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Talentless TPLF Cadres Are Copying Eritrean Art

Eritrean painting depicting the Struggle is photoshopped to remove the fighter's Eritrean flag for a Tigrayan flag. This is one of many Eritrean paintings that have been photoshopped by TPLF cadres.

Talentless TPLF Cadres Are Copying Eritrean Art 

By Bereket Kidane,

It has been said that TPLF is obsessed with copying everything EPLF does. It has gone too far in the last few years. Eritrean art in its all forms, from music to theatrical plays to paintings and murals, are being directly lifted and plagiarized. Which begs the question: does Tigray have no home-grown talent of its own or is it just too lazy to create or produce its own art? There are no copyright laws or laws protecting intellectual property rights in the Horn of Africa, which has made it easier for Tigrayans to declare open season on Eritrean art.

Images of Tegadelti in various scenarios representing Eritrea’s history of revolutionary armed struggle have been directly lifted. They just put a TPLF flag on them and run them for public consumption. Same thing with songs and plays.  Even slogans have been lifted.  There is no end to their plagiarism.  

It’s clear that Tigrayans have no respect for intangible assets that belong to the Eritrean people but they should stop this unethical behavior and come up with their own art. Show some creativity for a change.

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Talentless TPLF Cadres Are Copying Eritrean Art Reviewed by Admin on 11:10 AM Rating: 5


  1. For me it is not a miracle to observe Woyane stealing Eritrean heroes art. Woyane lives in identity crises and low inferiority complex, and this is an incurable disease and we will see doing other evils too.

  2. Agame dea komu endiom. Enterfo eritrawian zegebrewo kegebru meftane keale natom kelete yeblomne. Yefeltu eiom tigrinya bezey beana tederbyu keme zetrfe. Be kemu eiu kea natna derfie yekune movie abe tigray abelilu zelo.
    hansabe awet n'hafash, zelealmawi zikri nesewatna keblu yeftenu kemana. Xenihome nay suznino comedy kekdhu yeftnu, natna derfie copy geirome remix kegebrwo yeftenu. Nayzome eko nebeyenu eiu.
    Agame moya sine-tibeb yeblomne. Agame Abe asmera derbyeka teray beles ketshktome aleka.

  3. Eritreans are often intimidated but never duplicated.

    Tigrayan elites, especially those loyal to the TPLF regime, are obsessed with mimicking Eritreans. There is this unspoken inferiority complex many Tigrayan elites suffer towards Eritreans. For them, there is no higher reward than to be considered an Eritrean.

    Check out this flash back video showcasing TPLFites mimicking EPLF Culture Troupe's clapping, foot movements and music style.

  4. Btw, 90% of those in the audience were Eritreans. Those paying all that money are Eritreans. This video was shot in DC in the early '90s. I believe this was the first or second diaspora music tour TPLF did, which EPLF had been doing since '70s.

  5. Every artist is influenced by what has been done before their time.We are all a product of our times and have the benefit of those who have walked similar paths we are now. We all borrow because it has all been done before and we are not the originator. To merely copy is to take an existing interpretation and not run away with it. The Weyane cadres in order to make the Eritrean artistic element theirs they have to interpret it their way with their own approach. However they simply duplicated it. Shame on Weyane cadres.

  6. Selamawit Gebru imitating - Wedi Tikabo’s “Guwal Leminey” -This song is one of the most viewed

  7. We all know a thief is a thief where ever he goes. It is not first time Woyanes are stealing Eritrean intellectual properties nor will it be the last time. The question is what are we going to do to prevent that??
    Since we are not leaving in a world we can sue them, our only option is to expose them so the Ethiopians will know Woyane are simply thieves. Woyane are trying to impress other Ethiopians with something that is not theirs. Woyane are trying to look smart and highly qualified citizens.
    We should expose them by participating in every Ethiopian forum.

  8. Weyn hangol dorho nay dedebit dedeb.
    I'm not surprising at all, weyn is so professional at cut and past. They have been doing this for thirty years, nothing is new about this.
    Washington lapdog!!!!

  9. This is so embaressing!!!, acting like your superiors demonstrates you are inferior, agames have incurable deases doctors diagnised it eritrophobia.

  10. i fully agree with u, this thieves have to go from the face of east Africa in order the people of ethiopia and eritrea to live with respect and mutual cooperation. god bless ethio-eritrea.

  11. I guess couple of weeks ago, ambasador David Shin states that "Tigrayans have a complex of inferiority" This aritcle might be an example to what he was meaning..After all it´s a sign of empityness just to evidently copy with out a conscience..You don´t need to be an artist to see the evident.

  12. It is difficult to judge. Firstly was this art originally painted by an eritrean? if so second do we have the evidence that this paint was copied and used by the woyanes in any of their websites, or places? if so we need to see the evidence. The evil act of copying could be done by anyone just to defame and accuse others only God knows for what reason. I hope you got my point. Regarding the inferiority complex issue, I thought the woyanes were free people during their entire history and you know well regarding the history of the other side of mereb.

  13. Eway Shaebya you don't
    learn from ur reprehensible history?? Do u think u are human?? Garbage people ever exist!!!!! First try to learn and save the lives
    of ur starved people begging their daily bread everywhere in the globe. stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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