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Swedish Parliament Rejects Bid to Ban Eritrea's 2% Tax

Swedish-Eritrean protesters holding a sign that reads "I pay 2% with joy and pride" 

Swedish Parliament Rejects Bid to Ban Eritrea's 2% tax

Swedish parliament rejected a bid to ban Eritrea's voluntary 2% recovery and development tax on Swedish-Eritreans, according to Swedish media.

Based on the parliament's findings, the 2% issue for Swedish-Eritreans has been decided legal and said that they have no valid grounds to make it illegal.

"There is no evidence against that would require Sweden to change the law." Swedish parliament said, in a 7-page report released online.

They also stated that if the 2% tax has been used illegally, then the person that is effected can report it to the police, thus it becomes a case for criminal courts

The parliament also added that the tax issue might have been used as a pretext to pressure and blackmail the Eritrean government because of the Dawit Isaac issue, a complaint many Eritreans in the country have made.

Are Swedish-Eritrean relations improving?

There seems to be a thaw in Swedish-Eritrean relations of late, despite no public signs by Eritrea to change its position on Dawit Isaac, a man of dual Swedish-Eritrean citizenship who was detained for treason.

Recently, Eritrea appointed an ambassador to Scandinavia for the first time after 9 years. On its part, Sweden appointed Germany's ambassador to Eritrea, Viktor Richter, as the Swedish Honorary Consul in Asmara.

Whether Sweden is genuinely trying to mend its relations with Eritrea after trying to sabotage its development drive for the last 10 years remains to be seen. However, these small steps are a encouraging sign of relations heading in the right direction.

Despite Sweden's hostility towards Eritrea, many Swedish people, particularly the youth, support Eritrea - Uppsala, Sweden

Swedish citizens come out to support Eritrea's 2% voluntary tax and against the demonization of Eritrea in Swedish media - Uppsala, Sweden

Swedish-Eritrean protesting in favor of 2% voluntary tax and against media demonetization of Eritrea in  Sweden -Uppsala, Sweden

Swedish-Eritrean protesting in favor of 2% voluntary tax and against demonetization of Eritrea in Swedish media - Uppsala, Sweden

Swedish-Eritrean protesting in favor of 2% voluntary tax and against demonetization of Eritrea in Swedish media -Uppsala, Sweden

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Swedish Parliament Rejects Bid to Ban Eritrea's 2% Tax Reviewed by Admin on 12:07 AM Rating: 5


  1. This is one step forward and this is the result of the hardworking Eritrean citizen in the diaspora, which they refused to kneel down.

  2. Well done Eritrean-Swedish deki hager....well done too the Swedish parliament for been fair,honest & courageous...we do expect more fairness in the development area in Eritrea which we promise we wont disappoint you...Thanks agai.

  3. Great news, keep marching Eritrean...sounds bad for aka OPPOSITES,

  4. Eritrawian.."Yemesgeno fetari kabakum meftarey" (Abraham Afewerki). True ended.

  5. It is good news for Eritreans.

  6. It is very shame to see some idot elements work hard to black mail Eritrea. At the end of the days,they see that the truth stands of Eritrea overcomes.ERITREA WILL NEVER KNEEL. Many thanks to the Swedish parliament for their truth stands. I am quite sure the Canadians will revise their policies and will follow the feet steps of the Swedish 's parliament. Viva Ashweden.

  7. 2% IS the least obligation we have to our people .It makes me sick when so many fools complain about it and spent way much money for useless habits and toys .The 2% is not really significant amount of money ,it is just a matter of principle .It is a shame not to be able to participate in Eritrean development for the sake of it ,that includes some of my relatives.

  8. Ata kitkfelu ente delykum kidu kifelu. Ne kulu hizbie eritrea gena ketzareblu ayetklune eikum. Etie genzeb abey eiu zeatu zelo elkum ayethatun dikum? Kendey sebe kekfele zeykele kekfele zeydelie alo. Nesu kea ne hageru xeliu zeye kone si etie genzeb abey yeatu sele zeyflete. Higdef ne sebe defachu yestiewo alewu neskum kea nezie ketkfelu tegagyeyu. Nay behakie tehzunu. Abzie ewan ezie abtie kendie hizbena xenate zedllyelu gize mse gebnneyate metehbbarkum yehzinunie. Hizbena abzie gize kulu neger abe chafe eiu bexhiwo zelo selzie handbet metkatie ente mexakum ayetsnbdu.

  9. What do you mean when you said "TREASON"? Dawit Issac is a hero who stood up for his ppl and his country. He is not like you. He rotten in jail coz he believes in democracy unlike yr alcoholic master agame.

  10. where is my comment madote?

  11. why is Dawiit in prison? what did he do? please someone reply :)


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