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United Nations Utter Failure in Bringing World Peace

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (C) and Isaias Afwerki (L), President of Eritrea, meet at the 66th General Assembly Session at the United Nations on September 21, 2011 in New York City.

United Nations Utter Failure in Bringing World Peace

By Bruh Tesfa,

The United Nations appears as if it’s in a state of paralysis for it rendered dysfunctional in meeting what are mandated of it in solving world conflicts as are written and ratified in its Charter.

Article 99 of the Charter empowers the Secretary-General to bring to the attention of the Security Council “any matter which in his opinion may threaten the maintenance of international peace and security”. But the efficiency of these instruments is limited by the reluctance of the UN member States and particularly by the permanent members of the Security Council (SC) to confer more power upon the Secretary-General and his organization. The proposals for a UN Rapid Reaction Force, an important element for conflict prevention, has been thwarted for many years, even though eminent policy-makers and experts have called for it [1].

Clearly, the resistance by some members of the SC which limits the Secretary-General’s ability to make vital decision in conflict resolution is an important if not the most important factor which hampers the path for peace.

Today, we are seeing International laws, which all member states are required to abide by and follow through being violated left and right with impunity by those with big muscles within the Security Council and their client states. Some of the conflicts are as old as if not predate the establishment of the “world body” itself. Yet, despite many UN resolutions that were adopted with the intention to end these wars, for many of the countries involved there are no signs of peace in sight.

The issue surrounding the world is tragically unstable and without solution that it literally seems to be engulfed by an unquenchable fire. Let’s look around. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the India and Pakistan confrontation over Kashmir, the Eritrean-Ethiopian border issue, the wars in Somalia, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo are but few examples of international crisis that have been dragging for years. Sadly, the United Nations has done very little, if any, in combating them as a result of which the people continue to suffer.

America’s Duplicity in Handling World Conflict 

Speaking of international law, it’s interesting to note how the US government is showing great interest in the current Ukraine crisis, citing importance of respecting “international laws and treaties “ in protecting a sovereignty of a nation while totally ignoring similar treaties in other parts of the world to which it’s a signatory and a guarantor.

In support to his decision to impose additional sanctions on Russian officials over Crimea, Mr. Obama recently made a statement which one finds rather odd, especially given the way US handles similar situations in other parts of the world.

Granted that the peace loving people of the world are unequivocally for the respect of sovereignty of every nation as was articulated by the US President, it’s the hypocrisy with which world conflicts have been handled and America’s lack of sensitivities on other countries whose sovereignty have been violated that one takes Obama’s stand on Ukraine with a grain of salt...

This is how the US President was quoted as saying during the press conference on Ukraine.“the basic principles that government relations between nations in Europe and around the world must be upheld in the 21st century. And that includes respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity. The notion that nations do not just simply redraw borders or make decisions at the expense of their neighbors simply because they are larger or more powerful.”[2]

Looking at the genesis that led to the 1998 Eritrean-Ethiopian war retrospectively, it’s worthy to note that one of the root causes of the problem was TPLF (Ethiopian) regime’s unilateral redrawing of Tigray’s map, which included a big chunk of Eritrean territory and the subsequent forceful eviction of Eritrean citizens from their villages, because it ( the Weyane regime) felt it’s larger and more powerful. Did we see the US government intervene in the same fashion as it is doing now with Ukraine to such total disregard to international law perpetrated by the belligerent Ethiopian regime, other than the usual lip service calling on both the aggressor and the victim to cease the hostilities, and often with the intention of appearing neutral“? Sadly not.

April 13th, 2014 marks twelve years since the EEBC (Eritrea Ethiopia Border Commission) delivered its verdict as mandated by the Algiers‘ Treaty and endorsed by the United Nations.[3] Eritrea had fully accepted the decision shortly after the verdict was officially announced. Ethiopia, on the other hand, after initially accepting the verdict for what was clearly a political consumption and to buy time on how to make the next move finally rejected it citing some lame excuses that have no merit. To date and because of the latter’s refusal to abide by the EEBC final and binding ruling, the boundaries between the two countries remain without physical demarcation. As a result, a significant part of Eritrean territory, including Badme-the flash point of the conflict, still remains under Ethiopian occupation. A clear case of violation against Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Yet, beyond its failure to fulfill its obligation as a guarantor, the

American Administration continues to appease Ethiopia’s lawlessness and disregard to the signed agreement by providing the regime with more financial and military support. Such type of double standard in which international laws are heavily politicized and being applied selectively to achieve certain political agenda exposes the US government’s flaws in its foreign policy and its discriminatory approach in solving world conflict.

As it’s difficult to awaken someone who pretends to be asleep, efforts by victimized countries in seeking world justice by calling on the UN repeatedly proved meaningless. It’s thus long overdue that all nations must stand in solidarity and demand that the World Body lives up to its responsibilities as are enshrined in its charter and take a drastic measure in reshaping its misguided policy and changing the way world conflicts are being managed. That should include but not limited to major reform within the Security Council, putting some restrictions on its unlimited power bestowed to it to intervene in world conflict which is often biased and to seek for more transparency so as to prevent that no permanent member of the SC abuses the system and that justice is served for all member states on equal terms..


Ref 1. Tanner, Fred. “Conflict prevention and conflict resolution: limits of multilateralism”; 30-09-2000 Article, International Review of the Red Cross, No. 839

Ref 2.

Ref 3.

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  1. The UN, let alone to bring peace on earth it is dead, buried even it's skeleton is ashes. UN doesn't exist anymore. UN was the arch enemy of the Eritrean people since 1950.
    Majority of the UN body employers are Africans, but they are enslaved and serves the west interests and can't be differentiated from the dead body of UN.
    They did nothing to Africa and its people, they are serving capitalists and Zionist. I hope young generation UN will overtake, that gives hope to the innocent people of the world and bring peace on earth.

  2. Freedom for the southern red sea!

    We seek to isolate from eritra and reunite with ethiopia1

  3. "because it ( the Weyane regime) felt it’s larger and more powerful." Please do not deception your self and your Eritrean People. First it is Eritrea invaded part of Ethiopia as a result the boundary commission is order for Eritrea to pay $80m to Ethiopia and this is accept by Eritrea. But power and strength is not coming from out side. Don't blame US, UN etc it is not useful for your country. every body is working for its interest including your country.

  4. On what ground are you asking that?
    From my point of view( southern red sea) don't have any historical, political, economic or any other reasons for freedom or self autonomy, it seems to me that you are talking on behalf of our southern neighbor's which they think they can go away with Asseb.I know many Eritrean Afar from Idi to Dahlak and never herd of this absurd way of thinking.
    I can assure you Eritrea as we know her, wich we inherit from Italian colony will prevail !!!!!!

  5. Listen u piece of shit who wants u nobody from Tigrinya wants u your a waste of space & give us Tigrinya's bad look so feel free to join a big shit called Ethiopia I hope u leave now ps take your garbage with u it stinks

  6. Look u agame dumb ass first of all your f*Cked up country Ethiopia is the one that has taken our Eritrean space. & it couldn't do it alone or it would of got shot in the head by shabia it got it by the help of usa UN England So shut the FUCK up but wait & see u idiot soon Eritrea/shabia Will take it back and make a big and Huge humongous steel border with electric fence with cameras so that no stupid Ethiopian flys/mosquitoes come

  7. World Peace is near impossible. humans will fight over anything

  8. Ahahahhahah you are really fanny if steel border with electric fence with cameras that means there is no refuge from your country Eritrea to Ethiopia ...... please make it fast .... it is good for as ..... by the way why don't advice your hero Shabia to bring back Badme to Eritrea before you star your electric fence? you are looks like as brilliant as Shabiya to insult people .....

  9. Who sang then **Semir Sambar meareye Metsikaley embe'areye, laloy** in 1993. Was that an expression of private admiration to Samir Sanbar, or for that matter to Boutros Boutros-Ghali or was that an expression of thankfulness to UN?

    Why is this patch of Land in Red Sea so worried about the failure of everyone and doesn't worry about its own failure?

    And why worry about a speck in your friend's eye when you have a log in your own?

  10. Ethiopia is saying Eritrea started the war, and Eritrea is saying the same thing. We don’t know the fact yet who started the conflict. If you ask me who started the war, I would say few individuals in TPLF leadership. It is not secret many in the TPLF leadership- Siye, Gebru, Abay Tseh, Tsadkan were against Eritrean independency. Even Melles zenawi (without mentioning names) said that in several interviews. If you listen to Melles interview with one of Eritrean oppositions website, he said the conflict was not about border rather than economical.
    There is also about article 39 which Eritrea was opposed from the beginning. The leadership of EPLF refused to accept article 39. There is a rumor Shabia told TPLF that it will not recognize Tigrayy as independent nation incase she will try separate from Ethiopia.
    Melles could have stoped the war, but for me it seems he was pushed by the Hardcore TPLF leaders and USA to go to war.
    This is my personal opinion

  11. killa, suk iske bel

  12. Why do you say my personal opinion? What about the forged Karta of Hilmi Abay Tegray made by woyane? It is true woyane started the war in order to separate Tigray from Ethiopia and implement the Hilmi of Abay Tigray which includes Bademe and other parts of Eritrea, Gonder, Gojam and so on. Haven't you seen that Karta?
    It was not a border issue from the beginning and it will never be, the war was an attempt made to invade Eritrea again.

  13. Sayterut abiet Saylekut wedet!

  14. Ahmed,
    We just need time. We your brothers in Ethiopia will help you to come back home.

  15. It's said that on soon future in the world global order, the US will be any more a key actor or facilitator of disputes, due to the double standards they played makes them unreliable, nowadays this become more and more evident, rather is supposed that India, China, Russia, Brazil will be fair actors as their Foreign policy been equilibrated and fair.

  16. Ata kursus agame, meneddieka abzi lemmen iluka, mesh bekeddamay abti enda usAid kid redaeta yehbu allewu ilekka?
    Lemmani fuggur.

  17. Dear Madote there is some one called ahmed hussien who is putting something very nasty and racist comment, could you please delete it? He is just a troll, what he comment doesn't have any connection with the above tema..and he's disseminating non existing hate among Eritrean Regions.

  18. As long as UN is a tool of superpower countries, its reputation as a global power has been tainted. Large scale failures meant UN is a worthless organization.
    1. UN mission failed in Eritrea (Ethiopia annexed Eritrea)
    2. UN mission failed in Rwanda ( 800,000 Rwandese slaughtered)
    3. UN mission failed in Iraq (USA with its allies bombed Iraq for fictitious WMD)
    4. UN mission failed in Eritrea ( two unjust economic sanctions posed against Eritrea by USA and its servant the minority regime of Ethiopia.
    5. UN mission failed in Somalia. etc....

  19. I don't know who you represent, but as an Afar Eritrean, your dream will just remain a baaaaad dream! We are Eritreans. PERIOD. You've got a problem with that - so be it.

  20. Most Ethiopians have a differing view. Southern Red Sea has always been Ethiopian and it will remain.

  21. Ane aymeleselkan iye, nementay Eritrawi aykonkan..

  22. Belay Zeleke, you sound you left Ethiopia during Haile Selassie Era. Eritrea has been independent for 23 years, just to give you your nightmare News.

  23. Please don't be a laughing stock, what do we care if ethiopians think that way?
    I answered his question (idea), because he claimed to be Eritrean.
    What ever the situation in Eritrea or Ethiopia is, who ever ruled both nations we will live in peace and harmony in INDEPENDENT.

  24. Do you remember what gadaffi did at UN just 2 years before his fall and death? During the UN meeting he tore down the book that contains UN aims and objectives. Get a lesson from that. Eritrea is a small nation which is irrelevant in international politics. As a nation we must concentrate our attention and efforts to fight poverty. We must be not like the frog which exploded and died trying to be an elephant./

  25. now you have 2s since one off the forumer told you that you can't even write your name correctly, husein.
    you must be a woyane, the furstrated woyanes are every where in Eritrean forums. They forget they are tegarus.

  26. Do "small nations" have rights? Do "small nations" deserve justice? Are people who live in "small nations" humans? So smallness is nothing except for bullies! The bullies will not even let you fight poverty. We have as much right as any people in the world to exist. We are not begging for that, we are asserting it!

    Smallness is only a state of mind. Need I give you examples?

  27. Adea Gedefa Hatenea Tinafik,

    Why don’t you recognize the independence of Ogaden instead of making noises where your ass doesn’t belong?

    You woyanes need to understand that “The Ogaden land” belongs to Ogaden Somali people not to Tegaru, Amharu, or anyone else in that colonizing country called Ethiopia. Again, you have to understand that this piece of land is for Ogadenian not for Ethiopians. You should also ask yourselves why you are allowing your people and your children to die for a land that is not yours. You should also keep in mind that, claiming of somebody else’s property falsely doesn’t qualify you to be the owner of that property no matter what you do. If you believe you can rule Ogadenia by force forever, I think you are either lying to yourselves or you are too donkoro to grasp the reality on the ground. Sooner or later you will leave the Ogaden land and, Ogadenia will be free and independent!!!

  28. Adea Gedefa Hatenea Tinafik,
    Dear Gojame,
    Why don’t you recognize the independence of Ogaden instead of making noises where your ass doesn’t belong?

    You woyanes need to understand that “The Ogaden land” belongs to Ogaden Somali people not to Tegaru, Amharu, or anyone else in that colonizing country called Ethiopia. Again, you have to understand that this piece of land is for Ogadenian not for Ethiopians. You should also ask yourselves why you are allowing your people and your children to die for a land that is not yours. You should also keep in mind that, claiming of somebody else’s property falsely doesn’t qualify you to be the owner of that property no matter what you do. If you believe you can rule Ogadenia by force forever, I think you are either lying to yourselves or you are too donkoro to grasp the reality on the ground. Sooner or later you will leave the Ogaden land and, Ogadenia will be free and independent!!!

  29. Look don't think we will only take that part I mean a big half space like big & then will build our high tech border & for the ones who are going to your f*cked up Ethiopia can just ask a paper from the ppl in charge Cause the ones who go to shit/Ethiopia means there half from there or are traders & don't belong to stay in Eritrea/landOfHeros for a second

  30. Lol for Ethiopia what an idiot are you listen u piece of shit nothing belongs to your shit Ethiopia when we take back half of our space from your shit Ethiopia what u gonna do u retarded prick but then we gonna have to clean up your garbages & sickness u left but it's ok we can do it is easy for Eritrean we love to work but note this u idiot YOU AINT GONNA TAKE A SLICE FROM OUR ERITREA OVER MY DEAD BODY BITCH WE WILL KILL U IF U LOOK AT ERITREA DIRECTION

  31. kab adika hadimika adi endamatika kedika bejakum ab adey zibilae yele, nay poletika netsanet yele, nay mihisab netsanet yele neger gin ane kemakum seb silezikonku mienti sebiawi futur elikum ab adikum wala shinitibiet enahatsebiku kegeligilekum eye silezi nay poletica tsigitenga geyirkum akemitini elika kab miliman enty zigedede alo? bitaemi kab zigerimeni lemani enahaleka lemani elika mitsirafika.

  32. I believe shaebya is start the war for to reason
    1. when the war is start there is no Ethiopian soldier in Tigray there are only milisha and police (for this I am an eye witnes). No one is start a war with out military preparation but shaebiya is over run the milisha and police in Badme with the help of tanks.
    2. the boundary commission is clearly say in its jujment Eritrea is inveded Ethiopia for this reason boundary commission order Eritrea to pay $80m to Ethiopia a componsation and this is accept by Eritrea.
    don't make a mistake when you think about TPLF all of them believe and accept Eritrean Independence and they all of them believe shabiya is bad, arrogant, undemocratic "Shabiya can only bring independence but it can not bring democracy to Eritrea" and this is found in their documents and also they said it in 1977 E. C by Shabiya radio before they own their own radio.
    But TPLF difference is, the strategy they follow against shabiya.

  33. Keep day dreaming.... Eritrea going high tech country soon!!!!!! .......
    it is good if same one have a good dream but there is a difference
    between day dreaming and a dream with hard working ...... if one day...
    you start live with the reality world, you are going to realize your
    hero shaebiya is a collection of day dreaming leaders. any way insulting
    a people is a sing of how much you are ignorant grow up!!!

  34. Just wait u retarded prick Shabia Is the world's best but your. agame Ethiopia is a cat waiting for melk from America just wait and see!!!!


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