ዘእቱ ናብ ኩራ
    ፀሪፍካኒ ኢልካኒ ለማኒ
    እንክልምን ኣበይ ሪዕኻኒ?

    ኣመል ዩ ናይ ኣቦ ኮይኑካ
    ወሪስካዮ ካብቶም ወለድኻ
    ከይትገድፎ ምሒልካ ጥሒልካ
    ባህሊ ፀርፊ እንታይ ክገብረልካ
    ንየው በሎ ደርብዮ ይትረፍካ

    ኣቦታትካ ባዓል ግራዝያኒ
    ሰብ አውሮጳ ባዓል ሙሶሎኒ
    ባፋንኩሉ እንዳበሉ ኣብፅርጊያ
    ሚህሮማ ፀርፊ ንኤሪትሪያ
    ከይትገድፎ ሎሚ ከቢድዋ
    ባህሊ ኮይኑ ኣብ ደማ ኣትይዋ
    አብዘይትዎጽኦ መሃምቅ ያ ኣትያ
    ምሕረት የውርደላ ካብ ኢትዮጵያ

    ሥልጣነ መሲልኩም ፀርፊ
    ክትደግምዎ ትውዕሉ ከምደርፊ
    ዜማ ጥራሕ ዮ ተሪፍዎ
    ኣብ ካሴት ሓቲምኩም ከይተውጽዎ

    እቲ ልመና ኣባዅም ገዲዱ

    እናራኣኹም ህዝቢ ተሰዲዱ
    ብየማን ብፀጋም በብዓዱ
    ብልመና ናብራ እናመራሕኩም

    ድኽነት ኣቲዎ ህዝብዂም
    ትጻረፉ ለማኒ እናበልኩም

    ዘይትሓፍሩ ሰባት ተባሂልኩም
    ኣይትፈልጡን ኢኲም መንነትኩም

    ፓራዲዞ ወዲ ግራዝያኒ
    እናለመንካስ አይትበል ለማኒ!!!!!!

  21. No room for dissenting view I guess. Just name calling.

    But about the article's title - the answer is it doesn't matter. This conference is all about propaganda.

  22. ንስኻ ኸ ወደይ መን ይብሉኻ
    ኩርኩር ኢልካ ናብዚ ዚኣተኻ
    ኩርኩር ህግደፍ ዲኻ ኩርኩር ጣልያን
    ንገረና ክንፈልጠካ መንታን!!

  23. እወ ልክዕ አስማይት ጓለይ
    ስርዓት ህግደፍ ኮይኑ ከምታ ህበይ
    ዘሊላ ዘሊላ ምርካብ ምስኣበያ
    ስም አውጺአትሉ ዘይብላ ንሕስያ
    ድኻም ጥራሕ ኮይና ብዙሕ ምስፈተነት
    ወዲቃ ተሲኣ እናተንከባለለት
    ምክንያት ክትእልሽ ንሓቦ ዝኾና
    መጺፅ ዮ ኢላቶ መን ግዳስ ከይኣምና
    ካብ ህበይ ዝገዱ ሰባት ተባሂሎም
    ህግደፍ ኣለውልኪ ሕንከት ዘይተፈጥሮም
    ሓሶት እንክኣልሙ ወጊሑ ዝመሽዮም
    ብሰንኪ ኣመሎም ዓለም ፈንፊናቶም
    ናይ ሎሚ ገዲዱ ዓሚ ዳሓን ኔሮም
    ቃዛፊ ምስ ሞተስ ምሒር ጨኒቅዎም!!!

    ወይለይ ወይለይ ዘረባ ዘኪረ
    ክሓተኪ እናበልኩ ኣትሪረ
    ክትነግርኒ ትፈልጢ እንተኾይንኪ
    ዝምድና ታ ህበይ ምስ የማነ ማንኪ
    ሓደራኺ ሕሹኽ በልኒ ኢኺ
    ምስፈለጥኪ ኩሉ አፃሪኺ !!!

  24. Ascoot ya mealem,go to shere n get lost,

  25. tadese amal = agameAugust 6, 2014 at 2:00 PM

    tadese amal has to be agame.

    expo restaurant is owned by tigray.

  26. Suleman, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youare the best. Real creative.

  27. Ezi qomal hizbi Tigray kemey eyu ziniowo......
    Ata qomal by stealing and looting Oromo and Amhara money Ezi qomal hizbi halifilu.
    Hahahahaha libi Tigray tiwyway

  28. We should be careful go in to kind of western trap. The agenda of the business and trade ties is a direct copy from China. China did it 5 times until now and have built good trade partnership with Africa. USA tactical game is: 1, to concur out China and continue its neo colonial agenda in Africa using a black president as pretext for trust on his last term. 2, biuld up military ties with every African states in the name of combating terorism, their own creation for their own benefit by creating caos and putting the countries into theis trap and control. 3, USA has always used the economic ties for using as a wipon, when self created situations like Ukraine, to illegaly sanction countries instead engaging in constructive dialogue. Strong countries like Germany today cannot make its own decisions cause of their most economic ties is with USA. They can't even dear to say right or wrong

  29. Infact, we are lucky that we are not invited into this summit

  30. it is the Jews, they want to rape Africa again... this time round rape and murder and steal its wealth together with their cronies in the West.

  31. many haile gebissaAugust 6, 2014 at 5:42 PM

    It doesn't matter because the shabians think they are smart and deferent peoples that live in this planet.

  32. You nailed it down, neighbor! Truth always sneezes out on its own. Shaebia defeated the two super power at two successive times. Above all, Shaebia is was your baby sitter who captured and handed you beggars a big country that otherwise could have been unthinkable for you sahsahat to even dream about. Yet, you did in return: 'msgana adgi rgihit'.

  33. Wedi Agame/Suleman/Asmayt luel - Same person different names typical of your Meles

    It only matters in one way that the trip could have been used for the hero of Nakfa to meet with his people, and discuss what matters most. I guess that's most probably why they did not want to invite him. Coz it would count as funding for his visit to his fellow patriots - the very people that Washington works to dismantle. Think of Manhattan 2012 - you wicked.

  34. Except that it could have been another opportunity for us to meet and discuss with our honorable president and his comrades.

  35. many haile gebissaAugust 6, 2014 at 6:08 PM

    Your comments are directly affiliated you with those Alqaida groups.

  36. You are right bro Segum

  37. You got it right, the Lions of nakfa doesn't like to make his country the play ground of CIA and the hot bed of we Where ever americans the attract islamist extrimist terrorist ...,,,,,'
    Don't forget we are the smart one

  38. "ስራሕ ምስኣን፡ ማይ ምሕቛን!" ማለት ከምዚ ናትካ ኢዩ። You Weyane's have been calling him names since at least 1998. Can't you see, you are trying to do the impossible? What is Issayas to you? He is our president not yours! Coming to think about it, Issayas is like the "aranchi." You and your likes are are the "hibey!" You can't "reach" him--that is, you have no mandate nor ability to unseat himብቐደሙ መጺጽ እንዲዩ! --so throw your hands up in frustration "ብቐደሙ መጺጽ እንዲዩ! " and call him names!. In your own words:

    ዘሊላ ዘሊላ ምርካብ ምስኣበያ
    ስም አውጺአትሉ ዘይብላ ንሕስያ
    ድኻም ጥራሕ ኮይና ብዙሕ ምስፈተነት
    ወዲቃ ተሲኣ እናተንከባለለት
    ምክንያት ክትእልሽ ንሓቦ ዝኾና
    መጺፅ ዮ ኢላቶ መን ግዳስ ከይኣምና

    You may say you are not from the Weyane group. Then you must be one of those long-time enemies of his. What have you done differently from the Weyane? In fact, you rely on the Weyane and not on the people of Eritrea! They have rejected you from the start!

  39. Your role here? መጣቖሲት!

  40. It doesn't matter because most of the invited leaders are corrupted and addicted to handouts.

  41. Invited Eritrean-American Mebrahtom Kiflezghi

    Meb Has Dinner at the White House

    Boston champ invited to state dinner after African leaders summit.


    Scott Douglas;

    Image by

    Courtesy Meb Keflezighi aBoston Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi and his wife, Yordanos Asgedom, had dinner at the White House Tuesday night at the invitation of President Barack Obama. They were two of roughly 400 guests at a state dinner that followed a meeting of African leaders and American businesses.

    "It was a great night," Keflezighi told Runner's World Newswire. Keflezighi said when he entered the room, Obama quipped, "Here comes the fast guy."

    Keflezighi and Asgedom sat at the president's table, with about 20 other guests. Also at the table was former President Jimmy Carter, who ran on the U.S. Naval Academy's cross country team. Keflezighi said Obama and Carter asked him to describe a typical training week, and that Carter, now 89 years old, asked about cross training. (Keflezighi mentioned ElliptiGO, one of his sponsors.)

    Like many Americans who don't normally follow running, Obama has taken interest in Keflezighi's Boston victory. He called Keflezighi one day after the race to congratulate him.

    Keflezighi, a native of the East African country Eritrea, became a U.S. citizen in 1998.

    Keflezighi flew to Washington, D.C. early Tuesday morning from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, where on Saturday he had placed 13th at the Beach to Beacon 10K. His next race is the Falmouth Road Race on August 17.

    Keflezighi has said his serious build-up for November 2's New York City Marathon will begin after Falmouth. That means he could enjoy last night's dessert, fudge cake with vanilla from Madagascar.

    There are several photos from the evening, including shots of Keflezighi with Secretary of State John Kerry and Carter, on Keflezighi's Facebook page.

  42. suleman do kbleka silemariam
    ab amerika temorkiska tjahar kem tsemam
    ab woyane aminka tElebiT kem sekhram
    Uwala sdet kento mento Telam
    hatewtew tebiziH keyrekhebka selam
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    yqrekha welshlekh keyqyemakha inoy mariam
    yqreta Hiteten weridka le akhsum
    luwa zHawey Chele

  43. Alla Segum,
    where to Segum, no where or towards destruction as usual.

    Please write down using ur name or frightened by the justices that comes soon.

    Best joke of the week from u; Americans are afraid of ur mad not to be meet by his people. Simply I am quoting u bro.

    Did you know that those who meet him are those who have a non working mind, can I say may be retarded. Hope u didn't belong to these group Aya Segum.

    Simple advice Segum do not insult by saying AGAME. just forward ur comments, be politician.

  44. ሱለማን ኣንታይ ክንጽበ ካብ ሰብ ጉዳም
    ወግሓ ጸብሕ ሓሶት ዝኣመሎም
    ካን ኮይንዎም ዲዩ ከምኡ ፍጥረቶም
    ካብኦም ዝገደድ ናይቶም መንእሰያት ኢና በሃልቲ ሰዓብቶም
    ነቲ ጸሊም ጻዕዳ ምባሎም
    ትንፈር እምበር ጤል ኢያ በሃልቲ
    ናይ ዘመንና ጸማማት በሃምቲ
    ንሎሚ ኣብዚ ይእከሊኒ
    ብዛዕባ የማነ ማንኪ ብዝዙሕ ዝብሎ ኣሎኒ
    ዓቅሊ ገርካ ጥራይ ተጸበየኒ

  45. rephrase... its not because we are lucky, its because they know we will not take their crap...

  46. Lol you seem lost just to let you know this is a Eritrean website. If you can show your way out with no resistant so we don't hurt you. You agame

  47. 'A fancy dinner isn't going to change anything' indeed Berhe the cabbie.

  48. "Better alone than bad accompained" an italian proverb match´s with this show (trama). Yes indeed better not to be part of a huge orchestra with out a Maestro.

  49. Tidelyeo 'mo Yizingeakin.

    Perfect pic, alone in empty room.

  50. PIA came to NY on a cold winter day there must have been over 10.000 Eritreans to welcome him. If he would have been here this time the number would have been 40-50 thousands.

  51. Man get out of our Eritrean website. go beg so money form your leaders for your Ethiopia

  52. Why some remnants of Jebha metamorphosed into agame. They try to be more agame than SuleAgameMan, Abe, and MoonShiner. Once when they realized that their Jebha couldn't fragment anymore, they pretend to be agame and spew their hatred against their own people and country. Shame on sellouts.

  53. ERiTV Eritrea : Editorial regarding US-Africa Summit

  54. no self respecting president/person would feel what you are saying. Have you looked at the media coverage for the summit? the whole thing is humiliation for Africa.

  55. DIA is supposed to get invitation for trail at ICC for his
    crimes against humanity.

  56. Because ............. you're Agame... thus a disgrace and beggar ... you have no self respect. So watch and enjoy the "date rape" dinner at the circus called "U.S Africa Leaders Summit"..... and get ready to obey and bend over for the Rothschilds and Morgans and their cronies... cause they will gang rape your nigger ass so hard after the party over and over and over and over...... as they turn Africa into an obedient slave.

  57. If it don't matter why write about it?

  58. You seem to have clear picture of it, is it from personal experience? I knew you were suffering from something,I feel your pain bro.



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