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What's Motivating Ethiopian Singers to Copy Eritrean Songs?

Eritrean musicians Saed Berhanu and Robel Michael 

What's Motivating Ethiopian Singers to Copy Eritrean Songs?

Some say imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. While that's true to a certain degree, I think it depends on the context, too. For instance, Ethiopian pop singer Jacky Gosee recently released a single called 'Fiyameta', which samples Eritrean musician Fitsum Yohannes' 1991 hit song 'Netsanet' (Independence) without permission. This has rubbed many Eritreans the wrong way, not because they are against the idea of sampling or renditions of their songs, but because they feel many Ethiopians have been taking Eritrean intellectual property for purposes other than profit.

One of those purposes is aimed at influencing Eritrean peoples' sentiments towards their independence and Ethiopia. We see this all the time from Ethiopian musicians. For example, Teddy Afro, the Britney Spears of Ethiopia, regularly mentions Eritrea and Eritreans in his music and at his concerts. He sings about Eritrean and Ethiopian families being 'split' by Eritrea's independence ("Dahlak" song), how beautiful Eritrean women are ("Fiyorina" song) and sings about "unity" between both countries all behind a shield of love music to spread subtle messages against Eritrea's independence. Keep in mind, this is a man who sees Haile Selassie, a ruthless tyrant who is responsible for the deaths hundreds of thousands of Eritreans and Ethiopians, as a hero. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Teddy and other Ethiopian musicians like him, are using love songs and the media as a cover to spread their subtle anti-Eritrean independence gospel. It's a tactic Ethiopian politicians have perfected over the years.

Since the 1940s, the Ethiopian ruling class have been trying to persuade Eritreans through music and the media for their political objectives. Some Ethiopians even used to say on state TV that Amharic is a romantic language, while Tigrinya is not in order for Eritreans to surrender their mother tongue. The thinking was if Eritreans speak Amharic and adopt the Amhara culture, they would be less inclined to seek independence. Saying Amharic is a romantic language is a subtle trick to give the perception that Amharic is something special that needs to be learned. Of course, if you repeat a subjective opinion enough times, people will buy into it. Just ask the French about how they fooled the world into thinking their language is romantic.

Eritreans make it, Ethiopians take it?

Ethiopian piracy is not just limited to Eritrean music. Since the 1990s, many Ethiopians have been reproducing Eritrean books, films, comedies, arts, plays and clothing designs without the consent of the Eritrean property owners. Part of the reason is because the wayward regime in Addis Ababa is allergic to respecting international laws, and condones intellectual property theft of non-Ethiopians. But another less talked about phenomenon that is motivating many Ethiopians to bootleg and reproduce Eritrean content is simply because it's preferred over their own, especially in Tigray, where the current oligarchs of Ethiopia hail from.

In 2011, Mohammed Selaman, a reporter for the South Africa-based Mail and Guardian, wrote an article about Eritrean music, film, drama and TV are dominating cinema houses, restaurants, recreation centers, bars, and airwaves in Tigray.

"Traditional restaurants blare Eritrean music, notice boards and cinema houses announce the schedule for Eritrean movies and glossy posters of Eritrean music stars decorate coffee houses." Selaman wrote.

Selaman described the Ethiopian city of Mekele as being "engulfed in Eritrean music", where the three government owned FM stations play Eritrean music non-stop, albeit much to the regime's disapproval.

One popular local disk jockey named Amanuel even disclosed to Selaman that around 90% of the songs being requested and played at the clubs are of Eritrean. "Even at their weddings the grooms urged me to play Eritrean," Amanuel revealed. Amanuel also owns a DVD store where he sells a diverse selection of foreign films. Despite the diverse selection he offers, Mekele citizens still preferred Eritrean films. As a result, his shop advertises throughout the city with notices of the next Eritrean film being released.

What Seleman's piece shows is there is a high demand for Eritrean music and films in Tigray and in the capital, Addis Ababa. You can imagine all those Eritrean DVDs and CDs being sold were pirated goods, which means all the profit that should be going to the Eritrean content creators is going to Ethiopians who pirated their work. This high demand for Eritrean music and film also fuels a demand for artists to be more Eritrean-like, which is why we're seeing more and more Ethiopians sampling/copying Eritrean songs and materials.

Modernizing Eritrean music

Although Eritrean songs are in high demand in many parts of Ethiopia, that does not mean Eritrean music is where it needs to be. Eritrean music needs to embrace modernity. Music isn't just music, it's a form of political and economic influence - a softpower. To their credit, Ethiopian musicians have done a better job at embracing modernity than Eritrean musicians have. Due to the significant economic benefits to be had, Eritrean music needs to modernize itself for a global audience. Artists such as Abraham Afewerki, EriAm Sisters, Fihira, Dehab Faytinga, and Selam Yemane have already given us samples of how it can sound like.

The following list showcases Eritrean songs that have been duplicated by Ethiopians in the last decade or so. There are dozens more but these are just a few that came to mind:

Eritrean songs duplicated by Ethiopian musicians of late

Eritrean ArtistsOriginal SongEthiopian ArtistDuplicated_Song_
Abraham Afewerki 
Sami Yaynu
Osman Abdelrahim 
Mesgina G/michael
Yohannes Tikabo
 Selamawit Gebru
Yemane Barya
Issac Kidanemariam
Asgdom W/michael
Hameru AG
Alamin Abdeletif 
Shewit Mezgebo
Tekle Tesfazghi
Gossaye Tesfaye
Tsehaytu Beraki
Timenti Kiros
Efrem Belay(3)
Abrehet Abdu
Tekle Kiflemariam
Tadesse Alemu

Sources: Madote & YouTube

  1. The Ethiopian song "Fikri Ewur" is a copy of two different songs belonging to Osman Abdelrahim. A YouTube link of the second song was not found, but it does feature the exact beat and most of the lyrics present on the Ethiopian version.

  2. Although Asgedom Weldemichael created the song Saba Sabina, it was the late Tekle Tesfazghi's rendition of the song that Ethiopians have copied.

  3. Efrem Belay is not the original singer of the song "Tegayshe". His best friend from Barentu, Mengisteab Gebregergish, is. However, Efrem's version of the song is the version Ethiopian singers have copied.

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What's Motivating Ethiopian Singers to Copy Eritrean Songs? Reviewed by Admin on 3:31 PM Rating: 5


  1. WEhaveatruehistoryApril 17, 2014 at 4:59 PM

    what did you expect from these, they wanted to be by any means like ERITREANS!

  2. this jacky guy is definitely against eritrean's Independence, if you look the background and the context of the music it is purposely set up.

  3. lol at "Teddy Afro, the Britney Spears of Ethiopia"

    "Keep in mind, this is a man who sees Haile Selassie, a ruthless tyrant who is responsible for the deaths hundreds of thousands of Eritreans and Ethiopians, as a hero. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Teddy and other Ethiopian musicians are using songs and the media to spread their subtle anti-Eritrean independence gospel"
    Bob Marley sees Haile Slassie as God, but I love BoB. Actually he is on my top five lists.

    Overall the article is true. Ethiopians should steal or copy Eritreans music without any permission. There should be a way to stop this madness.

  4. Sorry for the typo,
    Ethiopians should not steal or copy Eritreans music without any permission.

  5. hello...this is sickness, wake up guys....we ae the same people, coping our song can just show peace,love and friendship,

  6. So what is the big deal here -- why do you have
    to make a big noise from a nonsense. Me as a proud Eritrean, I don't see
    any problems here; I actually believe it is good that we are copying each
    other instead of fighting to death. I seriously hope something
    good will come out of this and thus to relieve some tension we have with
    Ethiopia and finally we can make peace and live in harmony through the power of
    music, commerce, and prosperity. Please be positive...

  7. lol @ "me as a proud Eritrean" -----no Eritrean talks like that. Only a fob Tigrayan hooligan uses that line.

    Stop stealing Eritrean intellectual property!

    I dare you to find one Eritrean raised in Eritrea who has taken a song from an Ethiopian artist. You won't find any! The intellectual theft is a one way Ethiopian street.

  8. lol @ "me as a proud Eritrean" -----no Eritrean talks like that. Only a fob Tigrayan hooligan uses that line.

    Stop stealing Eritrean intellectual property!

    I dare you to find one Eritrean raised in Eritrea who has taken a song from an Ethiopian artist. You won't find any! The intellectual theft is a one way Ethiopian street..

  9. I think it is because the refugee camps in ethiopa are overflowing with Eritreans- I guess they have a new market.

  10. am talking about the music that he stole the message is clearly an attack on eritrea's Independence.

  11. @Prince Robel --- so we now have a prince who decide who is

    Eritrean or

    Trust me - we Eritreans are the ones who are stealing Eritrean

    music by copying albums and downloading the hard work of all Eritrean
    musicians. Yes some handful Ethiopians musicians are ****SAMPLING*** some
    Eritrean songs, but compared to the damage we Eritreans doing; it is
    nothing. They are sampling the music because may be they like some of the
    songs, but we are attacking our musician brothers/sisters financially where it hurts
    the most -- think about it.

    So @Prince Robel - do you always pay for your Eritrean music fix? If yes, I'm
    proud of you brother, if not, well....., stop wasting comments space here in
    Madote defending a nonsense topic.

  12. They stole our land in 1952, we took it back in 1991, ...
    They stole our language in 1961, we took it back in 1991, ...
    They stole Eritrea's patriotic paintings,
    I understand they don't have any Heroes since the days of ZerAy DeRes; oops my bad! He was Eritrean
    They are stealing our music, that's ok ... good advertisement for Eritrea.
    I am in general against most forms of patents; but you get respect among your peers by asking permission & giving credit to the individual(s) from whom you copied.

    In the case of Woyane,,
    Once a thief, always a thief!

  13. Korea steals Japanese music, Nigeria steal Ghana music, African like to copy Caribbean music, and everybody copies American music. who caries any more

  14. What is sick is, when someone decides who is Eritrean or not with out even meeting the person.

    Dear Berhane, let me try your analogy here:
    Since I don't agree with you in opinions, I'm baptizing you here that you are an Ethiopian.

    So, people!!! going forward, Berhane is an Ethiopian -- watch out!

    You see Berhane, that's was easy for me to label you an Ethiopian (I know you are not...but hey what the heck...)

    Berhane, you had good points and all, but as soon as you start calling Helena an Ethiopian, you lost you mojo

  15. The YouTube video by Selamawit Gebru (Konjo Mewded) has at least given a partial credit to Yonannes Tikabo, although some portion of her version is the exact copy of Wedi Tikabo's lyrics. It is another question if she had even asked for permission.
    On the positive note:
    when the two countries have peace (hopefully soon), it is your guess which artist people would want to pay for a concert, painting. ... the original artist or the copycat?
    well, I am sleeping happily tonite :)

  16. Ethiopians should be ashamed of themselves! Stealing is stealing. They never stand on their own feet. Thieves!

  17. I learned at Teddy Afro at the beginning of his carrier was against the woyane regime, and he was expressing it almost at the light of the day in his songs, later happen he get an accident and killed someone, the regime uses this guilt to sentence him for at least 7/9 years, while in prison they brainwashed him and they release him in advance of 3/4 years, once free, he released that album with some track dedicated to an Eritrean the Author mention it seems that might have a subtle hidden agenda, but one thing is sure i know perfectly. Teddy is of amhara ethnic group and these group are those who suffer the Eritrean independence most of all groups cause they believe Eritreans are exclusive. In conclusion I'm not surprise that Eritrean Art is copied then by admirers, the only thing to be know is that in international law exist the code called "copy right", but in our world not all the time respected. Some how is ironically satisfactory seeing ethio artist to copy Eritrean model.

  18. Please don't spread hate, if they took Eritrean song (as long as it is with permission) I don't see any problem with it.
    And remember we will live forever with with them as neighbors.
    Independent and sovereign Eritrea will live and coexist with Ethiopia.
    Peace and love to both people.

  19. Eritrea has a magnet that draw all singers of the world to her side. I love what I see because they are marketing Eritrean Innovation. May they all turn their attention to ERITREAN CREATIVITY and share our feelings on their language. The Ruwandan, Ugandan, Sudanese and many others are following ERITREAN PATH.


    Inferiority at it's best !!! LOL


    bkhutakhi welel beli original Eritrean .....
    They do not own CREATIVITY poor people.

    Even shooting, they been thought by Eritreans

    What do you expect? LOL

  22. Hmamom aylkefena,

    Lawuzuy... Kemzuy.... ilkum aytdrefu kemti natatom izom deqey keyegagyukhum

    "Eritrana welela meAr" kbla kelewa iten deQna iwe dessss kblakha


    Ablelom typical ERITREAN compare yourselves

  24. It is in both people's advantage to live in peace, those spreading hate had never been at war and they don't understand it.
    Eritreans have been at war for the last 50 years or so and are sick and tired of people beating drums of war.
    For those who are living in the west and never been in war situation"teazazibna ina ab 3y werar 2000 riga ab Saudi airline kithiza nikithadma" SILEZI AFKUM HAZULNA.

  25. kidi kiA nisikhis hagerki kHidki shHani woyane almitsi,
    menqelaweTit !

  26. FUCK these bitch ass Ethiopian they copy our songs they copy our passports/& our identity card they copy everything. To the shit hole ppl who's saying so & saying no problem your fucked up & 100% Ethiopians don't u see YouTube don't even allow ppl to copy there videos #FuckEthiopia

  27. Gual Kiros, Mejemerya Feqree", an old Tigrigna classic, originally Tsehaytu Baraki.

  28. Tesfa,
    as a musician myself, what I hear people say (none-eritrean musicians) is,eritreans are great instrumentalists but they only play tgrgna songs, which beat wise, sounds always the same, to song, to foreign ears. And they ask me why? I tell them: 1. Tradition 2. The audience is mainly interested in what the lyrics are telling them than the ability of the instrument players. This is a bit sad. Eritrean musicians, in my view, should play reggae style, the blues, funk etc. but the lyrics can continue to be as they´re. In other words, they shouldn´t fear the new and the audience should give them a chance to experiment.

  29. Lebam kemaKin, wieGie zihalefen yifelto RORA.

  30. @ John you are right as you mentioned, I'm a mother of young children they love their country and proud of their Eritrean heritage. So when it comes to music they say with the same lyrics why not with different instruments like the west African for example.
    When it comes to language it is sweet and cordial. It is only the way people put it.
    Our mothers know how to say sweet words to their kids and young ones."dirar Aynei" when someone is hurt to say"kidmekha yistehanni"
    It is because people undermine their own repeatedly and becomes true to our ears.
    So please let's not belittle our own in any way at any given time.
    I always say to my kids "MeArey Shikorey"
    and to my BeAl Betey too.

  31. Tegayshe song is belong Mengsteab not Efrem. This is psychological warfare. Our people have not realized that specially our women. They are easily to be deceived by Amharic. They need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  32. The problem is messages of those songs and not giving credit to the original artists.

  33. stupid BANDA you just want to make copying music a big big deal and want to implicate this as an attack on your so called Independence kkkkk dinkem "are you guys independent and Liberated" kkkkk You are the most miserable and isolated people in the world, Your Youth are being prayed and tortured to death By the SINAI Nomads and the sharks of Mediterranean Sea, kkkk
    Are you guys better of today than you were before your Independence?????

    To begin with Ethiopians now know you how ungrateful people you are and Ethiopians will never ever want to live with you guys so don't worry about these singers they just sing to sell TICKET for their CONCERT other than that most Ethiopians are against singing about Eritrea
    the other thing is from whom you are trying to defend this Independence?
    by the way after seeing the immense suffering and failure of your Country once claimed as AFRICAN SINGAPORE i always wonder why you guys fought to become independent? while you could Invest, trade, and work in a big country like Ethiopia???? when you started your liberation struggle Eritreans were by far better than most Ethiopians Economically and Education wise actually over 40 of educated Ethiopians were Eritreans and they were working in position fit with their Education with out any sort of discrimination
    can you guys tell me what was the moral of the struggle for Eritrean Independence especially today? after you all became SLAVES of Isayas?

  34. I read the article, how about vise versal Eritrean copying Ethiopian artist? The fact you didn't mention one artist, you didn't do complete research. Eritrean Mathematician Yonatan Solomon

  35. Ethiopians/Tirayans, are not only stealing Eritrean Music/songs but they are also stealing Eritrean Identity/Nationality to emigrate allover the world as Eritrean refugees.

  36. God why ? why you gave us Eritreans as a neighbor? Sudanese copy Ethiopians music and Vise versa and we are happy about it(the copy right issue should be addressed though) Now Eritreans are complaining because we like their music? God what did we do to you to give us such neighbors?

  37. What is strange about ethiopian artist copying eritrean songs ? For god sake,, we are the same people and we have the same culture. Etiopia and eritrea are two countries now, but we are as a people one and te same.

  38. Well, well, well, if it isn't Terry Carr, the African-American loser who went to Ethiopia, slept with a few Ethiopian prostitutes and is now the online defender of Ethiopian falsehoods.

    Listen here Urkel, just because that Ethiopian hooker made your thick glasses fog up during your stay at the dusty Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa does not change the fact that you're an ignorant buffoon. Ethiopians do not need an intellectual weenie like yourself to defend themselves. Stay in your lane.

    The civilized word has things called laws for intellectual property. What we're seeing in Ethiopia is not just theft from random musicians, it's a state-sponsored attack on Eritrean intellectual property owners. Basically, anything an Eritrean creates is being stolen by Ethiopians. This is a systematic economic sabotage by the Ethiopian regime as part of its multifaceted war strategy against Eritrea.

  39. Terry Carr is an idiot. Don't let his LensCrafter Glasses deceive you into thinking he's intelligent or reasonable. The guy is ghetto trash with an IQ that rivals a chap stick. His job here is to defend Ethiopia and Ethiopians. That's all he does. Ethiopia can conduct a genocide and he will come here and defend the genocide by saying "America did it too" or or "the genocide helped bring stability in the Horn of Africa", etc. He's a moron of the highest order.

  40. Fooo kifiti gnay agame

  41. she looks like devil with that hairlock edeeeed lol

  42. what about eritrean singers copying ethiopian music ?!!!. A recent release by Helen Pawlos Ye wello lij makes your arguement not credible.

  43. Everybody should Copy and distribute eritrean music for free so that the begot eritrean artists like Bereket M. and his likes dont make profit by preaching hatered at the expense of the eritrean people.

  44. Okay let see here.... Ethiopia has the most diverse original music in the continent even the tigrigna beat is based in ethiopia so there is nothing to copy here.
    Let see eritrea culture here... can any one tell me which eritrea culture is belonging only to eritrea? actually if we look at the language except the Arabic of course are based ethiopia
    What abut the food and the dress all originality is ethiopia.
    The article is try to suggest that ethiopia want eritrea back but the fact is... Once you wife asked divorce and left the the house would you want her back???

  45. helen pawlos is not eritrean, she is ethiopian born and raised in eritrea. you also have to know that eritrean means is not a citizenship, it means pfdj and pfdj is the ppeople.

  46. wow what a people ? why you guys crying like a little gal for a song? the reason these Ethiopian singers stealing Eritrean songs is because of the huge market comes from Thousands of ERITREANS who are living in TIGRAY REFUGEE CAMP
    other than that most Ethiopians are not interested to hear anything related with ERITREA cause Ethiopians now learnt how evil, stupid and confused people you are kkkkk The whole Eritrean society should see a PSYCHATRIST as you guys have distorted self image for thinking you are AFRICAN SINGAPORE and bark about your independence and Liberation while you are fleeing the LIBERATED country in thousands every single day please wake up guys from your illusion and dream and face the reality You are a failed people and state

  47. A friend sent me the link of this site and I read your article. You people are congratulating yourself by making a mountain out of a minor thing. Personally speaking, I am not a fan of any tigrigna music. It's monophonic nature is irritating to my ears. Plus, almost all tigrigna musics have identical melody, with only the lyrics being difference. Hence we can't talk about creativity here as has been admitted by the written himself, for tigrigna lacking modernity.

    Let me tell you honestly, except accidentally seeing tigrigna music on you tube, I don't have a CD or anything with tigrigna albums. It is just not my world. This is also for my family and my friends. I am in a music industry (Amharic) and have witnessed many of Eritrean artists stealing Amharic tunes and dance routines. Your Abraham afeworki and korchach guy stole our TIZITA tune and presented as theirs. We can list much more than what you have here that shows our Amharic art being stolen left and right by you people, yet we did not complain because we believe on our boundless limit of creativity. We have plenty ancient TUNES and we do fuse and mingle the to produce new ones almost every time while your irritating tigrigna never change with the double drum beat that makes it the ugliest music to listen to

  48. it's the dark Continent Africans kill each other all the time nobody and it's mostly their own fault

  49. if you don't like it go to war. plus i never went to Ethiopia dumb fuck.

  50. U say ertrean film, music have demande in ethiopia kkkkkk u wish. We never need those bad organaized movies or films. U better stay in your country and sing about red sea sitting in the empty port.

  51. kkkk who would like to be like Eritreans? who would like to be ITALIAN SLAVE? who would like to be BANDA or ASKARIS, Ethiopians are proud and free people who fought their way and remain the only people never been colonized however you EMPTY HEAD people unlike the rest of the world become proud of being enslaved and colonized and you are the most confused people who worship and idolized his colonial masters, and you don't like Ethiopians because they fought YOUR COLONIAL MASTERS KKKKK
    we have heroes the once who kicked your ass from BADME when your GUREGNA president said THE SUN NEVER SETS kkkkk You guys are BADO GURA KKKKK

  52. Eritreans steal Amharic melody from Ethiopia you fool. Don't brag, you have yet to learn a lot about Ethiopian music.

  53. Eritreans stealing Amharic songs, plagiarize and misrepresent it as theirs. Follow the link lol

  54. wow u got them right Rora

  55. who the hell said that.Are you saying that the PFDJ created Eritrea well you are wrong dine Eritrea is a country and we are its people and the pfdj came from the people not the people came from the pfdj dont mix things

  56. Admin.
    you should have thought twice before you labour to wright and post this crap article. I am a witness myself that eritrean artists sing ethiopian songs. Let me list a few of them for you.. Bereket Mengisteab use to sing amharic when he was at Haileselassie theatre in addis abeba . It was around 1962 e.c if you don't believe it it is up to you but I am stating the trueth. Bereket use to sing bizayenes tigray song. It goes like this " TEGARU YE , TEGARU TEGARU YE----- WEREYE KEMHHRELOM BREN MS ZNARU YE. If you don't believe this ask older generation eritreans who lived in addis abeba. The other song Bereket use to sing goes like this. GEBRIHETEY WEDI HAZA BAYRU YE-- YTKUSALO MEREB ASAGIRU YE. That was an attribute to DEGIAT GEBRIHET OF ADWA who fought fashist italia for 5 years in the jungles of ethiopa. Anather bereket song goes like this in 1997 in adigrat . check it in the youtube . TIGRAI ABAI ADI LIQAWNTI MESKERELKI NEBAR MEXAHHFT--- Adi kaleb Adi saba--- ayeneten eyen n'aki zerkba. CONTINUES. Anather Tigrai song by Bereket M. " ENTE SHEFENKAYA ZYTI SHIFENYA ---WU ILA HDIRA TEQELA ET EYA. Anather artist comes to my mind the late Beyene Fre. " ENTAYLKAYO WOCHEFO ENYAYLKAYO HAMBAR YO KLA MLESELOM BKARA ZNAR YE goes somewhat like that. another eritrean artist wedi zagir sings abebe araya's song. ERE ADEY WERQI TESHELEMLEY INSTED OF TIGRAI ADEY. ANOTHER ERITREAN helen pawlos sings NEXANET ASFAWS SONG " YET ALE LIJU YET ALE". TOO MANY TO COUNT GUYS COME TO YOUR SENSE AND STOP THIS CRAP BUSSINESS.

  57. Alula ketele HagosApril 19, 2014 at 3:13 PM

  58. Reggae? No thinks! I agree with Madote that Eritrean music needs to modernize more (some singers do it, others don't).
    The reason why most Eritrean artist prefer to play traditional music is because they know that's where the money is at, locally speaking, of course. Plus modern music may alienate the older crowd in Eritrea, which as you know, goes to the same clubs/guylas as the youth, which is extremely unusual in most cultures if you think about it.

    Eritreans do not have a culture of copying people. Amharic music today is mundane if you ask me, it's all predictable beats that talk about love (sissy music - that's why R'n'B is dead!). Much of their songs are ripoffs of Reggae or Eritrean styles too.

    People who produce bad music are not copied. This is why we're seeing Ethiopians copying Eritreans and not the other way around.

  59. Many of the popular songs in Ethiopia are copies of Eritrean songs. In 2012, the best Ethiopian song was "mewded" and that song was a direct copy of Yohannes Tikabo's Gu'e Liminey. I can post lots of songs not shown on this list that were copied by Ethiopians if you want. So don't make it seem like this is a minor thing when it's not.

    1. What do you expect from adgi amhara and backward agaminos??? Its their nature. They are born to beg to steal to kill. We can't do anything.
      agames, they dont even know what movie is. Amharu, those ppl make me laugh when they try to be americans in their movie.

  60. What are some of these ppl talking about? No reggae in eritrea. We don't want reggae in eritrea. Reggae belongs to those ghetto ppl. It's not ours so don't expect eritrean musicians to sing those crap ugly songs. We are proud of our traditional music.

  61. ERITREA is like an old and retired prostitute kkkk who is only good at talking bad about its neighbours and torment hate among neighbours emanated from her jealousy from being abandoned by every body in the world ….
    Eritrea the old prostitutue(SHELE) likes talking bad things about her neighbour, Ethiopia wherever she goes and bluff she is the most beautiful girl in the world kkkk that is what Eritreans are kkkkk defaming Ethiopia and Ethiopians gives comfort her badly wounded psych

    this old prostitue or shermuta's jealousy has no boundary kkk she is obsessed talking about Ethiopia and she blames Ethiopia for every problem she got including the lack of customers caused by her stupidity …..
    Eritreas kids she got from Italia also suffer from Inferirority complex and that led them to have distorted self image like AFRICAN SINGAPORE the whole Eritrean society needs to see a psychiatrist including the president kkk who has phobia about CIA ...

  62. amazing amazing ...full of idiots...where is the level of eritrean music now????its Dead.Also i never met any eritrean buying original cd to support the artist.who the hell are you defending here...i wish the artist can answer this.other than this i dont act as if eritrean music is at the highest level.infact its way behind to any of the neigbouring contries.Paethic people.Ethiopians are our brothers even if they copy our music...why not try and stop those who sing english and foreign culture that is distroying our music.this is just propaganda to saw hate among people..not a worthy topic.

  63. Selel and Eselel are traditional wedding songs that have always been played on both sides of the border (Tigray/Eritrea). My family from Tigray has always been dancing to that song before Tekle Kiflemariam was even alive or released his own version of the song! Tadesse Alemu just decided to make a new version of the traditional TIGRAY song!

  64. This article never mentions how Eritrean artists are snatching away Ethiopian music just as much!

    Robel Haile: "Konjitey" Using Amharic beat. How about also the Korchach song that used Amharic beat?

    Or, Elsa Kidane's newly release song is a direct steal of Tigrayan artist Huluf Alemu's song

    Also, what about Gebretsadik's "Hadar Gerki" stolen by Yemane Barya?

    The list goes on and on..

    You hate to acknowledge it, but even Eritrea's biggest artists and stars are copying Ethiopians songs and artists

    The truth hurts, but that's the truth!!!

  65. RORA
    What a devastating evidence you bring to the hypocrats who loves to push the country to war and conflict almost with every nigbouring aountry and then when war breaks out, they are the first to lineup at the airlines to flee the country. The tigrigna adage " zey sinika Huxa qortimelu " sums it up their whole mind set.

  66. SARA
    There is a 2014 amharic song released by by Helen Pawlos. One of the songs belongs to a popular amharic music artist Nexanet Asfaw " YETAL LIJU YETAL" , The other one is " nana ye wello lij". Her is the web adress : april 16---18/2014 that's why there should not be big fuse singing each others music, unless one makes money of it by releasing a cd.

  67. Tareqe Tesfahiwot sings one of Kiros Alemayeh songs in his 2009 album cultural tigrigna. " ANTI KNDEY THHASMI KINDEY TICHIKNIYE AB GEZA KELEKIDO YELEKUN TEBLIYE"
    WEDI TUKUL( kifle teklemariam ) sings tigrai song which goes as follows " QESHI AREGAWIYE BE'AL HAMSA BIRLE BE'AL SHIMBIR GABIYE"
    The late Amleset abai sings " aya beyene koriom diomye natom zeykone" Almost all eritrean music artists especially the older generation sing tigrai songs. So where is the beef of your arguement that only ethiopians are copying eritrean songs pal ?

  68. Mussie Gebreab eritrean refugees in addis abeba when they apply for non governmental mnyac job they get hired as tigreans and nobody knows that even some tigreans. The amhara , oromo and other ethnics can't tell which one is which.

  69. singapore ???? i would say single poor lol

  70. How about ERTV, Do they even know the meaning of copyright. lol. I hope you know their broadcasting of new released movies.


  72. you forgot wedi halekas song which is covered to amharic

  73. Ethiopians artists are not only stealing Eritrean songs but also they are stealing Eritrean identity,this is like"keyzeraeka mietsad".

    I am disappointed of them. I love u eriye!!!

  74. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiMay 4, 2014 at 11:34 AM

    Really? If that's true why's Ethiopia busy gormlessly kissing up to the neo-colonialist Kerry? At a time when all of conscious Africa is rising too... My country Eritrea is the only independent minded nation in Africa, keep kissing neo-colonialist ass Shoeshine. Would there be drone bases in Ethiopia if Ethiopia wasn't a western collaborator? Ish! Wedi za'hamaam!

  75. Robel "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." ~Martin Luther King Jr. If you open up your eyes and educate yourself a little bit, you would realize that we are all families. Seems like you are caught up in one of those hater politics propaganda and guess what that's one of the reason why Africa is still in the ditch. ONE LOVE AND PEACE TO AFRICA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!!!!


  76. Ethiopia didn't put up a fight against Mussolini.haile sellasie ran to the english.and now they own you.

  77. The thing is difficult to judge, because all Ethiopian musician they have own and different reasons to delicate Eritrean old songs. some of them just to make a money and others have hidden agenda (just like Teddy Afro and Alex Olympia). as my opinion it is too difficult to blame them, but as an advise they have to be aware that, their talents can be destroy if they continue like this. because Ethiopia have also a wonderful musician. I wish peace and prosperity to both poor countries.

  78. yes great the idiots of pfdj only they talk hatred like their master ebud kelbi
    Amharic and Tigrinya is all geez there is no difference let them copy it.
    If you need also you can copy Amharic songs but do not to much bla blaaaa.

  79. most ignorant, idiot, bitch. aregit sharmuta.

  80. hussssss up you stupid bitch. aregit shermuta kidi wuray shermutnaki giberi.


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