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Eritrea to Launch Constitution Drafting Process

President Isaias Afwerki

Eritrea to Launch Constitution Drafting Process 

During a speech on the occasion of the 23rd Independence Day celebrations, President Isaias Afwerki announced a constitution drafting process will be launched.

"I would thus like to announce on this occasion that a constitution drafting process will be launched in order to chart out the political road map for the future governmental structure." Said President Isaias.

The announcement comes after months of high-level meetings with PFDJ officials, regional administrators and party members throughout the country.

The government says its conducting an ongoing restructuring and reorganization process at all levels of administrations, ministries, PFDJ bodies and national associations to ensure political dynamism and effective management.

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Eritrea to Launch Constitution Drafting Process Reviewed by Admin on 1:42 PM Rating: 5



    Preamble – Verbatim

    Ratified by the Constituent Assembly,

    on May 23, 1997

    P R E A M B L E

    We the people of Eritrea, united in a common struggle for our rights and common destiny:

    With Eternal Gratitude to the scores of thousands of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the causes of our rights and independence, during the long and heroic revolutionary struggle for liberation, and to the courage and steadfastness of our Eritrean patriots; and standing on the solid ground of unity and justice bequeathed by our martyrs and combatants;

    Aware that it is the sacred duty of all citizens to build a strong and advanced Eritrea on the bases of freedom, unity, peace, stability and security achieved through the long struggle of all Eritreans, which tradition we must cherish, preserve and develop;

    Realising that in order to build an advanced country, it is necessary that the unity, equality, love for truth and justice, self-reliance, and hard work, which we nurtured during our revolutionary struggle for independence and which helped us to triumph, must become the core of our national values;

    Appreciating the fact that for the development and health of our society, it is necessary that we inherit and improve upon the traditional community-based assistance and fraternity, love for family, respect for elders, mutual respect and consideration;

    Convinced that the establishment of a democratic order, through the participation of and in response to the needs and interests of citizens, which guarantees the recognition and protection of the rights of citizens, human dignity, equality, balanced development and the satisfaction of the material and spiritual needs of citizens, is the foundation of economic growth, social harmony and progress;

    Noting the fact that the Eritrean women’s heroic participation in the struggle for independence, human rights and solidarity, based on equality and mutual respect, generated by such struggle will serve as an unshakable foundation for our commitment to create a society in which women and men shall interact on the bases of mutual respect, solidarity and equality;

    Desirous that the Constitution we are adopting will be a covenant between us and the government, which we will be forming by our free-will, to serve as a means of governing in harmony this and future generations and for bringing about justice and peace, founded on democracy, national unity and the rule of law;

    Today, 23 May 1997, on this historic date, after active popular participation, approve and solemnly ratify, through the Constituent Assembly, this Constitution as the fundamental law of our Sovereign and Independent State of Eritrea.


    Article 1 – The State of Eritrea and its Territory

    Eritrea is a sovereign and independent State founded on the principles of democracy, social justice and the rule of law.

    The territory of Eritrea consists of all its territories, including the islands, territorial waters and airspace, delineated by recognized boundaries.

    In the State of Eritrea, sovereign power is vested in the people, and shall be exercised pursuant to the provisions of this Constitution.

    The government of Eritrea shall be established through democratic procedures to represent people’s sovereignty and shall have strong institutions, accommodating popular participation and serving as a foundation of a viable democratic political order.

    Eritrea is a unitary State divided into units of local government. The powers and duties of these units shall be determined by law.

    Article 2 – Supremacy of the Constitution

    This Constitution is the legal expression of the sovereignty of the Eritrean people.

    This Constitution enunciates the principles on which the State is based and by which is shall be guided and determines the organization and operation of the government. It is the source of government legitimacy and the basis for the protection of the rights, freedoms and dignity of citizens and of just administration.

    This Constitution is the supreme law of the country and the source of all laws of the State, and all laws, orders and acts contrary to its letter and spirit be null and void.

    All organs of the State, all public and private associations and institutions and all citizens shall be bound by and remain loyal to the Constitution and shall insure its observance.

    This Constitution shall serve as a basis for instilling constitutional culture and for enlightening citizens to respect fundamental human rights and duties.

    Article 3 – Citizenship

    Any person born of an Eritrean father or mother is an Eritrean by birth.

    Any foreign citizen may acquire Eritrean citizenship pursuant to law.

    The details concerning citizenship shall be regulated by law.

    Article 4 – National Symbols and Languages

    The Eritrean Flag shall have green, red and blue colours with golden olive leaves. The detailed description of the Flag shall be determined by law.

    Eritrea shall have a National Anthem and a Coat of Arms reflecting the history and the aspirations of its people. The details of the National Anthem and the Coat of Arms shall be determined by law.

    The equality of all Eritrean languages is guaranteed.

    Article 5 – Gender Reference

    Without consideration to the wording of any provision in this Constitution with reference to gender, all of its articles shall apply equally to both genders.

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  4. Drafting constitution? What happen to the current constitution? DIA is killing time until the ultimate "death" takes him. He is in his 70th, by the time the new constition is drafted, he no longer be here.

    First free this people who are jailed without the due process

  5. You agame Go back to your Ethiopia this is about Eritrean's not for you

  6. I hope you join the prisoners bitch
    Mother F*cker Go kill your self agame

  7. Madote
    Please make a survey for your website so only Eritrean ppl can see the news About Eritrea and to talk to each other not these agame/Ethiopian

  8. i totally agree, i believe when it allows them to comment, it allows these garbages to totally create havoc... it should be for Eritrean by Eritrean, they have enough site to talk bad about Eritreans, why can't we have one place to come and speak to each other, to learn from each other ... especially over the last 2-3 month its like it been invaded by this two faced, snake tongues... but hope regardless of the criticism it should not allow them to comment (the could read but not comment)

  9. We looking for it this 21st century we need modernized svilaisation to our country to grow up quickly the same as Western svilaisation

  10. Eritreans becarfull from thos blodest ethiopian people plz

  11. Nope !
    We do not need to copy anybody, we can make it Eritrean-way.
    So far we have luckied and made all others envy us for our right choice and strong dedication (sni mnkas), looking forward for a bright future.

    Our choice should depend on our:
    1.Unity, 2.Dedication, 3.Selflessness, 4.Hardwork, 5.Honesty and eachother's 6. Respect.

    The above are our future main pillars to success!
    I hope we all come clean of the past and work hand-in-hand pardoning eachother, for a better future UNITED !


    So should our constitution include every ERITREAN interest and should be nodded by each and everyone of us. There is always some small points that do not cover every persons wishes but we should be not easily fall for ugly comments against our interest and should be VERY CAREFUL OF OOUTSIDE INTERFERENCE AND/OR INFLUENCE.

    Eventhough there has been some missunderstandings among us all, we should give our gratitute to all hardworking Eritreans in the Government and civil workers, who carried the burden selflessly and made this day come true.

    As our slogan say it all ....
    Awet n'Hafash !!!
    (Victory to the People of Eritrea )
    No need to say the Government too because they are part of the people.

    Let Eritrea Blossom !!!!

    Ayni Hasad ydfenelna deqi Erey !

  12. EritreaDero:
    Free Eritrea will have a place for people like you as well. You will be able to use the F word as you like. I am not sure that would fit well within our culture but nevertheless you are an Eritrean.

    I can see you in godona harinet walking along calling everyone that you think is different than you and just calling them all the F word.

  13. For unity to exist shouldn't the citizens rights be respected? Halew'melow nigidefo bejakumm. Have you heard Pilot Dejen story?

  14. Take your hands off.... gorobet !

    Dejen is a single person and he willfully or not, made his choice. One person's voice do not necessarily mean every Eritrean voice !

    We know our future is bringht, just leave us alone woyane !

  15. Eritrea! Don't stop, don't stop now..go ahead..Viva Eritrea..New born Country, New Hope for the World..

  16. Anti Semret do kebleki, Asmeret wey Asmera..Tsebekti, Berekti, Leway Addey...
    E R I T R E A

  17. I hope so my Eritrean bro

  18. Lol only cause you used F*ck in short way don't make you any better but u seem like an Ethiopian to me!

  19. ረኣይዎ'ሞ ነዚ ረሳሕ ዓጋመ!! ኣብ ሓመድ ኮፍ ይብል?

  20. Brother no need to get mad. Semhar is speaking the truth. We had a constitution. Those who wanted it implemented (G-15) were thrown in jail. I haven't been to Eritrea in 8 years but I have friends who go yearly. And every year is seems to get worse. Power, water and food shortages are prevalent. I have this info first hand. So when someone criticise the government, you should argue intellectually for what you believe in not blabber.. God bless hagerey eretra. Ps. I am not agame or amhara or whatever. I am eritrean born and raised.

  21. How about 350 people. Yes I am talking about the Lampedusa victims. Did you hear the official statement from Eritv? They said it was US conspiracy. What do you have to say now?

  22. OHH The GOE decided to implement the constitution ..this is a good news ! its late but better late than none

  23. I would say people like you and me had a role on exposing those innocent Eris to harsh and unknown distinations. How many of us paid for their smugglers? How many of us have advertised about diaspora through facebook sending pictures of new arrivals to drive crazy and flock like animals through illegal means without thinking of the consequences? Ask yourself Dejen. This is not how you can influence people to make positive change on their lives. Those who systematically cooperated with enemies of Eritrea to disintegrate the youth are the most criminals ever. As we are witnessing there are a special group of people who are affected by regionalists and some of them just took the steps for medical reasons not to forget those religious fanatics who believe they are the only believers on Gods name....silly ! Each and everyone who had a hand knows well that they are the reason of these innocent lives too.
    Save your crocodile tears to help you fool others.

  24. An unwise people protect themselves by using insulting their opponents. You and your PIA have a Commons behavior. Insulting.
    Or you are assigned from him (PIA) to answer in such a way for those who comment truly.
    I am waiting insulting from you
    Might God save Eritrea.

  25. We haven't reach the tip of the mountain re-economical,geographically and political position.Once arrive there ,then we can talk about constitution.

  26. ቆርባዕ ኢኻ'ወ ከም ስምካ፡ እምበር ንሱ ደኣ ኣምበሳ ሮራ'ንድዩ

  27. I ain't protecting my self are you dumb Eritrea is safe as long as there PIA

  28. Then don't talk about our PIA in bad way don't bring him and I believe that girl seminar is an Ethiopian wanting to be Eritrean and about the shortage first look at the deep Shit Ethiopia it has aid money & help from all countries and still can't mange to control it's stuff

  29. zeteasere way zemote beteseb do aleka eyoo, kemoo zekonka eka temesel. eze emo natka bedel eyoo gooboeom keygebroo ab hadega aetekayom wechmad

  30. What I don't get is how people attack the president when they don't look at who are the real perpetrators that are holding the country back: The U.S. and U.N. (which is also the U.S. as well). The unjustified sanctions placed on Eritrea because the Eritrean government refuses to bow down to the "white masters" like so many other African nations have. And for those who know these white countries know what happens when you don't obey them.

    Besides, this is a good long-awaited step in progress which I am glad for. Even though I am from the u.s., I been back home and I know how hard and frustrating it can be to get things done in the government and administration offices because they are still operating off the old system.

  31. Oh yeah, AWET N'HAFASH!!

  32. Wedi Tiravelo
    Who cares if you were born, bred or living/lived in Eritrea and that does not entitle you to be Eritrean.
    Eritrea is a country for those who work for Eritrtea; not fellon like you, who never visited Eritrea for years and mouthing from a second hand info to articulate and comment, thus making your self look stupid, if you are not already!!
    Stay in where ever you are, where the roads are paved with gold, tap water flowes with milk, food abandant like in mana and power to enlighten your dark brain 24/7...... forget Eritrean baby....

  33. Well said Meriet.

  34. Rahwa,
    You are ventiling your agression openely, mixing apple and paron. You do not have any idea that constitution is the ground of all rights and obligations not only to the Governing body but to each and every Eritrean. Read and learn to help you understand and then fight for what you believe is right. Nothing happens overnight. Take it easy.

  35. you seen to think that democracy is a destination, its not, like any other system it is a process, which keeps evolving with the needs of a society, hence starting the process by drafting the constitution a good first step, you don't seem to understand the topic you writing about..

  36. you are not writing as an Eritrean should but as a savage, please examine the words you use.

  37. Semhar please understand that the constitution 1997 was written when Eritrea didn't acquire enough experience as a country , the challenges and other local circumstances were not well known, now after 23 years, there is enough experience to incorporate into the constitution, mind you though many of the world's constitution are similar but there are clauses peculiar to that country or society, hence PIA starting the drafting process at this time shows maturity or foresightedness.

  38. Pedro its unEritrean to be a pedo

  39. He seems much comfortable enjoying fresh-air of Asmera Bella

  40. He doesn't understand democracy, because he likes dictatorship better.

  41. Democracy means people power simply.

  42. Constitution Yey,

    I never believe we need one as long as
    we have our guardian Isayas Afwerki I would say. But if we have to
    have one for the sake of it. Let The President himself draft it and
    make it available in his own term. First of all though we have to bin
    out the last draft simply cause there is dirty finger print of the
    unionist Dr. bereket.

    I’m lucky enough to live and travel
    where countries have so called democracy and constitution hypocrisy
    but very an lucky to be away from my beloved Eritrea.

    In the US of A government means big
    business lobby. You tow Corporations you are in if you don't you are
    out. Election means money, just for the month you raise enough to
    bombard people with tv ads and make it look very scary and your
    opponents look bad and win it and hand it to the corporations. Its up
    to them for the next four years what ever they want to do,,even
    declare war.

    In the UK like in Merica big money
    choose the prime minister. Rupert Murdoch have more saying to whom
    becomes prime minister both the UK and Australia than combined 100
    million population, but the head of the state is and will be was
    from the same family for the last 100th of years and they
    know their future head of state. He was born few months ago. The
    royal family power is limitless they can suck prime minister as far
    as Australia. What is so funny is Australia have their own
    constitution. Believe me it happened before and can happen any time
    if the queen wants it. Whats is not funny about that constitution is
    they don’t even recognize the first nations (indigenous people in
    their constitution ). They don’t exist according the draft.

    In India the upper class or high cast
    only can be elected but the village chiefs get money and their
    children get motor bikes and is the party I have seen lots of good
    food and music.

    In Africa they wait until the
    Europeans and Americans elect their leader pass their legislation
    and if they don’t like it they have to starve to death or go to
    war. Across the Mereb river from us look what constitution got them
    a witch craft voodoo king, an idiot butcher whose favorite food was
    raw meat and a filthy Weyane. What they think is if they dont pretend
    to have democracy they don’t get food aid. They don have a choice
    it is between a rock and hard place.

    Listen to the news right now to whats
    happening in Thailand,Egypt Venezuela and so on. Those countries
    have constitution and that’s what they suppose you need.

    I’m more realistic so as most
    Eritreans we don’t want to pretend we already got what we want that
    is Isayas Afwerki.

  43. Rahwa, how much does the Meles Chenawi group called woyane paying you? I'm just curious.

  44. Ata kola try and argue intellectually eske! Embua! Besmeab! Kemaka denakur seb hizna tiray adina keynimiles.. Where do you live? Tell me? Why are you so determined to quarrel with these Ethiopians? What Semhar said is true. We had a constitution. Go look it up! All I asked was for people posting here to present their ideas in a smart way instead of yelling agame all the time. entay diyom agame? seb deykonun kemaka? Genbar! Way say something that makes sense wey kea tim bel!

  45. I know the problems Ethiopians have and that is non of my business. But is what she said a lie? Are you saying it is false? Or are you simply assuming that she is an Ethiopian with bad intent simply here to make Eritrea look like garbage?

  46. Eritra,,ertra,, kulu hade ehi entay konka? Wey Eritrea kiblelka delikani?

  47. What do you mean experience? The oppositions, ELF then EPLF were created by intellectuals! These are the guys who had won a 30 years war! If Eritrea didn't acquire enough experience as a country then it wouldn't be a country at all. Don't you think so? 1997 was the time my brother! We should have had a working constitution then but we went into a pointless war for 2 years. Pointless because ethiopia is still in badme.

  48. I get your point brother, but acquiring experience as a country is totally different than having an experience of 30 years of gorilla war fare, the point is when Eritrea obtained its independence, the various actions and reactions by various countries whether neighboring or other wise can only be known with time, and we now know what kind of actions and reactions Eritrea got as a country, hence the constitution can only be written taking into consideration all that had happened, in 1997 it was simply too early to have a realistic constitution.

  49. My opinion of you is still in point considering you want to limit the name an Eritrean can choose.

  50. constitution of a country is eternal, it is a law no matter who the president is, presidents have limited life, so Mr. having a constitution is for the good of the country and for future generations, I am sure PIA will not endorse your idea of him, if he was as stupid as you are, he wouldn't have brought independence and is still leading the country, in fact if you know of him or his ideas he hates people who blindly follow anybody or any entity.

  51. I Know of him and turn 360 degree around the world there is no one like him that is why I want to him to draft the constitution. He did a miracle with our struggle for freedom and kept us free. We are the only free people on planet earth.

  52. "In his own terms", that is just unworkable, impractical and PIA wouldn't go about it that way....
    Free people ha, you must be under some kind of illusion, we are under bondage.. unlimited national service, no salary to speak off, economic shutdown etc ...that is why we need the constitution to be drafted and ratified then only can you speak of freedom...


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